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What Is The Meaning Of The Fortnite Weapon Colours? – [Explained]

Let’s master the power of weapons in Fortnite by discovering the secrets behind the weapon colours in Fortnite, from green, purple, and blue to golden. Understand the theory and be a pro in Fortnite.

Have you ever been confused while picking up a gun in Fortnite? Don’t worry! You are not the only one having this problem. There are multiple colours of the same guns, but what exactly do these colours mean? A lot of people have been asking for this weapons guide. So, finally, I did research, and here is the answer.

What Do The Weapon Colours Mean In Fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the games that use colours to rank their weapons based on their power and accuracy. Hence, the Fortnite weapon colour defines the upgrade level of a weapon. One of the most potent weapon colours in Fortnite is gold, but you’ll be lucky if you find one, as it’s very rare. Purple-coloured weapons are the second best, blue in third place, then green and grey-coloured weapons at the end.

Fortnite developers use a rarity system to colour weapons from low-grade to the best ones. Put simply, in this system, grey and green-coloured weapons are considered the most common items. Even the grey weapons lie in the category of useless, uncommon weapons. The blue ones are rare weapons that are more powerful than the grey ones. Similarly, the violet-coloured weapons are the epic ones, while the golden weapons are the best ones.

For example, if you use a blue-coloured rare weapon and your enemy encounters you with a grey-coloured uncommon weapon then your chances of killing them are higher. The reason behind this is that the developers have put more damage impact on using the coloured weapons in the game.

Similarly, a player with a violet-coloured weapon can never win combat with a player holding a golden weapon unless their vest is damaged or absent.

Fortnite shooting game is designed to use strategies to find a better weapon to beat your enemy. If you are on the battlefield and your enemy manages to get a gold or violet gun while you are equipped with a grey or green rifle, you might have a higher chance of dying and losing the battle.

Let’s understand the colour theory behind gun colours in Fortnite and what makes them different from each other. 

Brief Discussion About The Weapon Colours And How They Impact The Quality 

Colour (High to Low)Specs

The table above has the most powerful weapons on the top. Now we know that Fortnite uses five different colours to classify the weapons. The grey and green colour assigned to a weapon means they are of the lowest quality in terms of damaging power, shooting range, accuracy, etc. On the other hand, the purple and golden-coloured weapons are the best ones with the highest qualities.

Beginners who newly join Fortnite find the grey and green weapons. To get a blue or purple weapon you have to kill a pro. This is not a difficult task, as after 10 minutes in the game, all of the pros have their vests damaged and broken badly. But still, you will need some kind of strategy to get their rare gears.

To make it more understandable, I’ll take Assault Rifle (AR) as an example and describe how it changes its features with colour differences. The reason behind choosing Assault Rifle is that it’s the most common weapon you’ll find in the game to use at the start of the game.

I will discuss its damage impact, magazine size, bullet capacity, accuracy, etc., and what its different Fortnite weapon colours mean. 

Grey Colour (Uncommon): Assault Rifle

The grey colour weapon is at the lowest level as it lies in the category of uncommon weapon colour Fortnite. You will only use them if you are a newbie. The grey AR weapon has 165 damage per second and has 30-round magazines. The rifle reload time is slower, around 2.3 seconds, and the bullet hitting is not up to the mark. 

At the same time, the shooting range is medium. The grey colour AR weapon has a damage rate of only 30 rounds per second. Hence, such weapons are neither powerful nor accurate. There is no way you can win the game using grey-coloured weapons. 

Green Colour (Common): Assault Rifle

A green colour weapon is better than a grey colour weapon and it lies in the class of common weapons. It has 2.2 second reload time which is faster than a grey-coloured weapon in Fortnite. The firing range is medium, and bullet quality is much better than grey colour AR. 

The green colour AR magazine size is also 30 rounds, but it has 170.5 damage per second. So, it’s clear that a green colour weapon is sharper than a grey colour weapon.

Blue Colour (Rare): Assault Rifle

Blue-coloured weapon in Fortnite is considered the mid-level best in the game. It is a rare weapon in Fortnite. A blue-coloured AR increases the rifle reload time to just 2.0 seconds while the damage per second rate increases up to 181.5.

The crucial damage rate reaches 33 per hit which rips off the opponent’s shields. Although the magazine size is still the same as the previous colours. Blue AR has a way better shooting range than grey and green colour weapons in Fortnite.

Violet Colour (Epic): Assault Rifle

The violet colour weapon in Fortnite is considered epic and it is a bit challenging to find such a gun. The violet colour weapon has excellent features of silent rifle loading, hiding in bushes, and see-through walls. Due to colour difference, the violet AR weapons damage rate increases up to a regular 35 per hit. 

At the same time, it offers 192.5 damage per second. Magazine size is equal to other colours, but its magazine loads silently. Bullet range is also improved and can damage enemies from a sufficient distance. 

Gold SCAR Colour (The Legendary): Assault Rifle

The gold-colored weapon in Fortnite is considered the best gun in the game. The gold colour gun offers multiple features that increase your winning chances in the game. The golden colour AR weapon has extended range shooting capability with 36.0 damage per hit. 

The rapid fire from the gold-coloured weapon can break the wood, bricks, and metal, which means your enemy will have no place to hide if you have this weapon in your hands. The damage per second rate is 181.5 in regular, while it goes up to 198 in silence mode. 

With the help of the highest level of strength and accuracy, this gun is excellent for killing maximum enemies. The silenced version makes it more prominent so you can hit golf carts, fast-moving vehicles, and helicopters in one shot. 


What do the different colour guns in Fortnite mean?

Different colour guns are defined according to the power and accuracy of the weapon. The sharper the colour means the more powerful the weapon is. There are 5 different colour guns in the Fortnite game, categorised from lower to high performance. The best colour gun is Gold (Legendary), while the grey colour gun is considered the lowest-level weapon.

Which colour weapon is best in Fortnite?

The gold colour weapon is best in the Fortnite game. Fortnite uses a rarity system that introduces the weapons from worst to best in the game based on their colours. For example, at the beginning of the game, you’ll find common grey or green colour guns, and as soon as you survive, premium colours purple and golden weapons can be found.

Final Verdicts 

Fortnite is the ultimate battlefield between multiple players all around the world but only one person wins the game who succeeds in finding the Epic or Legendary colour weapon. But let’s explore Fortnite weapon rarity colours.

These colour weapons are necessary to win the game as Fortnite uses a colour-based rarity system to define the prominence of their weapons. In this system, dull and light colours are used for common weapons while the eye-catching and premium colours mean that the weapons are epic or legendary.A weapon of grey colour means it is nearly useless for any combat unless your opponent is vestless. Similarly, the green colour represents the common weapons but these weapons are better than the grey ones. The blue colour means that the weapon lies in the category of rare weapons. Purple or violet colour is for the epic weapons. In the end, the gold-colored weapons are the most powerful in terms of accuracy and strength in the Fortnite game as they are legendary weapons. So, now you know the Fortnite weapon colour meaning and which weapon is best.

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