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Is 60Hz Good For Gaming? – [Answered]

Learn if 60 HZ really good for gaming and more information about refresh rate.

Learn if 60 HZ really good for gaming and more information about refresh rate.

Is 60Hz Good Enough for Gaming?


Refresh rate for games here is the factor commonly used in the definition of how quickly your monitor produces images and gaming processes, namely this attribute of the computer is important and unitary. Possibly now people gravitate towards monitors that feature a faster game refresh rate when it comes to playing games or viewing movies at peaks of quality. One of the main reasons for this is that with the increase in refresh rate, the playback of the game will become smoother and better visualization or higher graphics will definitely be offered.

While many users specifically gamers use and prefer different Refresh rates for their setups, but standard refresh rate marked to any computer or monitor is 60Hz. Due to this reason, many people ask themselves “Is 60Hz good for gaming?”. So, in this article, we are going to answer this question in detail to clear your points.

Is 60Hz Good For Gaming?

The number of times per second marked for your Monitor or display to change its image on the screen is referred to as the Refresh rate. So, Is 60Hz good for gaming? The short answer is that it totally depends upon the games you play, the requirements of the application, and the specifications of your Personal computer.

This Refresh rate (60Hz) is marked standard, and the higher you go, the gaming experience feels better. We are going to talk about this in detail below. However, if you want the best possible performance and are playing a game that requires quick reaction times, we would recommend a 120hz monitor or above.

This faster response time can be super important in fast games like CS: GO and start beefing, making judgments and for the reasonable the true battle begins and the losses may be for the others. Nevertheless, despite the lack of time the game refresh rate gives you to catch up with all the frames, handled within the limits of this monitor, the little response time delivers you a better gaming experience, making it even better technically, although it has a limited refresh rate for games.

Why The Refresh Rate Matters in Gaming?

The chances are high that you might not have paid any attention to the game refresh rate of your display or monitor If you are marked as a gamer and you’ve been playing video games on your console, a PS5, or Xbox Series X. PC users, on the other hand, are pretty conscious about it and are always wondering “How much refresh rate do I need for gaming”, as the game refresh rate is a big part of their gaming experience and their PC setup.

Before choosing a monitor or any display for gaming, it is important to first go through or investigate what refresh rate for games it offers. After all, if you get a latest-generation console or build a high-end PC that is equipped with the latest hardware such as the GTX 3090 graphics card, you won’t be able to get the optimal results with a display that offers a low refresh rate for games such as 60Hz for gaming. 

Nowadays, with computer users not having high-end PCs, a 60Hz monitor is marked as the standard display for gaming that can run low to mid-end games on good (Frames Per Second). Anything lower than that is considered “not ideal” for the job of gaming.

Sure, displays that offer lower game refresh rates like 60Hz for gaming or below were a thing of the past, but not anymore. These days, most gaming monitors deliver 120Hz or 144Hz as the manufacturers and display companies know how much a high refresh rate matters in the field of gaming. 

What Effect Does Game Refresh Rate Have on Gameplay?

For those wondering, yes, the refresh rate has a massive effect on the gameplay experience. If you consider or compare a 60Hz monitor for gaming and a 144Hz monitor side by side, you’ll notice that the difference for each display is markedly huge. Moreover, the games and other visuals will run 2x (Two times) smoother on the 120Hz monitor compared to the 60Hz monitor.

If you are using  60Hz for gaming and asking yourself “Is 60Hz good for gaming?”, then you can make your point clear when you suddenly make a switch to a 100Hz, 120Hz, or 144Hz monitor. You will yourself feel and notice a huge difference in playing and gaming experience. I personally currently use the Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor, which comes with a 240Hz display. Whenever I try to use a monitor that offers a lower refresh rate for games than this, I feel as if the screen is lagging.

Do I Need A Higher Refresh Rate Monitor? 

As discussed Earlier, the need for a higher refresh rate totally depends on the games or applications that you play. Some games will only be playable on high-end gaming systems while others can be run on a low to mid-range computer.

One of the important points to remember though is that not everyone needs a display having a higher refresh rate than 60Hz. This is so because 60Hz is the standard refresh rate and most games (video games too) will run at 60 FPS, at least until you have a pretty decent PC.

The game refresh rate of 120Hz and above is recommended only for times when you play competitive games such as CS: PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) or Fortnite and your PC can get 100+ FPS in these games. By the way, if you are not planning to hit more than 60-70 fps while playing these games, there is no point in buying a gaming monitor that delivers a high refresh rate.

Is a 60Hz Monitor Good For Gaming?

There is no issue for most of the games and oftentimes, you should be fine with a 60Hz refresh rate for gaming and even in multimedia activities. Gabe started to not take note of the fact that there was not a logo on these monitors and displays with the recommended refresh rate for gaming which was only necessary for the heavyAAA games The monitors and displays were not sold that expensive and you can get them anywhere in the market. When you compare a 75Hz monitor with a 60Hz one, you will be impressed with the difference in the response, or how quickly images display. So saying a 75Hz monitor is good for gaming will not be wrong.

