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Best Staff In Dave The Diver – How To Build Your Team

Hiring In Dave The Diver

Dave the Diver, an adventurous management sim by developer Mintrocket, has taken the gaming world by storm with its unusual mix of fishing, restaurant management, and over-the-top character interactions. As Dave, the eponymous diver, you spearfish for ingredients during the day, only to serve your catch in a sushi restaurant by night.

The game is filled with characters and tasks that make for a chaotic, yet fun-filled experience. However, to keep the sushi restaurant running smoothly and successfully, you’ll need to hire and manage a team of staff. But who are the best staff members to recruit in Dave the Diver? Let’s find out.

Building Your Team

When you start playing Dave the Diver, your sole focus is on diving and catching fish for your sushi restaurant. However, once you begin to get good reviews and unlock the ability to hire staff, you enter the realm of restaurant management.

Hiring staff requires careful consideration. Each potential employee comes with a set of statistics in four areas: Cooking, Serving, Procurement, and Appeal. These stats grow as the staff member gains experience and gets training. Remember that before hiring someone, you can check their stats at max level, giving you an insight into their potential future performance.

Best Staff Members In Dave The Diver

One staff member who has caught players’ attention is Itsuki. When initially hired, her stats seem rather unremarkable with the following statistics: Cook 24, Serve 50, Procure 34, and Appeal 49. However, her growth potential is considerable. Upon reaching Level 20, her statistics skyrocket: Cooking to 438, Serving to 932, Procurement to 628, and Appeal to an impressive 963. These numbers are a clear indication of the impact Itsuki can have on your restaurant operations when fully trained.

Itsuki also comes with two specific skills: Drink Serving and Staff with Irresistible Charm. The latter skill, in particular, enhances her appeal. As of now, it’s not entirely clear what effect Appeal has on the game, but having a high Appeal is likely to have positive outcomes.

Other Notable Staff Members

El Nino

If you are looking for a great server, El Nino is a great choice for your team. When you reach level 20, his serving skills max out at 1033 points. His two abilities are Drink serving master and Cleaning Master.


Yone is a great choice of employee if you are looking for someone to cook great dishes. At level 20, Yone’s cooking skill reaches 1752 Points. His two skills are Cooking++ and Ingredient Prepping Expert making him a great choice as a cook.

Effective Staff Management

Successfully running your restaurant in Dave the Diver isn’t just about hiring the staff with the best stats. It’s also about effective management. This includes juggling tasks such as setting the menu, grinding wasabi, and managing orders. Also, as your staff grows, you will need to balance their skills and ensure everyone’s talents are put to the best use.

In the restaurant phase, you’ll find yourself running back and forth, pouring tea, delivering orders, and bussing plates. The faster you complete these tasks, the happier your customers will be, leading to better reviews and the ability to hire more staff. So, apart from Itsuki, look out for staff members with high Serving and Cooking stats to ensure you’re not overwhelmed by the restaurant rush.

Wrapping Up

Dave the Diver is a fascinating combination of task management and character interaction, making for a compelling and chaotic gaming experience. While the game revolves around Dave, the staff you hire and manage plays a vital role in your success, especially when it comes to running the sushi restaurant.

Itsuki stands out as a particularly good hire due to her high growth potential and special skills. However, don’t forget to pay attention to all potential hires, their stats, and abilities. Remember, effective staff management can make all the difference in Dave the Diver. So dive in, catch some fish, hire the best staff, and let the restaurant adventure begin!

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