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Frog Statue Locations & Secret Rooms In Hogwarts Legacy – [Easy Guide]

Judging from how many secret rooms are in Hogwarts Legacy, you are bound to get stuck in at least one of them. Therefore, this article explains the Hogwarts Legacy Frog Statues and how to use them.

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with small surprises throughout the map that you can find to grind a ton of XP and unlock Legendary gear items. However, these special items aren’t just waiting for you out in the open. Instead, you must access Hogwarts Legacy secret rooms hidden passages and solve complicated puzzles to get your hands on such treasure chests. In this regard, the Frog Statue puzzles have been bugging many players as the games don’t really explain their function.

So, what exactly is the Hogwarts Legacy Frog statue puzzle? That is precisely what we are going to answer in this article. So, let’s dive in!

Purpose Of Hogwarts Legacy Frog Statues:

Frog statues in Hogwarts Legacy are special teleportation charms that you can use to access locked areas and hidden spaces. You can find these statues in various locations both inside the castle and in the outside world. You can easily spot these strange statues as a large frog placed on top of a pedestal that can hardly support it.

Standing near these statues will display an Enter icon on the screen. Once you use the Frog statue, you will be swallowed by the frog and transported to nearby secret rooms in Hogwarts Legacy. Next, look around in the room for any special items or simply cast the Revelio spell to find your Legendary loot and even Ancient Magic Hotspots.

How to Unlock Secret Rooms in Hogwarts Legacy?

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of Hogwarts secret rooms that you can access by solving different puzzles and traversing through hidden passages. In most cases, you can spot a secret room by interacting with special objects in the surrounding, be it special levers, charmed pictures, and even large frog statues.

Fortunately, there aren’t many Hogwarts Legacy frog statue locations outside the Hogwarts Castle except for a few Ancient Magic Hotspots. So, if you are hunting for Legendary loot items, you must keep producing the Revelio charm while wandering through the school corridors. 

Alternatively, you can try searching the South Wing, Bell Tower, and the Hogwarts Legacy catacombs secret room for such frog statues (spoiler alert). Once you spot a frog statue, simply interact with it, and the frog will spew you out on the other end. Finally, again, interact with the frog statue and it will spit you back to the main halls.

Hogwarts Legacy all secret rooms for Ancient Magic Hotspots:

Unfortunately, you can’t find all Frog Statues without a Hogwarts Legacy secret rooms map (look for it on YouTube). However, if you are a fan of Ancient Magic, we have some good news for you. Most of the Hotspot sites get marked on your map whenever you unlock the nearby Floo Flame. While almost every Hotspot Site is unique, only one requires you to solve the Frog Statue puzzle.

To solve this puzzle, you must interact with each of the four statues in the Ancient Magic Ruins one by one and interact with the magic circles. The last Hotspot is a bit trickier to find as you must interact with the third statue and then the fourth statue on the other side to find it (that’s how we solved it). 

Final Thoughts:

Hogwarts Legacy is one of those games that reward you generously for exploring the world in the most creative ways. When you decide to pack your gear and go exploring, you will come across numerous fun activities like Merlin Trials, Frog Statues, and Ancient Magic Hotspots. While there are plenty of guides to find these locations, we recommend that you should try searching on your own, just because it’s more fun. Hopefully, we have fully explained Hogwarts Legacy frog statues and how you can use them to gain Legendary loot. Happy hunting!

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Isfar Rafiq is a versatile content writer and copywriter known for his expertise in crafting engaging game guides, walkthroughs, how-to's, and tech guides. With a background in Civil Engineering from COMSATS University Islamabad, Isfar brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and creative writing skills to his work.
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EXPERTISE. Isfar Rafiq is a versatile content writer and copywriter known for his expertise in crafting engaging game guides, walkthroughs, how-to's, and tech guides. With a background in Civil Engineering from COMSATS University Islamabad, Isfar brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and creative writing skills to his work. PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY. Isfar has been writing for his readers and guiding them to overcome challenges for the past 5 years. He started his professional journey as a junior content writer at a local SEO agency before embarking on his adventures to shape the world with the power of his words. He has always had a keen interest in the gaming field and loves to play and write about games like Assassin’s Creed, Hogwarts Legacy, and Elden Ring.  COMMITMENT TO PROFESSIONAL GROWTH. He holds certifications in Google Project Management and Google Tech Support, demonstrating his commitment to staying updated with industry trends and best practices. Isfar's writing can be found on popular platforms like Nerd Lodge  and here, at Remeshed, where he shares his insights and expertise with a wide audience.

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