This means they simply do not need too high or too slow a refresh rate to obtain smooth gaming experience. This sweet spot, as it is known by many seasoned gamers or professional gamers, is about 75 Hz. In other words, if you are limited on the budget or you could not make an overnight trade, but at the same time you still need something that could make the fast-paced games a bit better; then 60Hz for gaming could solve the issue! 

Is a 60Hz Monitor Good for Gaming on PS5?

For the PS5 Hz rate, it is compatible with up to 120Hz game refresh rate at 4K and connected via HDMI 2.1, which this console is expected to own the slot. While monitors with a 60Hz for gaming, or lower game refresh rate may not be the dream choice for professional gamers or gamers for whom finely tuned frames matter on a PS5 or Xbox, they are still good enough for most gamers. In this case, I would prefer to avail a monitor that provides a high-end refresh rate of 120Hz. Thus, you will achieve the maximum level of game performance and so enjoy the PS5 to its fullest.

Gamers and PC users are cognizant of the fact that there are games that cannot run at 120 (Frames per second) FPS since some of them are even 60 FPS with limited options for games that could run at 120 FPS.

So making sure the games you are after run at a 60 Hz refresh rate or not takes particular attention. Other than that, you will not need a 144 Hz monitor, on the off chance that you do not intend to play high-end games. Taking cost into account, as well, you can still use the 60Hz monitor as it is good enough for a smooth gaming experience. Also, you can consider that monitors having 75Hz is good for PS5 if you want to experiment more. 

Is 60Hz Monitor Good for Gaming on Xbox Series X?

In the same way that the PS5 as well as any other consoles that conform to 60 Hz are for gaming, the game on Xbox Series X is the majority of times 120FPS or 4k resolution. So, if you are asking if a 60Hz monitor is good for gaming, you not only need to have a higher refresh rate monitor to get the best experience but also a higher resolution monitor.

Also to play games on consoles with 4k resolution with 120FPS you must have an HDMI 2.1 cable Xbox Series X and display that supports both the resolution and refresh rates of these formats. On top of the list is the ASUS TUF Gaming (VG289Q) and another monitor which is known for its quality is the Gigabyte AORUS FV43U. 

Is a 60Hz Monitor Good for Gaming on a PC?

We are well aware that all the gaming consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X come with their respective resolutions and refresh rates. On the other hand, a PC has its refresh rates, things to display, and graphic cards.

Game enthusiasts will acknowledge the fact that every computer is unique and comes with many specifications and hardware which the games get to allow them to have different types of refresh rates. 

An example would be if your computer had 3rd generation hardware containing the GPU and processor, and you had a GTX 1060 6GB graphics card at your hands, then the maximum you will reach is only up to 60-70 frames per second (FPS), and that is on some games with all settings set to high.

To the tune of about 100 and some FPS in most games at 2k resolution, it can play quite comfortably on some pretty expensive gaming rig with a top AMD processor and GTX 3090 video card. Particularly, 1080p level may be increased to as high as twice the result.

Hence, it is favorable to have a monitor that provides at least a 120Hz refresh rate rather than just 60 Hz for gaming which is most probably used by the vast majority of gamers. Therefore, you will have missed the main point, lucky you won’t know the best gaming experience your PC can give.

Is 170 Hz Good For Gaming? 

As the area of distinction between the two gaming monitors being 170 Hz or Koorui GA01 and 60 Hz is very obvious, what is the difference between the two is worth looking into? Here’s the scoop: on the other side the counterpart of the game runs on approximately 170 frames in a second, therefore used in the detailed and interactive gaming.

Fast-paced games like Valorant or Apex Legends require really short reaction timing so the users will be dealing with that much stress and it can negatively affect their mental health in the long term. With a refresh rate of 144Hz or more, this is the response time which is almost halved.

The result? Among the most alluring hybrid clothing is a sport that allows you to be freely in movement as well as respondent. As a result of which then you must have been having a second guess about whether 170 Hz is a good headroom for your gamer concerts. However, against the popular opinion that you might have, we can assure you that our answer to you is a big ‘YES’!

Closing with the Role of 60Hz in Gaming Experience

This is it! You don’t need to know anything else about “Is 60Hz good for gaming?” if you want to enrich your knowledge and remove the points that are misleading. Usually, a 60Hz monitor is okay. The matters vary from system to system, however, this is enough for most cases.

The impact of 60Hz on the latest gaming industry is too little, too small, as with the advancements in technology and with the increase in game refresh rates, most gamers prefer higher refresh rate displays or monitors. So, if you can afford a higher refresh rate monitor, we suggest you go with it, but only if your PC specifications or the games can handle it.

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