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DMZ Look Out Mission Guide Warzone 2 Season 4

Look out mission Beacon Location DMZ

The world of Warzone is filled with exciting missions and intricate tasks that require both skill and a knack for exploration. Among these, the Look Out mission in Warzone DMZ stands out as an enticing challenge.

In this mission, your primary objective is to locate an Infrared (IR) Beacon situated off the northern coast of Ashika Island and plant it atop Ashika Castle. This guide will walk you through each step of the mission, ensuring you’re able to complete it efficiently and successfully.

Locating the IR Beacon on Ashika Island

The mission commences with the task of finding the IR Beacon. Despite the fact that the beacon is technically located on the northern coast of Ashika Island, it isn’t as straightforward as you might think. The beacon is actually positioned on a rock situated in the sea, directly north of the northern beach.

As such, you’ll need to swim out to the rock to retrieve the IR Beacon. The beacon is much further out than you might expect. You do have to swim for quite a while to retrieve it.

Look Out Beacon Location

You can also spot a boat nearby which can aid in your transportation. It’s important to stay cautious throughout this phase due to the presence of other players. Also, pay close attention while maneuvering around the rocks to avoid getting stuck or trapped.

Journey to Ashika Castle

Once you’ve successfully obtained the IR Beacon, your next destination is Ashika Castle. But how do you get there safely and swiftly? You have two options to consider.

Option 1: The Waterway Route

If you prefer a quicker, albeit slightly riskier route, hop into your boat and navigate it through the underground waterways. The entrance to these waterways lies between Oganikku Farms and Residential. Be warned, however, that these waters are teeming with heavily armored guards who won’t hesitate to open fire. Therefore, it’s essential to wear proper protection and drive through the waterways at full speed.

In the midst of the waterways, you’ll encounter rock cave columns. Go to the left side of these columns and find an ascend rope hanging over the water. Dive into the water to dodge any incoming gunfire, and use the rope to climb up and out of the waterways.

Option 2: The Mainland Route

If you prefer a safer but lengthier approach, you can walk to Ashika Castle on the mainland. This option will undeniably have you encountering more enemy squads and operators, which could lead to additional conflicts. Therefore, make sure you are prepared for possible engagements along the way.

Planting the IR Beacon on Ashika Castle

Upon exiting the waterways or reaching the castle by land, you’ll find yourself just outside Ashika Castle. Here, you’ll need to quickly exit the gazebo and turn right, jumping over the Tsuki Castle wall. Make your way to the back of Ashika Castle – this area is generally less populated with enemies.

Once you’ve reached the back of the castle, locate the zipline that will take you up onto the roof. From there, you’ll need to make your way to the top of Tsuki Castle, where you’ll find the location for planting the IR Beacon.

IR Beacon Look Out Mission

Wrapping Up

Planting the beacon will signify the successful completion of the Look Out mission. Remember, Warzone is a dynamic and challenging game that requires a strategic approach and quick thinking. Happy gaming, and best of luck with your mission!

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