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Battlebit Remastered Best Weapons For Every Class — 2024

This article covers the Battlebit Remastered best weapons for every class and a weapon tier list to help you make an informed decision.

Battlebit Remastered features enormous 254-player lobbies, but they don’t feel overcrowded for some reason. The game came out at the peak of FPS multiplayer, like Warzone and Battlefield, and still performed surprisingly well. Maybe the biggest reason for its success was that it took the gaming community back to the basics: run, kill, capture, and repeat. In any case, choosing the best Battlebit Remastered weapons for your class is extremely important to survive and boost your K/D in the game.

The only problem is that there is a huge weapon arsenal in the game, and choosing the best ones may seem overwhelming for newcomers. Therefore, this article provides the Battlebit Remastered best guns for every class, let’s get started:

Battlebit Remastered Best Weapons for Every Class:

There are 5 unique classes in Battlebit Remastered, technically 6, but you never get to use the Squad Leader, ever, so 5 classes. Each class can choose their weapons from the designated weapon types. So, that removes some burden from your mind, but still, there are a ton of weapons to choose from for your specific class. Therefore, we have decided to finally lift the fog wall and help you choose the best Battlebit Remastered weapons for your favorite classes:


If you have been playing Battlebit Remastered for a while, you may have seen many players using the SG550 assault rifle, there is a good reason for that! The SG550 rifle has the best firing speed, fastest reloading time, second-best aiming speed (the first being the AUG), and almost the same firing range as the AK15. As a result, we can consider the SG550 as the ultimate best weapon in the entire Assault class. 

The only downside is that you must play the game until you reach level 80 to unlock the SG550 assault rifle. So, we recommend that you start with the AK74 until level 16, then switch to the AK15 till level 76, then use AUG for a while, and finally switch to the SG550 and keep using it until you get tired of the Assault class.


Coming next is the not-so-famous Support class. In our experience, we got literally half the kills when playing as Support than even the Medics whose sole purpose is to heal. However, considering all the big guns you can wield with this Support class, it’s probably more suitable for newcomers with a bad aim. Therefore, we recommend using the M249 if you really want to try out the Support tactics.

The M249 is basically the standard weapon used by US Marines in real life. So, that’s the only LMG that comes to mind when you are playing on a US server, but it will raise some brows if you use it on the Russian server. This gun offers a hundred-round magazine, medium firing range, and minimal recoil when firing from a window. The only downside of the M249 LMG is its slow firing rate, but even that’s helpful for some players as it conserves a lot of ammo. Overall, if you are to play as a Support member, you should stick to the M249. We don’t use it but we aren’t Support class fans either.


The Medic Class is designed to support your teammates. So, most of the action while playing with this class takes place at close range, with the Assault team guarding your rear while you heal your team members. So, we will only be looking at the close-range weapons, mainly cause that’s all you are going to use. So, the best Battlebit Remastered guns for the Medic class are (drumming) The Kriss Vector. Well, maybe that didn’t come as a surprise, considering how many Medics actually stick to this gun.

If we were to consider any other gun than the Vector, we’d be literally lying. This gun has the best firing rate: 1,200 RPM, and each shot causes 24 damage, which is the same as the MP5 and Famas, but the higher fire rate makes it better. So, if you keep shooting, the enemy will die after just 3 or 4 perfect shots. Adding to the topping, the Vector has a faster reload time, the same range as other SMGs, and literally zero recoil. So, what’s the downside of this? Well, literally none! Overall, if you are to play as a Medic, using the Kriss Vector is the best possible option, we got 850 kills with it.


Next up, the Engineer class, you might be thinking, oh the same old MP7 or Kriss Vector, well, no! You are an Engineer, not a Medic, so the playing style is pretty much find and crack, especially with your armor-killing RPG. So, you must choose a gun to maximize damage while keeping a safe distance. Therefore, we recommend an unusual choice, the M110 Marksman Rifle. 

The M110 is practically the best AMR in the entire class, you might be asking, why? Well, it offers a 2-hit-kill when aiming at the limbs from a couple of hundred meters away. Secondly, it has a pretty amazing fire rate, i.e., 425 RPM and you can even get a single-hit-kill at close range. The only downside to this weapon is its fierce recoil, that’s what bothered us. However, you can easily work around it by adding a tactical barrel and a vertical grip, and behold, the recoil is gone! Alternatively, if you don’t want to be a mid-range snipe, you can just go with the Scar-H, that’s pretty good for short-range kills.


Finally, the Recon Class or, should we say, the Sniping team. The Recon class isn’t as versatile as the Assault or even Medic, but it does offer some serious perks for the long-range shooters. This class dominates the battlefield while sitting quietly on a rooftop or maybe inside a building and picking out targets out in the open. So, if you are asking about the Battlebit Remastered best sniper rifle, we can’t help but recommend the M200 sniper. 

The M200 rifle does a ridiculous amount of damage that can literally one-hit-kill armored opponents from up to 1,400 meters away. However, you don’t unlock this special rifle until level 100, so you must find another option until you acquire it. So, the second-best choice for snipers is the L96 which offers lower damage output but a seriously better fire rate. So, if you like to play as an aggressive Recon unit, you should definitely go with either the M200 or the L96 sniper rifles.

Battlebit Remastered Weapon Tier List:

Okay, so we have listed all the best weapons for every battlebit remastered class, but you don’t actually unlock most of these guns till late game. So, your only option is to stick with lesser weapons until that point. Therefore, we will now discuss the Battlebit Remastered gun tier list to help you pick the best arsenal for your starter weapons.

The weapons are categorized from Tier S to D in ascending order without considering the weapon types. You can just ignore the D Tier weapons as we only mentioned those so you can keep away from them, let’s start:

Tier S:

  • SSG550
  • AK-15
  • Kriss Vector
  • M200
  • FAL
  • M249
  • MP7

Tier A:

  • M110
  • L96
  • G36C
  • Scar-H
  • AUG A3
  • M4A1
  • P90
  • Scorpion EVO
  • HK419

Tier B:

  • MP5
  • AK74
  • SV-98
  • PP19
  • MK14 EBR
  • MG36
  • MSR
  • SSG 69
  • L86A1

Tier C:

  • Desert Eagle
  • ACR
  • AK5C
  • UMP-45
  • MK20
  • SVD
  • PP2000
  • REM700
  • Glock-18

Tier D:

  • Honey Badger
  • M9
  • USP
  • MP 443
  • Unica
  • RSH12
  • Ultimax 100


Battlebit Remastered is one of the best Steam multiplayer FPS games, even in 2024. The game is still played by hundreds of players across the globe, and you may want to choose the right tools to survive or even thrive on such busy servers. Therefore, this article has covered all of the Battlebit Remastered best weapons for every class so that you can make an informed decision. Now report to duty soldier!

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This article covers the Battlebit Remastered best weapons for every class and a weapon tier list to help you make an informed decision.


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