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Best Side Quests To Do First In Hogwarts Legacy – [Easy Guide]

Best Side Quests In Hogwarts Legacy

Side quests in Hogwarts Legacy are one of the best ways to get your hands on some upgrades and items early in the game. While side quests do not always yield worthwhile returns, there are some quests that offer rewards that make the game a whole lot easier if you have them. Let’s dive a little deeper into which side quests are the best in Hogwarts Legacy.

Best Side Quests To Complete In Hogwarts Legacy

Side quests are unlocked pretty early on in the game in order to allow players to fully explore the open world of Hogwarts Legacy while giving rewards as incentives to complete these quests. That said, take a look at the best side quests in the game and their rewards:

1. The Man Behind The Moon

Players can take part in these side quests after just a few hours in the game. The side quest asks for you to collect Demiguise Moons spread across the castle. While this is a relatively long side quest and will require some time to complete, it will unlock many new areas in the castle for you to explore.

2. The Daedalian Keys

Talking to Nellie Oggspire will set you in motion to collect Daedalian keys spread across the castle. These are just keys with wings flying about the place. Once you spot a key, follow it to unlock a cabinet which will eventually help you unlock your house robe based on your house. 

While this does not have the best reward, this is a great way to get to explore the castle and get a really nice robe that shines every time you cast a spell.

3. Sebastian Sallow’s Quests

The Sebastian Sallow quests will come in a group of three and will allow you to learn all three of the unforgivable curses in the game. This is a must-do for evil wizards as it allows you to dive deeper into the dark arts. Here are the unforgivable curses you will be able to learn by completing each of Sebasian’s quests:

QuestCurse Learned
In the Shadow of The StudyCrucio, the torture curse
In the Shadow of TimeImperio, the mind control curse
In the Shadow of the RelicAvada Kedavra, the killing curse

4. Flight Test/Sweeping The Competition/The Sky Is The Limit

Being able to fly around in your broomstick in Hogwarts Legacy is one of the main mechanics you will have to master to be able to roam freely on the map. All three of these quests revolve around you having to go through rings as fast as you can to get rewards. These rewards can be used to upgrade your broomstick, an item you will be using quite regularly in the game.

5. The Unique Unicorn/Pheonix Rising

Both of these quests introduce you to magical creatures in the game. The magnificent Pheonix, as well as the gorgeous unicorn, are one of the many magical creatures in the game, and if you intend to complete Hogwarts Legacy’s take on the Pokedex, you should not miss out on these quests.

Hogwarts Legacy Best Side Quests And Their Rewards

Seeing as there is a plethora of side quests in the game that you can do, you will shower with different rewards. Here is a short list of all the corresponding rewards to the best side quests in the game:

Side QuestReward
The Man Behind The MoonUnlocks new areas around the castle for you to explore
The Daedalian KeysUnlocks the house robe that you can equip
Sebastian Sallow’s QuestsLearn the three unforgivable curses in the game
Flight Test/Sweeping The Competition/The Sky Is The LimitProvides upgrades for your broom
The Unique Unicorn/Pheonix RisingTake a look at the magical creatures in the game

Final Thoughts

Hogwarts Legacy has a plethora of side quests that let players interact with new characters as well as gain new upgrades and items in the game. However, not all quests are worth the time, and if you are not a completionist, you can prioritize doing the earlier-mentioned quests to get your hands on some exquisite rewards.

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