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Hogwarts Legacy

All Hogwarts Legacy Bosses Ranked By Difficulty – [Full Overview]

While Hogwarts Legacy presents its players with a carefully crafted and astonishingly designed mystical world to explore, it comes with challenges. There are a number of fierce and solid bosses in the game who give you a thrill and rush of the wizard battle. 

While each boss in Hogwarts Legacy has their own quirks and charm, some may have the players sweating while others feel like a pushover. That is why we have prepared a complete catalog of all the Hogwarts Legacy bosses ranked by their difficulty so that you know beforehand which boss will test your skills. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

All Bosses In Hogwarts Legacy Ranked By Difficulty

Throughout the span of your adventure in Hogwarts Legacy, you will encounter 10 unique bosses, each offering a thrilling and deadly fight. These bosses tend to be extremely hostile, and mistakes could lead to instant failure of the quest, especially on harder difficulties. So, ensure you’re appropriately equipped before fighting each boss to easily take them down.

With that, check out the following list of all the bosses in Hogwarts Legacy, ranked by their difficulty in the game:

10. Armoured Troll

We start off this list with arguably the easiest boss enemy in the game, Armoured Troll. It’s the first boss encounter in the game that can be accessed during the main quest, Welcome to Hogsmeade. There are other Troll boss fights throughout the game, each of them being much similar to the Armoured Troll.

What makes this boss a piece of cake are its slow and well-telegraphed attacks, which are easy to evade. Having only 3 different movesets in its kit, Armoured Troll becomes a punching bag for you if you keep your distance and spam spells at him. While the fight may seem underwhelming to some, it serves as a good tutorial boss without frustrating players with difficulty.

9. The Absconder

Next up, we have a frightening optional boss, a giant spider named The Absconder. Located in a cave within the Forbidden Forest, this spider boss is part of the side quest named, Absconder Encounter. Most of the difficulty of this boss comes from its menacing stature and look, especially if you suffer from a case of Arachnophobia.

That said, The Absconder is a straightforward boss that can be defeated effortlessly if you keep your distance. The only threatening attack you should look out for is a stomp that summons more Arachnid enemies to join the battle. However, if you’re aware of your surroundings and not get overwhelmed by multiple enemies, you should be able to take it down easily.

8. Cassandra Mason

Another optional boss in the game, Cassandra Mason, can be fought during the side quest, Minding Your Own Business. This relentless and evil witch can present a serious challenge due to her versatile kit of spells and 3 health bars. While the first health bar is the easiest, she starts using a variety of spells, including Protego, to cast a shield during the 2nd and 3rd phases.

Furthermore, she casts rocks at you, which can deal massive damage if not blocked or dodged. The best strategy to fight her is using the matching color spells to break her shield and chipping away at her health using damage-dealing casts. Make sure to use your Ancient Magic as soon as it charges to deal a tremendous amount of damage to her.

7. Fastidio’s Monster

Another optional boss that is fought in the same side quest as Cassandra Mason, Minding Your Own Business, is Fastidio’s Monster. It is a conjured being that is made of furniture and can be a nuance to fight as it sort of “breaks the fourth wall” during the fight. The first phase is by far the easiest one, however, things get tricky afterward.

During the 2nd phase, the boss tends to summon mannequins to help with the fight. So, you should be prepared to deal with multiple enemies at once. Moreover, the final phase gets somewhat ridiculous, with the boss flipping your screen and reversing game controls. Be sure to charge up your Ancient Magic for the 3rd phase and finish him off quickly.

6. Pensieve Guardian

Next up, we have a main story boss, Pensieve Guardian, which is encountered during the main quest, Percival Rackham’s Trial. It is a 3-phase boss with a variety of hard-hitting attacks. That said, his AoE abilities and projectiles are well-telegraphed, so you should be able to dodge or block them. We recommend investing a talent point into upgrading your dodge for this fight.

One move of Pensieve Guardian that you should particularly look out for is an unblockable energy orb. He charges the orb and launches to projectile toward you, dealing massive damage. Although this move is difficult to evade, you can counter it by destroying the orb as it’s being charged using a spell that matches its color.

5. Theophilus Harlow

Another optional wizard boss that proves extremely challenging for many players is Theophilus Harlow. He’s a mobster working for Victor Rookwood and can be fought during the side quest, Harlow’s Last Stand. He’s an annoying boss due to the fact that his arena is filled with Ashwinder enemies, making it a gank fight.

A huge tip to make this fight relatively easier is to make sure to destroy his shield with the right colored spell, as he likes to spam Protego. Furthermore, using spells like Glacius make the fight more manageable by restricting his movement. One plus point is that you are accompanied by Natsai Onai during this fight, who can keep the soldiers busy while you deal with Harlow.

4. Solomon Sallow

The toughest optional boss fight occurs during the Sebastian Sallow questline when you fight his uncle, Solomon Sallow, to complete In the Shadow of the Relic side quest. This former Auror at the British Ministry of Magic poses a serious challenge to the players with his barrage of strong spells. However, Sebastian Sallow is there to help you during the boss fight.

Although all of the attacks of Solomon Sallow could be deadly if you let your guard down, the one move you should be wary of is the Flaming Vortex. With this spell, Sallow conjures a massive vortex of flames from the ground, dealing significant damage. However, it can be easily dodged due to the high charge time of the spell, so be on the lookout for that.

3. Graphorn (Lord of the Shore)

Next up on our list is a Great magical beast, Graphorn, titled the Lord of the Shore. You encounter him during the mains story quest, San Bakar’s Trial. His aggressive movement, versatile attacks, and high HP make him a deadly opponent. Keep in mind that all of Graphorn’s moves are unblockable, therefore, you need impeccable dodge timings to avoid taking damage.

Although Graphorn hits often and hits hard, his moves are usually slow, giving you ample time to react and evade them. You can keep a safe distance from the boss and spam your spells at him, casting Ancient Spell as soon as it’s recharged. Another great tip is throwing barrels at the boss using Ancient Magic Throw.

2. Victor Rookwood

The strongest human opponent you will encounter in Hogwarts Legacy is, undoubtedly, Victor Rookwood. He’s a dark wizard who chooses to form an alliance with Ranrok. He is encountered during the main story quest, Wand Mastery. Although he doesn’t have a ton of moves in his backpack, his knowledge of unforgivable curses makes him deadly.

You start this boss fight by having an Avada Kedavra duel with Rookwood, which requires you to mash the corresponding button to counter his spell. Once you succeed, the fight becomes much more linear. Be sure to keep different colors of spells at your disposal during the spell to counter Rookwood’s Portego spam and deal damage to him.

1. Ranrok

Finally, the toughest boss in Hogwarts Legacy is the leader of the Goblin Rebellion himself, Ranrok. Being the final boss in Hogwarts Legacy, it is appropriate for him to be listed as number 1 on our list, as he is a testament to everything the player has learned throughout the game. During the boss fight, he turns into a mystical dragon, raining fire spells from the sky.

His projectile attacks are quick and a deal ton of damage to the players. The best way to defeat Ranrok Dragon is to constantly be on your toes during the fight, execute your dodges with remarkable timing and keep spamming your spells every chance you get. Be sure to keep yourself stacked on Wiggenweld Potions for HP restoration during the battle.

Wrapping Up

So, with this, we conclude our list of all the bosses in Hogwarts Legacy ranked by difficulty. Although the number of bosses in the game is somewhat lacking, they all deliver a thrilling and fun battle with carefully crafted movement and well-designed fights. For more Hogwarts Legacy lists and guides, be sure to check out our page!

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