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All Vivarium Chest Locations In Hogwarts Legacy – [Complete Guide]

Vivarium Chest Locations

Vivarium is a special place nestled within the Room of Requirement where you can take care of the magical beasts you catch. The Vivarium consists of four Biomes, each containing three chests with collectible items such as Wand Handles, Conjurations, and much more!

That said, if you have a hard time locating the Vivarium chests, you’ve come to the right place since we’ve listed down all the places where you can find them.

Locations Of All 12 Vivarium Chest In Hogwarts Legacy

Each Biome is a pretty vast area in the Vivarium, which makes it harder to find these chests in the game. Luckily for you, we’ve categorized and listed all the chests you can find in each Biome and their locations:

Grass Biome

You can find the Grass Biome in front of you as soon as you enter the Vivarium in the Room Of Requirements. From there, you will get three chests:


As soon as you enter the Grass Biome, you’ll want to head north as soon as you enter. Once you’ve traveled in that direction and crossed two elevation levels, you should come across the first box. 


To find the second Vivarium chest in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to retrace your steps a bit. Start by heading back to the starting point of this biome, then turn and head southwards towards the trail that runs alongside the big rock. Follow this trail all the way to the end, and then jump down to the area below it to find the chest. 


After you’ve located the second Vivarium chest, your next step is to drop down even further. Look for a cave opening to your left and head inside – that’s where you’ll find the third chest.

Dark Biome

To access the Dark Biome in Hogwarts Legacy, head up the staircase in the Room Of Requirement to the left and take a right. Keep climbing up until you reach the entrance to the Dark Biome. Once inside, you can search for the Vivarium chests numbered four to six.


When you first enter the Dark Biome in Hogwarts Legacy, take an immediate U-turn and head towards the light. As you get closer, look for a piece of land with a ledge that you can climb up. Once you reach the top of the ledge, you’ll find the first Vivarium chest waiting for you.


To locate the second chest in the Dark Biome, start by heading back to the entry point and standing with your back to the gate. Look for a large piece of rock with a light to the west. Climb up the rock and head towards the end, where you’ll find a tree trunk with some light. That is where you’ll locate the second chest. 


The final chest in the Dark Biome takes you on a little journey. After acquiring the first Chest in the Dark Biome, turn eastwards and jump onto the adjacent island. From there, head north in a straight line until you reach a mound. 

Climb up onto the mound to find a cave entrance. Inside the cave, you’ll need to use the Confringo spell to break through a cobweb and then use the Revelio spell to clear the fog. Once the fog clears out, you’ll see a chest Vivarium chest lying in wait for you.

Coast Biome

Head to the right side of the Vivarium as you enter it and climb up the stairs. This will lead you to the entrance of the Coast Biome, where you can begin your search for the remaining Vivarium chests.


Once you’ve entered the Coast Biome in Hogwarts Legacy, head left (northwards) until you reach the first ledge. Climb up onto the ledge, then continue straight ahead until you come to the first right turn. Follow this path, and you’ll find the Vivarium chest.


Once you’ve collected the first Vivarium chest in the Coast Biome of Hogwarts Legacy, head back to the beach and make a U-turn towards the water. Across the water, you’ll see a rocky island with an elevation that matches the one shown in the picture below. Climb up onto the island to find the next Vivarium chest.


After collecting the second Vivarium chest in the Coast Biome, head northwest to find a cave. Inside the cave, you’ll discover the final Vivarium chest of this Biome hidden away.

Mountain Biome

To go to the Mountain Biome, head up the staircase on the left in the Room of Requirements and then turn left again to find the entrance to it. Here, you’ll find three chests again:


As soon as you enter the Mountain Biome, head southwest and start climbing up. You’ll need to ascend three levels of elevation to find the first hidden chest.


To find the second Vivarium chest in the Mountain Biome of Hogwarts Legacy, head down to the second level of elevation and then take a left turn instead of moving forward. Keep descending until you come across an arch made of rocks. Go through it and then head right until you reach the end of the path; this is where you’ll find the chest. 


To locate the last chest, exit through the same arch you entered and then head north towards an abandoned building. Once inside the building, go through the two entrances on the right-hand side. You may need to use some fire spells to clear the cobwebs obstructing your path. Keep moving forward until you reach the end of the building, where you’ll locate the final Vivarium chest waiting for you.

Wrapping Up

All in all, we hope our guide will help you find all the Vivarium chest locations in Hogwarts Legacy. While we recommend you try finding them on your own to fully immerse and explore the world in Hogwarts Legacy, you can always refer back to us whenever you’re having trouble finding a chest.

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