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Hogwarts Legacy

Fix Hogwarts Legacy Saved Game Glitch – [Easy Guide]

How To Fix Save Game Corruption In Hogwarts Legacy

Many people on Reddit have been sharing a huge problem with Hogwart’s legacy. If you are on this page right now, you are probably feeling very frustrated that you have seemingly lost your save game file.

Some people have even reported completely losing over 20 hours of gameplay. Hopefully, this is completely resolved by the devs soon but in the meantime, there is a possible fix. You can follow the steps below to retrieve your saved game file.

How To Fix Hogwarts Legacy Save Game Glitch

There is nothing worse than pouring your heart into a game for 10, 20, or even 30 hours only for that hard work to disappear. If that has happened, hopefully, this fix shared by some players will be of help to you.

Follow the steps below to recover your Hogwarts save game file:

  1. On your computer navigate to this folder: “C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\SaveGames\%RANDOM NUMBER%\”
  2. Make a backup of this entire folder and remember where you have saved it
  3. In the original folder, delete every save except for the oldest one (eg: “HL-00-00.sav”)
  4. Open Hogwarts Legacy again
  5. Start a new game and new save
  6. Play until the game auto-saves for the first time
  7. Exit the game and navigate back to the save folder
  8. Copy the name of the last save file that the game created
  9. Now rename the original save file with the name we just copied
  10. This will overwrite the new save file
  11. Start the game again and you should have your old save back

Hopefully, by utilizing this method you can retrieve your existing saved game and get back all of your progress.

What Causes This Hogwarts Legacy Save Corruption Glitch

People on Reddit have speculated that doing a manual save is what is causing files to corrupt. We would advise avoiding a manual save for now until this issue is fixed by the devs.

Hopefully, now you can get back to enjoying playing the amazing Hogwarts legacy.

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