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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Force Blood Moon In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom – [Easy Guide]

Blood Moon Zelda TOTK

In the mystical world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the eerie and cryptic feature known as the Blood Moon is one of the most intriguing aspects. This occurrence, which made its debut in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, has gained much fascination and attention due to its unique implications on the gameplay.

Blood Moon Zelda TOTK
Blood Moon Zelda TOTK

In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, the Blood Moon serves the same purpose as it did in its predecessor. Its rise marks the resurrection of all enemies that you’ve vanquished since the previous blood moon, except for bosses and certain regular enemies nearby at the time of the blood moon. Notably, this includes formidable foes such as Lynels and Constructs. Beyond enemy respawn, the Blood Moon also resets dropped weapons, materials, and ore, ensuring a successful cooking performance.

However, triggering this Blood Moon might seem tricky, particularly for beginners. But don’t worry, this guide will delve into two primary methods to summon the Blood Moon, thus unlocking a world of possibilities in your gameplay.

Method 1: The Natural Cycle

In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, the Blood Moon will naturally occur after seven in-game days, precisely at 12:00 AM. It’s important to note that this time doesn’t include moments spent on menus or resting at the campfire. Essentially, you can’t speed up this process by simply idling or spending more time at the campsite.

To put this into perspective, one hour of in-game time equates to one real-time minute. Therefore, it should take you approximately two hours and forty-eight minutes of real gameplay to naturally encounter a Blood Moon. This process is endless, meaning the cycle repeats after every two hours and forty-eight minutes that you spend in the game. Despite the apparent waiting time, this method is the most consistent and reliable way to witness a Blood Moon.

Method 2: Overloading the Switch’s Memory

If waiting isn’t quite your forte, there’s a second method that lets you force the Blood Moon. Unlike the first approach, this method involves overloading your Nintendo Switch’s memory to summon the Blood Moon ahead of schedule.

To do this, navigate to the Tanagar Canyon West Cave. You’ll find the entrance at these coordinates: -3285, 0789, -0104. Venture down the cave until you stumble upon a large wall of dark, blueish stone. Climb onto one of the walls on the side, high enough to jump off and enter bullet time, where your bow is drawn.

The next step requires precision and timing. Shoot about four opal arrows into the wall in quick succession. The game will experience a significant lag, but don’t worry, that’s expected. Once you land, the Blood Moon should trigger, thus bypassing the normal seven-day cycle.

Final Thoughts

Summoning the Blood Moon in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom gives you an interesting gameplay advantage, especially when it comes to farming valuable materials and rupees. Whether you prefer to let nature take its course or choose to manipulate the game’s mechanics, the Blood Moon will surely add an exciting dynamic to your Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom adventure. Happy gaming!

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