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All Mines Eye Collection Chests In Hogwarts Legacy – [Easy Guide]

All Mines Eye Collection Chest In Hogwarts Legacy

The Mine’s Eye is home to two Collection Chests that include items like Room of Requirement decor and gear traits. Don’t worry if you missed them during your first visit while completing the “It’s All Gobbledegook” main quest. Our step-by-step guide will help you discover and loot these chests again for all the goodies they contain. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Mine’s Eye Collection Chest Locations In Hogwarts Legacy

Exploring the Mines can be a thrilling yet confusing experience, with numerous twists and turns as well as tunnels leading to different areas. To locate the Collection Chests in this maze-like passage, the key is to leave no stone unturned and explore every corner that you can. You can also use Revelio to help you find interactive objects or little pulleys that’ll help you in locating the chest. Here are the locations for both the Mine’s Eye Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy:

Location #1

In order to locate the first Collection Chest in Mine’s Eye, you will need to arrive at the initial eye door. Just keep going forward into the mine, and you’ll land at the gate. This entrance functions similarly to the one at the primary gate and the eye-chests, and to open it, you must make use of your Disillusionment spell to become invisible. 

Once you’ve become undetectable to the naked eye, you can approach the door and open it. This will give you entry to the kitchen area of the mine and grant you access to the large boiler room, where you will have to battle enemies and light the boiler connected to some pretty big gears. 

To discover the chest, take the staircase on your left-hand side and find the grate beside the chained door. Now, you can use either Accio or Depulso to clear the way through the grate. Once you have moved the grate out of the way, climb through the tunnel until you reach a small room where the Collection Chest is lying around.

Location #2

To locate the second Collection Chest, you’ll need to find yet another eye door. Go back from where you found the first chest and down the stairs and left to the big cogwheels. 

Once you’ve arrived, use your Disillusionment spell to open the door and gain access to the boiler. Next, you need to activate the elevator in order to proceed to the next area; you can do this by igniting the boiler using a fire spell such as Confringo or Incendio and pulling the handle to the right of the eye door.

Upon reaching the next area, you will encounter a fork in the path with two separate directions to choose from. Proceed left and climb the stone stairs until you reach a locked door. You will need a level 2 Alohomora spell to unlock this door, which can be learned by completing some of the Man Behind the Moons sub-quests. Once the door is unlocked, the Collection Chest will be readily available inside the room.


That sums up our article today on the Mine’s Eye Collection Chests location in Hogwarts Legacy. However, there are a total of 33 Collection Chests in the game, and you’ll need to be putting in a lot more grind if you want to find all of them!

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