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Should I Play Doom Before Doom Eternal? – [Answered]

Doom is a popular series but if you have never played any of the games, you may be wondering should I play doom before doom eternal.

Should I Play Doom Before Doom Eternal

The Doom franchise has always been renowned for being one of the original first-person shooters. The games carry a lot of violence with them, which, of course, appeals to a very large part of the gaming community.

Throughout the years, Doom games have ranged in quality from mediocre to brutal, the latter of which was introduced in 2016. Shortly after that, in 2020, id Software released Doom Eternal, a continuation of the original. We’re going to analyze both of the games and give you an idea if you should play Doom before Doom Eternal.

Should I Play Doom Before Doom Eternal?

Quite simply, yes. While both of the games are great for new players coming on to the scene, you should still play Doom before Eternal because it is much easier to grasp the more complex concepts of Eternal after you’ve played the previous game. When it comes to the story of Doomguy, you can appreciate it more if you start from the beginning rather than in the middle.

Should I Play Doom?

Doom, with its next-gen graphics, created an environment where violence and brutality are paramount for survival. You have ferocious demons around every corner, just waiting to devour you. When it comes to the gameplay, it is quite fast-paced, with many new mechanics and upgrade paths added to it. The weapons you collect on your way to the end are powerhouses when it comes to firepower, and they are incredibly fun to use. There are some aspects of previous games added to this version, something hardcore fans will appreciate. 

should i play doom before doom eternal

To add more depth to the game, the developers refined the level design, adding more verticality and problem-solving. This pushes the player to think about some points in the level, so it serves as a nice break from ripping the heads off of demons. Speaking of which, the melee mechanics in Doom have been upped to 11, with monstrous kill animations once demons get stunned. They are dynamic, meaning that depending on which direction you approach a stunned demon from, a different kill animation will play. 

Should I Play Doom Eternal?

Because of the massive success and popularity of its 2016 counterpart, id Software decided to go all-out when it comes to the next game in the series. Doom Eternal was released in 2020, much to the joy of many fans expecting it. 

In this game, the gameplay is very similar to the 2016 version, except it is more refined with quality of life updates and completely new mechanics. Doom Guy can now perform acrobatic feats to get around the level from even more directions, punch demons into a fine mist, and do many more things that you will have to discover for yourself. 

Something you might notice if you’ve played the 2016 version is the updated HUD, which contains a wide variety of colors and helpful tooltips that make sure that you can understand every new mechanic thrown at you. From ammo count to buff meter, to perk availability, everything is present here.

From a story perspective, Doom Eternal has a much higher emphasis on the prophetic nature of Doomguy, as you can come across various lore points that explain his origin and how he conquered Hell. These lore points are narrated by a demonic voice that shows respect to Doomguy, so you can feel immersed in the gameplay once you know what he is fighting for. 

Like all of the other Doom games, Doom Eternal has bosses, as well. The 2016 version had some fantastic bosses, and Eternal built upon those foundations wonderfully. Bosses are now more aggressive, and complex, and you need to have some considerable mechanical skill to defeat them in the most efficient way possible. The way maps are built in this game helps to emphasize the difficulty of the bosses.

How Are Doom & Doom Eternal Connected?

Fans love theory-crafting, and they are always diligent to find out all of the details to get the whole story across. At some point in time, Doomguy was abducted by the Sentinels to use in their conquests. 

The Sentinels are an ancient warrior clan that was formed to protect the King of Argenta. Doomguy is given special armor and powers by these guys so he can be more useful to them. From this point, he is known as the Doom Slayer. Doom Eternal gives us a lot of the information hinted at in the 2016 game.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there is a considerable amount of lore that you would miss if you simply skipped Doom (2016) in favor of Doom Eternal. These games were made to be enjoyed in tandem so that you can experience everything they have to offer. We hope that this analysis has been informative and that you can now enjoy the games to their fullest!

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