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Battlebit Remastered Updates – [What’s New 2024]

Battlebit Remastered’s new map is exciting and strategic. With its amazing design, varied terrain and different numbers. Additionally, you will find all the information in my content.

First-person shooting games are viral nowadays. They have small missions you can complete within minutes instead of following a months-long game storyline and puzzling quests. Hence, these games save time and allow you to find online friends.

Battlebit is one such shooting game that you can play with your friends and family online with 254 players in a single server without any lag. This game is tending known for its low-poly environment and props. That is why you can easily install and play it on a low-end PC at the maximum framerate.

The older version of this game had a little bit bugs so the developers have properly debugged it carefully listening to their customer’s comments, suggestions, and feedback. This article is dedicated to the Updates in Battlebit Remastered. I am so excited to discuss with you its new features in the current updates according to the Battlebit remastered news.

What Features Are Included in The Current Updates of Battlebit Remastered?

The word Remastered sounds so good to listen to as it brings so much good news for the gamers. When the developers remaster something, they take care of every tiny detail, from each sound to each game asset.

In these new Battlebit remastered update notes, they mentioned more difficulties while playing. Now, the famous platform Steam is selling this updated game. Let’s find out which features are newly included in the game:

  • Weapon, Footsteps, & Environment Sounds

Sounds play a very important role in the making of a game, especially shooting games like Battlebit Remastered. The environmental sounds make a game elegant while the other sounds add to it. The pro players use sounds to win a game as the sounds inform how close or far the enemy is.

First of all, the developers have updated the footstep sounds as this is a very important aspect of a competitive shooting game. The footstep sounds give the players the location of their enemy, especially the one walking or running in the next room or behind a game prop.

On the other hand, we have the weapon sounds. In shooting games like this, the weapon sounds place the first impression as the players have to use weapons from start to end. Now, these sounds have been perfectly updated for all the Battlebit Remastered new weapons, and you can play this game for hours without hurting your ears. You will be surprised by the bullet-whizzing effects in the game. It is claimed that the update has about 200 sounds per weapon. 

Updating vehicle sounds along with other sounds is a great success. Some players love to ride vehicles in Battlebit a lot. For such players, the developers have changed the vehicle sounds to elegant ones.

The environment sounds play a crucial role in a game as the players have to stay in a certain game environment for a certain amount of time. It is always good to have some ambient sounds playing in the background as the total silence makes the gameplay very disturbing, while loud sounds are distracting. 

There is the addition of Battlebit Remastered new map. 

  • Ghillie Suits

Ghillie Suits are amazing mechanisms in any shooting game, as they allow you to camouflage. Usually, the snipers prefer this type of gear. A perfectly camouflaged player can survive for a prominently long time in the game as compared to the ones wearing the default uniform. The good news is the updated Battlebit Remastered will have these amazing suits.

The camouflaged Battlebit Remastered new weapons look fantastic and professional, as only the epic players have such weapons.  

  • Vehicles

The basic mechanisms of all vehicles have been updated to the latest ones with more details, especially the sounds. Hopefully, the players will now love to ride the military vehicles in Battlebit Remastered.

  • Long-Term Progression

The developers of Battlebit want the players to do more things rather than just shoot their enemies. In the latest updates, you will be able to progress in the game along with the gameplay. 

The players will be able to track additional stats and action items. These items include unlockable props such as weapon and weapon attachment cosmetics, as well as charms. These skins will give your Battlebit Remastered new guns an epic look. The stats will be small missions that will reward you with the latter props and cosmetics.

  • Short-Term Incentives & Rewards

The developers have added rewards and short-term incentives in this game that are similar to the ribbon system in Battlefield 4. Put simply, you will be rewarded for doing small tasks like healing and reviving, killing using a certain Battlebit Remastered new guns or vehicle, resupplying, etc. 

The rewards and bonuses keep the player enough motivated, so the developers have added weekly challenges for you. These challenges might take more than one game session to complete. You can also earn rewards for being a medic if you are not interested in weekly missions.

  • Everyone is Welcomed

Not only does this game welcome everyone from around the world but it also will have a player-level system in the game. This system will not only welcome back experienced players but will also create easy servers for newcomers.

