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Harry Potter Magic Awakened

How To Change Your Broom In Harry Potter Magic Awakened – Easy Guide

Change Broom In Harry Potter Magic Awakened

The magical world of “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” presents an immersive experience, where you can attend Hogwarts, take part in epic magical battles, and of course, engage in exhilarating broom flights.

You’re not stuck with the same broom throughout your Hogwarts journey. This guide will explain how to change your broom in the game, adding a touch of personal flair to your adventures.

Acquiring Your First Broom

In the first 30 minutes of gameplay, you’ll have your first encounter with broom flight. As part of the main quest, you’ll meet Robyn outside the Great Hall. She will lead you to your inaugural flying lesson. After the tutorial, you’ll receive your first broom, the Shooting Star, and you can then equip your broom and fly around the Hogwarts grounds at your leisure.

How To Get A New Broom

Should you desire a different broom, perhaps one akin to Harry’s first Nimbus 2000, or something even better, follow the steps below:

  1. Travel to Hogsmeade: Hogsmeade is a village near Hogwarts that you’ll need to visit to purchase a new broom. Navigate there by clicking on the map located in the top left corner of your screen. Select Hogsmeade, and then opt for ‘Quality Quidditch Supplies’ to fast travel there.
  2. Enter Quality Quidditch Supplies: Once you’re in Hogsmeade, visit the ‘Quality Quidditch Supplies’ store. Robyn, who you’ve met before, will be there to guide you through the brooms available for purchase.

Available Broom Options

Once in ‘Quality Quidditch Supplies’, you’ll find an array of brooms with varying specifications. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

  1. Shooting Star: This is your starter broom, with a Practice Match Health of 6 and a Flying Match Speed of 95. It also offers 5 Stage Movement Cards and 10 Collection Progress.
  2. Nimbus 2000: An upgrade from the Shooting Star, it also has a Practice Match Health of 6, but its Flying Match Speed is boosted to 109. Additionally, it provides a 20% increase in Stage Movement Cards and 30 Collection Progress.
  3. Starsweeper XXI: With a Practice Match Health of 7 and a Flying Match Speed of 123, the Starsweeper XXI is a significant leap from the previous two. It adds 15 Stage Movement Cards and an impressive 60 Collection Progress.
  4. Cleansweep II: The Cleansweep II matches the Nimbus 2000 and Shooting Star with a Practice Match Health of 6, and its Flying Match Speed is 100. It reduces Stage Movement Cards by 8% but offers a respectable 30 Collection Progress.

Remember, the availability of brooms may vary based on the version of the game you’re playing. As of the time of this guide, the global version of the game has indicated that brooms will soon be purchasable.

Equipping Your New Broom

Once you’ve purchased your new broom, you’ll want to equip it for use. To do this:

  1. Open your game and enter Hogwarts from any device.
  2. Tap on the Map in the upper left corner. This icon is a circle with an arrow representing your position.
  3. You’ll see three drop-down menus. Select Diagon Alley, the only place from where you can change your broom.
  4. Choose ‘Quality Quidditch Supplies’ and press ‘Go.’ This action will transport you to the store.
  5. Approach Robyn and press ‘Interact.’
  6. Select the dialogue that starts with ‘Yes.’ After a few lines of conversation, she’ll show you the collection.
  7. Tap ‘Use’ from the bottom right corner to select and equip your chosen broom.

This guide will ensure you’ll be zooming through the sky on your broom of choice in no time. Enjoy exploring the vast expanses of Hogwarts and the magical world around it. Happy flying, Potterheads!

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