Can I Wear My Apple Watch At Hot Yoga? – [Answered]

Apple Watches are excellent when it comes to durability. They might have a hefty price tag attached to them, but there’s a good reason behind it. The kind of features and build quality they offer is unrivaled, and they can be worn in multiple situations. However, since the Apple Watch is used by a lot of people during different workouts, many wonder whether they can wear it during a hot yoga session or not.

Can I Wear My Apple Watch At Hot Yoga? 

It is not recommended to wear the Apple Watch at hot yoga. This is because hot yoga is performed in high-temperature conditions, and high temperatures can damage the watch quickly. We are going to talk more about this in detail below.

Why Should You Wear Apple Watch During Yoga

Apple Watch comes with many features, and most of them are for workouts. This is a reason why most people who tend to purchase the watch are into fitness. Just like during any other workout, the Apple Watch can be worn during normal yoga as well. It comes with its yoga workout app, thanks to which you can track your yoga performance and get the most out of your session.

To track a yoga workout on your Apple Watch, you will first need to make sure your watch is running WatchOS5 or later. Then, you can either tell Siri to start a yoga workout or navigate through the apps on your watch to open the Workout app, where you can select Yoga.

Can Your Watch Get Damaged During A Normal Yoga Workout? 

Many people are often concerned about wearing the Apple Watch during normal yoga because they think that their sweat might ruin their watch. However, Apple Watch Series 2 and newer models are water-resistant, so it’s safe. 

While this does not mean that they can be submerged underwater for a long time, they still can perform well during water activities. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your Apple Watch getting damaged due to your sweat. However, we will recommend that you get the right straps for such occasions, as leather straps might get damaged.

What Can A Hot Yoga Do To Your Apple Watch?

While wearing the Apple Watch during a normal workout session or yoga is safe, wearing it during a hot yoga session can potentially damage the watch. As per Apple, their watches are designed to be used in temperatures between 0° and 35° C. Wearing the watch during temperatures that fall outside this range can affect the watch’s water resistance and damage it. 

You can expect the following things to happen to your Apple Watch if you wear it during a hot yoga session:

  • The internal components can get damaged.
  • Some lines may appear on the screen.
  • Your strap might get damaged.
  • Battery life might get shortened as heat has a negative effect on the battery.
  • The water resistance level of the watch will get low. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, it will be wise to put your Apple Watch somewhere safe before starting a hot yoga workout session to avoid damaging it. 

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