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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Best Hightail Lizard Farming Locations In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Where To Farm Hightail Lizards

If you’re embarking on your adventure in Hyrule in the latest installment of the Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need every advantage you can get.

One such advantage comes in the form of materials you can gather across the kingdom, like the Hightail Lizard. This slow-to-react reptile is valuable for its potential in boosting your speed when cooked with monster parts. In this guide I will show you the best hightail Lizard farming locations in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom.

What is the Hightail Lizard?

Before we delve into the farming locations, let’s understand what exactly a Hightail Lizard is. Found across Hyrule, these lizards aren’t the most alert of creatures. However, don’t underestimate them because once they sense danger, they can dart off with impressive speed. They serve as an essential component for elixirs that can augment your speed, especially handy in dire combat situations or when you need to traverse vast landscapes swiftly.

Hightail Lizard Farming Locations

Hyrule Field

Hyrule Field
Hyrule Field hightail Lizard Location

Firstly, Hyrule Field is one of the most common locations to farm Hightail Lizards. This vast expanse of grasslands is teeming with these elusive creatures, so ensure you keep your eyes peeled while exploring this area. But remember, as these lizards are swift to flee, be sure to approach with stealth.

Hyrule Ridge

Hyrule Ridge – Hightail Lizard Farming Location

The second spot to add to your farming route is Hyrule Ridge. Much like the Field, the Ridge is home to the Hightail Lizard. The undulating terrain and sprawling grasslands here offer ample opportunity to locate and collect these speed-boosting creatures.

Satori Mountain

Satori Mountain – Hightail Lizards

Another popular spot in the game for Hightail Lizards is the base of Satori Mountain. You will find some of these guys sitting around there.

Cutting Grass To Catch Hightail Lizards

In addition to the areas mentioned above, you can also find the Hightail Lizard in a rather unique way – by cutting grass! Approximately every 30 to 40 grass cuts might reward you with one of these beneficial reptiles. This method adds an element of surprise and excitement to your grass-cutting endeavors and serves as a testament to the rich details embedded in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Increase Your Chances Of Catching A High Tail Lizard

If you want to increase your chances of catching a Hightail Lizard we would recommend creating some Stealth armour or taking a Stealth Elixir before starting farming.

This will increase your chances of catching one of these Lizards before they dart off into the distance.

Utilizing Hightail Lizards

After you’ve gathered a considerable number of these lizards, remember that their real value lies in their application. When cooked with monster parts, these lizards can boost your speed, enhancing your ability to escape dangerous situations or close the distance between you and your adversaries swiftly.

You can also use hightail Lizards to improve your armour in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom.

In conclusion, farming Hightail Lizards can significantly enhance your gameplay in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Whether it’s Hyrule Field, Hyrule Ridge, or simply cutting grass across the kingdom, you now know the best ways to locate and collect these lizards. Enjoy your adventure, and may the speed be with you!

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