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Elden Ring Impassable Greatbridge Location & How To Complete – [Easy Guide]

Impassable Greatbridge Location Elden Ring

If you’re yet to have a confrontation with Radhan, then he’s easily one of Elden Ring’s many challenging Demigods. Worthy of his title as the conqueror of the stars as he holds the stars in place, the trek to Radhan’s castle is a challenge in itself. As such, only those worthy enough to traverse the Impassable Greatbridge can have a peek at the monstrosities lying inside his castle.

Redmane Castle’s horror begins when players set foot on the Impassable Greatbridge and it looms all the way to the castle grounds. However, you can use certain clever methods to make your way around to avoid the projectiles raining down on you while crossing the Impassable Greatbridge in Elden Ring.

Where Is The Impassable Greatbridge In Elden Ring?

The Impassable Greatbridge lies in the southern part of Caelid. This bridge binds the Redmane Castle — where Radhan awaits his equal in the Wailing Dunes — with the Caelid continent. Players can take the route leading south to reach it. However, the passage is overseen and heavily guarded by enemies and the Decaying Ekzykes dragon boss.

We recommend mounting Torrent when tackling Caelid to avoid getting struck by the Scarlet Rot and to easily get past these foes. Also, activate any Sites of Grace that come along the way. That said if you’re in need of Runes to level up, feel free to kill them as many times as you want.

After that, you’ll reach the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace. This is just a breather for what’s to come next — the more significant challenge, which is crossing it.

Note: Using the waygate teleporter at the top of Fort Gael will also take you to the Site of Grace near the Impassable Greatbridge. However, the area is heavily guarded by enemies and a Lion Guardian. You can quickly sprint past these enemies to avoid any unnecessary clashes.

How To Cross The Impassable Greatbridge In Elden Ring?

There are two methods you can use to cross the Impassable Greatbridge. First, it’s the standard method of crossing it while avoiding the blazing projectiles. The second approach is to use the waygate teleporter beside the Impassable Greatbridge. We’ve explained both methods in detail below.

How To Cross The Impassable Greatbridge Without Getting Hit?

Set foot on the bridge and a series of blazing projectiles from catapults will be hurled toward you. A few hits from these, and you’ll be dead. So, assume a serpentine-like motion and strafe left or right when the projectile is coming towards you to avoid getting hit. You can do this on foot or horseback, eventually reaching the bridge’s other end.

However, the horror doesn’t end here, as next up is a barrage of exploding ballista arrows, a pack of Radhan’s finest soldiers, and a troll waiting to flatten you from above the castle. In this section, we recommend mounting Torrent to avoid getting ganked by enemies. That said, go to the locked castle gate, take the left exit, and jump down the cliff onto the next platform.

Ahead will be some Giant Bats, which should be easy to deal with. After that, stick to the castle wall until you reach some tombstones, a staircase and a ladder. Avoid the stairs, climb the ladder, and make a left at the top. Afterward, you must go down to reach the Chamber Outside the Plaza Site of Grace.

That said, if you want to explore every nook and cranny of the Castle, this is your only way of doing so. However, if you want to challenge Radhan himself; you need to start the Radhan Festival.

Note: Leave the two Lion Guardians alone before activating the Site of Grace. These hit like a truck, and you’ll be at their mercy. So, it’s best to avoid them if you don’t have an effective strategy to take them down. Otherwise, you’ll have to start from scratch from the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace. 

How To Cross The Impassable Greatbridge Using The Waypoint Teleporter?

You might’ve noticed an inactive waypoint teleporter beside the bridge. If you didn’t already know, this teleporter sends you straight into the heart of Redmane Castle while avoiding its arduous segments. However, the catch is that it will only activate if you’ve triggered the Radhan Festival.

To trigger the Radhan Festival, you must submit to Ranni and partake in her Questline. In this, you’ll have to inform Blaidd about Radhan in Siofra River. After that, meet up with Seluvis in his Rise and ask him about Nokron, the eternal city. He then hands over a letter, which you must give to Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins.

Alternatively, players opting out of Ranni’s questline can activate any Sites of Grace in the Altus Plateau (Volcano Manor doesn’t count) to trigger the festival. The most efficient way of reaching it early is via the Grand Lift of Dectus, for which you require both parts of the Dectus Medallion. You’ll find the left bit inside a chest in Fort Haight (Mistwood) while the right piece is acquired after looting a chest in Fort Faroth (Dragonbarrow).

With that out of the way, the festival will now be in full swing. Upon arriving at the Impassable Greatbridge again, you may notice that the teleporter is now functional. Another thing players can observe is the silence surrounding the fortified outskirts of the castle, which was once populated with enemies.

You can now use the waypoint teleport or go through the bridge without fear of getting struck by the projectiles or outnumbered by the enemies. However, do note that with the Radhan Festival, certain segments of the castle will be locked out unless you vanquish Radhan in a glorious battle and free him of the Scarlet Rot madness left by the Demigod Malenia.

Final Thoughts

Elden Ring’s Caelid is definitely among the most terrifying places Fromsoftware has ever crafted, and the blasted continent can be felt all the way from Limgrave. Unfortunately, players aspiring to acquire Elden Ring’s platinum must go through Caelid, which includes crossing the Impassable Greatbridge to reach Redmane Castle.

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