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What Does Transfer Staff Do In Dave The Diver – Easy Guide

Hiring In Dave The Diver

Dave The Diver is an exciting indie game that combines underwater exploration with the challenge of running a sushi restaurant. As a busy diver and restaurant owner, you need to manage your business and ensure its success. One of the crucial aspects of the game is your staff, the backbone of your sushi restaurant. In this guide, we will explain what the “Transfer Staff” option does in Dave The Diver and how it can impact your gameplay.

Understanding the Importance of Your Staff

In Dave The Diver, your employees work in different tiers based on your current Cooksta rating. When you decide to hire new personnel, you will come across three hiring options:

  1. $50 (Flyer Ad): This option allows you to hire personnel at the current social media rating level.
  2. $150 (TV Ad): With this option, you can hire personnel at a level higher than the current social media rating.
  3. $400 (Internet Ad): By selecting this option, you can hire personnel at a level much higher than the current social media rating.

Hiring the right employees is essential for the smooth operation of your sushi restaurant. However, sometimes difficult decisions need to be made in business, such as letting go of staff who are no longer needed or not performing up to expectations. This is where the “Transfer Staff” option comes into play.

Hiring In Dave The Diver

Explaining the Transfer Staff Option

In Dave The Diver, the “Transfer Staff” option serves as a way to fire specific staff members from your restaurant. It’s important to note that the term “transfer” here is just a euphemism for “lay off.” This feature allows you to make necessary adjustments to your workforce and optimize your staff according to your evolving business needs.

When you select the “Transfer Staff” option, the chosen staff member will be fired, and you will receive a portion of the money you invested in their training. This can be beneficial if you need to make room for new hires or reallocate your resources more efficiently. However, once you transfer an employee, they cannot be rehired, except for a character named Maki, who cannot be rehired even after transfer.

Unlocking the Transfer Staff Option and Managing Your Staff

Before you can access the “Transfer Staff” option and other staff-related features, you need to complete Yoshie’s quest. Yoshie will ask you to prepare a Whole Roasted Whitetip Shark Head, which involves catching a shark as a boss and cooking the required meal. Once you complete this quest, the Staff Menu will be unlocked, and you can manage your employees effectively.

To hire new staff, go to Bancho’s Sushi and talk to Yoshie. In the Staff Menu, you can initiate employee recruitment campaigns by placing Flyer Ads, TV Ads, or Internet Ads. These ads will attract potential candidates for your sushi restaurant. Keep in mind that the cost of the ads varies, with Internet Ads being the most expensive but also potentially bringing in the most qualified applicants.

After the recruitment campaign, you will need to wait until the next in-game day to review job applications. In the Staff Menu, you can choose from the list of candidates and confirm their employment. Assign each new employee to the appropriate position, whether it’s a cook or a waiter, to optimize their contributions to your restaurant.

Improving Your Staff and Enhancing Performance

Having a skilled and efficient staff is vital for the success of your sushi restaurant in Dave The Diver. There are two main ways to improve the quality of your employees:

  1. Better Advertisements: Investing in higher-priced ads, such as TV Ads or Internet Ads, increases the chances of attracting candidates with higher statistics and qualifications. However, keep in mind that these ads come with a higher cost, so consider your budget and business needs before opting for them.
  2. Training: Once you have hired employees, you can train them to improve their stats and potentially acquire new skills. In the Staff Menu, select an employee and choose the “Training” command. Each training session incurs a cost but enhances the employee’s abilities. Training your staff members is crucial, as reaching Level 5 unlocks special recipes from them, and sending them to collect materials helps keep Bancho’s Sushi stocked.

By strategically managing your staff and making use of the “Transfer Staff” option when necessary, you can optimize your restaurant’s performance and achieve greater success in Dave The Diver.

Remember, the success of your sushi restaurant and your diving adventures go hand in hand. Explore the underwater wonders, make informed decisions about your staff, and create a thriving business in this unique gaming experience.

Happy diving and sushi serving!

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