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How To Catch A Seahorse In Dave The Diver – Easy Guide

Catch A Seahorse In Dave The Diver

Delving into the underwater world of “Dave the Diver,” you will encounter an array of mesmerizing creatures, one of the most enchanting being the seahorse. Not only do these adorable creatures add to the aesthetic charm of the game, but they also hold unique functionality that enhances your gameplay. This guide will detail the steps on how to locate and capture seahorses effectively, enriching your underwater adventures.

How To Catch A Sea Horse In Dave The Diver

Step 1: Prepare For The Quest

Catching seahorses in Dave the Diver requires specific preparation. To begin, you’ll need to unlock and equip the Bug Net – a vital tool for capturing these smaller marine creatures. The Bug Net is unlocked as you progress through the game’s storyline.

Watch for an exciting moment when a character named Maki pays a visit to your sushi restaurant. During this encounter, she gifts you the Bug Net. Once in your possession, you are ready for your seahorse hunt.

Step 2: Set Sail For The Sea People Village

With the Bug Net in hand, you should set your course towards the Sea People Village. This location is known for its abundant seahorse population. The village and its surroundings offer the perfect spawning ground for these creatures.

Four seahorses are reported to reside in this area – two outside on the lower level and the remaining inside the palace and herbalist’s building. Keep a keen eye out during your exploration, as seahorses often favor the vicinity of the village.

Step 3: Unleashing the Bug Net

Catching A Seahorse In Dave The Diver

Once you spot a seahorse, it’s time to wield your Bug Net. Glide the net over the seahorse, aiming to encapsulate it within the mesh. As you draw nearer, a spacebar icon will materialize above Dave’s head, indicating that you are at the perfect distance.

Strike when the icon appears to catch the seahorse. Remember, timing and accuracy are crucial in this step, so be patient and precise.

Step 4: Race With Your Seahorse

Capturing seahorses in Dave the Diver is not just about the thrill of the hunt; it’s about what you do with them afterwards. Once you have a seahorse in your possession, you can register it for races in the Game Parlor, located inside the Sea People Village.

Upon entering the parlor, speak to the NPC on the left side of the room, select ‘Register,’ and choose the seahorse you want to hire from the loot box. Now, all that’s left is to cheer for your seahorse during the race and hopefully secure a victory!

By following these steps, you can catch seahorses with ease and make the most of your underwater exploration in Dave the Diver. Happy diving!

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