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DMZ Researchers Dilemma Mission Guide [Warzone 2 Season 4]

Researchers Dilemma Mission Guide

Call of Duty’s DMZ (Warzone 2.0) introduces a myriad of unique missions for players to tackle and enjoy. Among them, the “Researcher’s Dilemma” mission has proved a puzzle for many players.

In this mission, you need to locate the Researcher’s Notes in the Vondel Zoo veterinary office and then place them on the second floor of a church. Let’s break down the step-by-step process of completing the mission, ensuring you can master it with ease.

Step 1: Locating the Vondel Zoo Veterinary Office

Vondel Zoo Vetinary Office

Your initial task in the Researcher’s Dilemma mission is to locate the veterinary office in the Vondel Zoo. The zoo is conveniently situated in the southern part of the map, making it easy to find. It’s a broad area, with the vet’s office located in the large building situated in the zoo’s southwestern corner.

Accessing the Vet Office

Before you can access the vet’s office, you must secure either the skeleton key or the vet key. Both of these items can be obtained by defeating high-value enemies around the map. Once you have one of these keys in your possession, you can access the office and proceed with the mission.

Finding the Researcher’s Notes

Once inside the large office, your eyes should be drawn to the myriad of fridges. But what you’re looking for is located on the long desk running along one of the walls. Here, you will find the Researcher’s Notes, the first critical item of this mission. Interact with the notes to pick them up.

Step 2: Delivering the Notes to the Church

After securing the Researcher’s Notes, your next destination is a church, located in the map’s northwest. More specifically, the church is to the south of the castle. To help navigate, enter the church via the main door, and you’ll be greeted with a ladder that leads to the second floor. You can see the exact location on the map below.

Researchers Dilemma Map Location

The Exchange

Once on the second floor of the church, locate a lantern on the floor to your left. Next to the lantern, you will find another set of notes. Your task here is to drop the Researcher’s Notes you retrieved from the vet’s office and pick up these new notes.

Step 3: Back to the Vet’s Office

Your final step in this mission involves taking the notes from the church and returning them to the vet’s office at the Vondel Zoo. Place the new notes in the exact location where you found the original Researcher’s Notes.

Wrapping Up

By following these steps, you can quickly and efficiently complete the Researcher’s Dilemma mission in DMZ. This guide should provide all the information you need to find your way around the map, locate the necessary items, and complete the mission objectives. Happy gaming, and good luck on your missions!

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