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Where Is The Room Of Requirement? – [Hogwarts Legacy]

Room of Requirement is located on the seventh floor in the Hogwarts castle which is invisible to you. You have to reach a certain level to unlock this room. Here is a complete guide for you to find and explore the Room of Requirement Hogwarts legacy.

The Room of Requirement is the most important magical room in Hogwarts Legacy. This place is also known as the Come and Go Room which is located on the seventh floor of Hogwarts Castle. This wizardry room can not only transform itself according to the player’s desire but it also fulfils the most important demands of the player.

So, what is the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts? This is the room where you have access to your personal space which you can decorate as you wish. This special room has the decors from 1800 and some new designs added by the modern world game designers. This room only appears for a witch or wizard when they are in grave need of something.

The magician who created this room wanted it to help the sorcerer at times of great need and so it does. For example, if you want to upgrade your clothes and items you need to go to this room to use the Enchanted Loom. 

Similarly, it allows you to create different gear, grow different important herbs by planting their seeds, harvest your plants, brew magical potions, etc. You can even raise your pet animals in this place. Put simply, this room is your base where you can live as you want. It will provide you with many basic things to progress in the game.

If you are struggling to find this room then don’t worry we have got you covered. This article is a simple and easy guide that will help you find the Room of Requirement Hogwarts Legacy as soon as possible.

Where Is The Room Of Requirement Hogwarts Legacy?

The Room of Requirement is on the seventh floor of Hogwarts Castle. This room is invisible to you until you reach a certain level, completing a chain of quests. Quests are not only for granting you rewards but also for unlocking the pathways between you and the Room of Requirements. Once you unlock it, you will have access to all its features and the features of the things you will place in this room.

Hence, you will have to unlock it to get all the accommodations mentioned above. To do this, you have to complete the 19th quest, Flying Class, from Professor Weasly. In this class, Madam Kgawa will teach you how to fly your broom as a witch or wizard. This is necessary because sorcerers used to fly on brooms, as fantasied by J. K. Rowling in her novels.

After learning the boom flight, you will get the messages popping up on your game screen. Just keep an eye on the message from Professor Weasly, as this will allow you to take the Room of Requirement quest, which will take you there. After completing a couple of more quests you will be able to access the Enchanted Loom.

How Many Times Does The Room of Requirement Grow in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement layout has an outstanding feature of expanding itself. It does so so you can place all of your furniture, stations, and decoration pieces. As this room is not only your base but also your crafting hub hence it will expand when you progress further in the game.

It grows four times throughout your gameplay. One expansion occurs when you complete a Vivarium quest. Put simply, the Room of Requirement expands on each Vivarium quest. Whereas the side room unlocks on the completion of the main storyline. So, this is the theory of the Hogwarts Legacy room of requirement expansion.

Where To Find Statues for The Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are different methods of getting statues in this game. For example, if you are in the hospital wing and you see the Dragon Statue on the terrace while climbing down the stairs and casting your spell to reveal the hidden things, then you can easily get this statue in no time.

Just come down the straight stairs and enter the room on your right-hand side. You will see the fireplace burning there. Equip your glacier spell and cast it on it to put out the fire. Pass through the fireplace, crouching down, and climb up the stairs until you reach the store-looking room.

Here you can not only find the Dragon Statue that you could see placed on the terrace but also the chest. Casting Confringo will get you the Dragon Statue. And don’t forget to collect the contents of the yellow chest on the table.

There are different resources for finding statues for the Room of Requirement:

  • Progression with Conjugation

When you progress in the game, you have different magical materials collected to build the statues. You can do this through Conjugation. It will not only allow you to build a statue but it will also tell you the budget to build that particular statue. For example, the Graphorn statue requires four moonstones.

  • Exploration of Hogwarts Areas

Exploring the areas around you while revealing the hidden things using your magic wand will be a great activity to find statues. Try to do this when you are on some quest or side mission.

  • Quests & Side Missions

Quests and side missions are a great source of finding statues for your Hogwarts Room of Requirement. These missions take you to the places where the statues are placed.

  • Beasts and Creatures

Magical creatures and beasts either own some statues or guard them. You can get these statues by completing the related tasks.

  • Artefacts & Treasures

Artefacts and treasures are hidden in the surroundings of the Hogwarts area. These treasures contain statues and other magical items that you can own for good.

  • Interactions with NPCs

Non-playable characters seem useless, but they can help you find some of the statues. Just listen to them carefully as they give a hint or send you to a place that has these easter eggs for you.


What Floor Is The Room of Requirement on?

This room is located on the seventh floor inside the Hogwarts Castle. The corridor to this room appears only when your character needs the Room of Requirement, as is obvious from the name.

How Many Rooms Does The Room of Requirement Have in Hogwarts Legacy?

It has expansion throughout your gameplay. One expansion occurs when you complete a Vivarium quest. Whereas the side room unlocks when you complete the main storyline.

Does The Room of Requirement Show Up on The Map?

Yes, it shows up on the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement location map if you have unlocked it. To see it, just open the map and look for the sun icon on Hogwarts Castle, which is the Room of Requirement itself. The sun icon shows all the secret places in Hogwarts Legacy.


The Room of Requirement is located on the seventh floor of Hogwarts Castle. It unlocks after the 19th quest, known as Flying Class. After completing the latter quest there pops up a message from Professor Weasly along with other messages. This message takes you to the quest called The Hogwarts Room of Requirement.

After getting there, you also have to do some more quests to access the stations and features of this room, such as the Enchanted Loom and statues. You can not only craft statues through Conjugation but also find them through different quests assigned by professors and NPCs. Beasts and creatures either own or guard these statues. You can also find them through the artefacts as treasures.

The Room of Requirement is the most important expandable place. It serves as your home base. It expands every time you complete a Vivarium quest. It expands four times in the Hogwarts Legacy. It also has a small room that unlocks upon completing the storyline.

After unlocking the room of requirement, you can see it on the Hogwarts map. It appears as a sun icon right on the school. This icon is used for the secret places in the game. After finding it you can easily teleport to this room.

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