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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Zonaite Armor Set Locations & Stats Guide – Zelda TOTK

Zonaite Helm

In the realm of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), one of the most coveted possessions is undoubtedly the Zonaite Armor Set.

This Armor offers a boost to your character’s abilities, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this incredible armor set and the locations to get it.

What is the Zonaite Armor Set?

The Zonaite Armor Set is a collection of armors available in the Sky Islands within the sprawling landscape of Hyrule. This unique armor set is notable for its impressive energy-boosting properties, granting Link more efficiency when using Zonai devices scattered throughout the game. Each piece of the Zonaite Set contributes to a more substantial and extensive energy well, ensuring that you’re always ready for any challenge.

Zonaite Armor Set Stats

Every piece of the Zonaite armor has a base defense of 4, meaning that the full set can significantly bolster Link’s defense, thus providing a valuable edge in combat.

Additionally, the set bonus activates when all the parts of the armor are worn together. The set bonus grants you Energy Recharge Up.

Location Guide to the Zonaite Armor Set

How To Get The Zonaite Armor Set

While the exact locations of the Zonaite armor pieces are scattered across the Sky Islands of Hyrule, players are rewarded with these mystical items by exploring the vast open skies and the secrets they hold.

Below you will find the exact locations of this strong armor set.

How To Get Zonaite Helm

Zonaite Helm

To get the Zonaite Helm to navigate to Lightcast Island, Tabantha Frontier Sky. Co-ordinates: – 3591, 0942, 1723.

When you are here you need to destroy the breakable wall in Lightcast Island which will allow you to do the mirror puzzle inside. Ascend to get the chest.

How To Get Zonaite Waistguard

To get the Zonaite waist guard navigate to Near Yansamin Shrine, East Necluda Sky. Co-ordinates: 2375, – 1775, 1489

Acquiring the chest that contains the armor requires you to use a hydrant on the lava behind Yansamin Shrine to make a platform. Once you have done that use Ascend to get to the top and find the chest which contains the armor.

How To Get The Zonaite Shin Guards

Zonaite Shin Guards
Zonaite Shin Guards

To get the Zonaite Shin guards you will need to navigate to Near Sky Mine, Akkala Sea Sky. Co-ordinates: 4467, 2028, 1413

Once you arrive, use ultrahand to place the giant block on the platform inside the floating globe in the sky. After, use ascend to enter the globe. Here you will find the chest containing the Zonaite Shin Guards.


Obtaining the Zonaite Armor Set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom undoubtedly enhances the gaming experience, providing Link with added defense and a unique energy boost. Players are encouraged to explore the expansive and enchanting Sky Islands of Hyrule, where the pieces of this set are cleverly hidden.

This rewarding exploration forms a central part of the thrill in TotK, making every gameplay moment a potential step towards a significant power-up.

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