  • Steam Achievements

How can we forget the achievements that unlock when we play a game on Steam? Being a part of this platform, you will be able to unlock new achievements during your gameplay. Not only that, the Steam gaming platform keeps track of all your activities, such as how many hours you have played a certain game.

Will BattleBit be Paid?

Yes. BatlleBit will be paid not only because it is on Steam, which hardly offers free games, but also because three different companies have developed it, investing a reasonable amount of money during its remake. In June 2024, it cost 14.99 dollars on Steam, which will be halved after a 50% discount. This is the time to buy this game if you want a great discount. 

How Many Players Are on BattleBit Remastered?

254 players can play this game simultaneously as it creates a separate server for this many players. BattleBit is an online multiplayer game that allows hundreds of players to join in a single environment simultaneously. 

The biggest challenge for such games is to accommodate and monitor all players as some hackers try to enter the game to cheat and create disgruntled players ruining the experience of fair ones. This issue is not limited to this game; you will find cheaters in big games like CS: GO, too. However, it is claimed that the number of cheaters in this game is not as high as in other games.

How Big is BattleBit?

BattleBit is only 2 gigabytes (GB). Nearly all storage devices easily have this much space available on them. Otherwise, you can easily make this much space for this game on your storage only by deleting some unnecessary old files. For smooth gameplay, it is necessary to have your C drives with OS as empty as possible.

Ensure to have more than 2 GB on your storage as it might require storage during paging and stuff. The memory it requires is 8 GB but having more memory is necessary as you might be using other apps simultaneously as well such as streaming or recording apps.

What Time Does BattleBit Come Out?

BattlleBit was released on the 15th of June, in 2023. Its late update Battlebit Remastered was released on the 15th of January, 2024. Hence, this game is already on Steam. We recommend you download and install the latest release as it is way more fun to play this game. 

The latest update is known as Battlebit Remastered and it is easily available on Steam. To play this amazing low-poly game, you only need a Steam account with your payment method attached to it. Just ensure to buy this game from an authorised and verified platform like Steam, otherwise you might lose your money.

What Are The Requirements (Specs) for Battlebit Remastered?

Battlebit Remastered is a small game that uses a low-poly game environment and props. The only thing you need is high-speed internet, as this is a multiplayer online shooting game. It needs more or less 2GB of space in your storage, such as an SSD or M2.

To run this game you need at least 8 GB RAM (memory) but it is recommended to install more to enjoy the game. You can have any graphics card that supports DirectX version 11 such as Geforce GTX 600 series.

As far as the OS is concerned, you need a 64-bit Windows 10 or Windows 11. This game has an insanely high performance on these operating systems. Any processor equal to or higher than Intel Core i5 4th generation will smoothly run this game. Don’t forget to have a high-speed broadband internet connection as well.


In the Battlebit Remastered new update, the developers have not only removed all of the previous bugs, but they have also added new features in it. The game designers and the software companies have worked a lot on this game to make it a perfect first-person shooter game.

Now, you can hear the bullets passing by on the battlefield. The weapon and vehicle sounds have also been changed to the most appropriate ones. You can feel an ambiance in the game as if you are already there. The sounds have more depth now as the sounds from a distant place should be heard.

The greatest achievement of all is that you can hear the footsteps sound more accurately to make a do-or-die decision. With all this, you will have short-term and long-term missions. These missions will unlock different props for you, such as weapon cosmetics or weapon attachment cosmetics.

The ghillie suits are one of the best gears added in this game. Not only do you have weekly missions, but you are also rewarded for doing small tasks such as reviving an injured friend or performing other medical services. You will be rewarded for resupplying or killing using a certain weapon or vehicle.

This game requires only 2 GB of space on your storage device, such as an SSD. The RAM requirement for Battlebit Remastered is only 8 GB. However, it requires a 64-bit OS such as Windows 10 or Windows 11. The graphics card GTX 600 series is enough with an Intel i5 4th gen processor or higher. As it is an online game, you will need a high-speed broadband internet connection to smoothly enjoy it.

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