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Should I Play Final Fantasy 7 Before The Remake? — [Answered]

We’re bringing you all of the information about Final Fantasy 7 and if you should play the original before the remake!

Should You Play Final Fantasy 7 Before The Remake

The Final Fantasy series has had a long-standing tradition of coming up with excellent stories with a lot of content, so much that there have been over 15 games published. The whole series has a considerable fantastical approach with memorable characters and fascinating story arcs. There have been numerous spin-offs and some parts of the games have made their way into core aspects of pop culture and other nodes of fiction.

The seventh instalment of the series is one of the most popular, and with the remake being made in 2020, gamers often find themselves in a dilemma — should I play Final Fantasy 7 before the remake? We’re here to answer your questions and give you all of the answers, along with some extra information regarding both the original game and the remake!

Should I Play Final Fantasy 7 Before The Remake?

You should. While the remake has all of the bells and whistles and graphical updates that appeal to a wide audience of gamers, you should start with the original to get a feel for the gameplay and story, especially if you’re a new player. By doing this, you can get used to the series and appreciate how far it has come when it comes to graphical updates and quality of life changes. So yes, you should play Final Fantasy 7 before the remake.

Should I Play Final Fantasy 7?

The setting of Final Fantasy 7 is quite interesting on many levels. The “Planet”, as it is referred to, is being harvested for a life-giving resource called Mako by an industrial mining company called Shinra. Doing this is a direct threat to the earth and life as we know it, so it is the duty of a special organization called AVALANCHE to stop the company in its tracks.

The members that AVALANCHE consists of are all unique with special traits that make them an asset. The protagonist, Cloud Strife, is the character you play as. The gameplay is presented through an open world where you can roam around and look for things to do, such as quests and NPC interactions. As you advance through the world, you will frequently encounter enemies that will engage in combat with you.

Credit: YouTube

Instead of this taking place in the same open world, you are instead taken to a different screen where the gameplay shifts to turn-based combat, similar to Pokemon. You can use your character’s moves and abilities to attack the other side until a victor emerges. There are interesting mechanics you can use to give yourself an advantage, such as Limit Breaks, made available after certain conditions are met.

Along the way, you will encounter many enemies that will make it hard to progress, but it all culminates into a very satisfying story that is hard to beat. Final Fantasy is a timeless classic and the seventh installment is one of the most memorable.

Should I Play The Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Something that you are bound to notice right away is the graphical improvements compared to the original game. It is a remake, after all. The graphical quality has received an extreme overhaul, with massive improvements along the board. Not only that, but the game has been subject to various character and story improvements, from extra dialogue to more character development.

Credit: SquareEnix

The story takes place in the same conditions with the same characters, but all of these improvements add extra depth to them to make them stand out more. When it comes to gameplay and combat, the open world is still here and it has even more things to explore than before, something that many gamers will enjoy. The combat system has also been revamped with it taking place in real-time, in the open world.

You fight enemies as you meet them, utilizing brutal combos to mow them down. The Active Battle Timer is still here, where you can pause the action once the bar fills up so you can use powerful abilities. This approach makes the combat much more immersive and enjoyable. Other than that, it is still the same game with the same core elements, just massively improved to fit modern standards. You should play it, it’s nice!

How Are They Connected?

The connection is quite simple. They are the same game but one version is a massive improvement upon the first. Barely anything has changed except for some much-wanted quality of life improvements and some core mechanics.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the world of Final Fantasy has been subject to much renown, and all of the games are excellent in their own regard and warrant a playthrough… or six. We hope that this has cleared up any doubts you might have had about the game and whether you should play the original before the remake.

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