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How To Upgrade The Harpoon In Dave The Diver – Easy Guide

Harpoon Gun Dave the diver

Dave The Diver has grown to be quite popular among gamers, with its unique narrative setting it apart from the competition. The game revolves around you, the protagonist, who is a sushi restaurant owner. The objective is not only to buy fish from the market but also to dive deep into the sea to hunt sea creatures yourself.

This process requires a variety of weapons, one of the most reliable ones being the Harpoon. However, as you progress, you’ll face stronger and faster sea creatures that your regular Harpoon can’t handle. This guide will walk you through the process of upgrading your Harpoon to improve your underwater hunts.

Upgrading Your Harpoon Using the iDiver App

The game offers you a method to upgrade the Harpoon using an in-game smartphone app known as the iDiver. You’ll find the smartphone icon in the lower-left corner of your game screen. Tap on the icon and then select the Harpoon from the list.

Dave The Diver Upgrade System

The iDiver app lets you increase the Damage attribute of your Harpoon. This upgrade is essential as it allows you to hunt more resilient and speedy fish. The initial upgrades to the Harpoon are generally cheap, but as you progress in the game, the cost of each subsequent upgrade will rise.

Remember, upgrading your Harpoon isn’t enough to enhance your hunting capabilities. It’s also important to upgrade other attributes such as your Diving Suit and Air Tank to handle the pressures of deep-sea diving and stay underwater for longer durations.

Finding Harpoon Parts Through Exploration

The second way to upgrade your Harpoon in Dave The Diver involves exploring the sea bed. As you dive deep and navigate the sea bed, you may stumble upon containers. These containers can contain new weapons as well as upgraded components for your Harpoon Gun.

By finding and attaching these parts to your Harpoon, you can significantly improve its power. Additionally, you’ll also find new Harpoon Tips within these containers, including Poison and Lightning tips. These tips add unique abilities to your Harpoon, making many of your hunts significantly easier.

Specialized Weapons for Special Creatures

Even with your upgraded Harpoon, you will find certain special sea creatures that need specific weapons for a successful hunt. As you progress through the narrative, you’ll come across the need for weapons like the Sticky Bomb Gun, Red Sniper Rifle, and the Triple Axel.

Another significant weapon you will encounter is the Shark Harpoon, specially designed to help you hunt sharks with ease. Other exciting options include the Japanese Sword, Tennis Racket, and Grenade Launcher. These tools diversify your arsenal and provide you the flexibility to adapt to different hunting scenarios.

Wrapping Up

Dave the Diver offers an immersive experience, which gets more intense as you delve deeper into the ocean. Upgrading your Harpoon and other equipment are crucial to navigate the game successfully and meet the increasing demands of your sushi restaurant.

Through this guide, you now know the two main ways to upgrade your Harpoon in the game: using the iDiver app and through exploration. Remember, a good sushi restaurant owner is not only a good cook but also a skillful diver and hunter. Happy diving and hunting!

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