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Should I Play Alan Wake Before Control? — [Answered]

Don’t know if you should play Alan Wake before Control? We have the answers.

Should I Play Alan Wake Before Control?

When games have an established universe that they share, it deepens the lore of the games and makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Control and Alan Wake are such games. They are set in the same universe and share some common aspects that appeal to their targeted audience of gamers.

While they vary wildly in their gameplay and artistic approach, both games are excellent for any player looking for a fresh, tense experience. Sometimes you might find yourself wondering if you should play one game before the other, and we’re here to tell you if you should play Alan Wake before Control.

Should You Play Alan Wake Before Control?

Quite simply, no. While both of the games are set in the same universe, they have completely different settings and stories that aren’t connected. There is no need to play Alan Wake before Control and you can start with whichever game is more appealing.

Should I Play Control?

Control is a new game that has taken the Internet by storm, mainly because of its excellent graphical quality and fascinating story with an interesting premise. In Control, you play as an investigation for the FBC, a bureau that examines cases of objects and events that go against the natural order of nature, similar to how SCPs work. The primary theme of the game is the paranatural and things that exist outside the real-life plane of existence.

Credit: EpicGames

The center of the FBC is the Oldest House, a large building whose inside is much more spacious than the outside suggests. Since the complex is so massive, there is a very large number of things to explore and find, much to the joy of gamers who love to explore. Your character’s reason for being there is her brother, who is presumed missing. The game follows the iconic Metroidvania style, so the gameplay is both interesting and rewarding when you progress.

Should I Play Alan Wake?

Alan Wake, on the other hand, is presented in a very different way with a different premise. Instead of the non-linear open world, the gameplay is presented in an episodic style where each episode is a mixture of an action game and a psychological thriller movie, something that appeals to a wide audience of gamers. There is a distinctive dark theme to it that makes the game border on the edge of being a survival-horror game.


Instead of the FBC in the focus of the story, this one is all about Alan Wake and the creatures of darkness that he has to fight. The world is plagued by a strange presence that converts humans and animals into dark enemies called The Taken that constantly assail Alan. Something that is extremely interesting is the implementation of light as a primary combat mechanic, where you need to expose The Taken to a source of light before executing them with a weapon. The gameplay is thrilling and has a lot of content to enjoy throughout the entire story.

How Are They Connected?

The only connection the two games share is the same universe they are set in. Both of the games have their own distinctive stories. They are completely separate in terms of their stories, so you can play either game you think is more interesting without touching the other.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, everything you need to know about these two fantastic games and if you need to play one before the other. Alan Wake is a classic experience that everyone should experience at some point, especially since the next game is supposed to be released in 2023. We sincerely hope that all of your paranormal questions have been answered and that you have all of the information you need to embark on a new gaming journey!

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