What Do The Weapon Colors Mean In Fortnite? – [Answered]

Have you ever been confused while picking up a gun in Fortnite? There’s multiple colors of guns but what exactly do these colors mean? A lot of people have been asking for this weapons guide. So, finally, I did research, and here is the answer.

What Do The Weapon Colors Mean In Fortnite?

The weapon color in Fortnite is categorized by the power and accuracy difference between the gun or other items. The most potent weapon in Fornite is gold color, but you’ll be lucky if you find one as it’s Very rare. Purple is at second best, blue at third, then green and grey color weapons respectively.  

The power and accuracy of the weapon vary with color difference. So, in this article, I’ve collected some profound insights into the color theory behind Fortnite weapons. Also, a guide on what color to choose if you want to destroy your enemy.

What Do The Weapon Colors Mean In Fortnite?

The fortnight game is designed to create mystery and interest in finding a better weapon to beat the enemy. If you are on the battlefield and you manage to get a gold or purple gun while your enemy is equipped with a grey or green rifle, you might have a higher chance of damaging your enemy. 

Let’s understand the color theory behind weapons colors in Fortnite games and what makes them different from each other. 

Brief Discussion About The Weapon Colors and How They Impact the Quality 

Color (High to Low)Specs

To make it more understandable, I’ll take Assault Rifle as an example and describe how it changes its features with color differences. The reason behind choosing Assualt Rifle is that it’s the most common weapon you’ll find in the game to use at the start of the game. 

I will discuss its damage quality, magazine size, bullet capacity, accuracy, scope, etc., and how they differ from color changes. 

Grey Color: Assault Rifle Weapon

The grey color weapon is at the lowest level in terms of quality; you will only use them if you are a beginner. Grey AR weapon has 165 damage per second and has 30 round magazine. The rifle reload time is slow, around 2.3 seconds, and the bullets hittings are not up to the mark. 

At the same time, the shooting range is medium. The grey color AR weapon has damage rate of only 30 per round.

Green Color: Assault Rifle Weapon

The green color is much more approved than the grey color, and it has 2.2 second reload time which is faster than a grey color weapon in Fortnite. The firing range is medium, and bullet quality is much better than grey color AR. 

The green color AR magazine size is also 30 rounds, but it has 170.5 damage per second, better than the grey color. So, it’s clear that a green color weapon is sharper than a grey color weapon. 

Blue Color: Assault Rifle Weapon

Blue-colored weapon in Fortnite is considered the mid-level best in the game. A blue color AR increases the rifle reload time to just 2.0 seconds while the damage per second rate increases up to 181.5. 

The crucial damage rate reaches 33 per hit that rips off the opponent’s shields. Although magazine size is still the same as the previous colors, blue AR has a better shoot range than grey and green color weapons in Fortnite. 

Purple Color: Assault Rifle Weapon

The purple color weapon in Fortnite is considered epic and challenging to find a gun. The purple color weapon has excellent features of silent rifle loading, hiding in bushes, and see-through walls. Due to color difference, the purple AR weapons damage rate increases up to a regular 35 per hit. 

At the same time, it offers 192.5 damage per second. Magazine size is equal to other colors, but its magazine loads silently. Bullet range is also improved and can damage enemies from a sufficient distance. 

Gold SCAR Color (The Legendary): Assault Rifle Weapon

The gold color weapon in Fortnite is considered the best gun in the game. The gold color gun offers multiple features that increase your winning chances in the game. The golden color AR weapon has extended range shooting capability with 36.0 damage per hit. The rapid-fire from the gold color weapon can break the wood, bricks, and metal. 

The damage per second rate is 181.5 in regular, while it goes up to 198 in silence mode. With the help of the highest level of strength and accuracy, this gun is excellent for killing maximum enemies. The silenced version makes it more prominent so you can hit golf carts, fast-moving vehicles, and helicopters in one shot. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do the different color guns in Fortnite mean?

Different color guns are defined according to the power and accuracy of the weapon. There are multiple color guns in the Fortnite game, categorized from lower to high performance. The best color gun is Gold (Legendary), while the grey color gun is considered the lowest level in performance. 

Which color weapon is best in Fortnite?

Gold color weapon is best in Fortnite game. Fortnite gaming system is based on rarity that introduces the weapons from worst to best in the game. For example, in starting the game, you’ll find low-performance grey color guns, and as soon as you servive, premium colors (Gold and Purple), weapons can be found. 

Final Verdicts 

Fortnite game is the ultimate battlefield between multiple players all around the world but only one person wins the game who succeeds in finding the Epic or Legendary color weapon. 

As Fortnite uses a rarity system to increase the game interest between the players, the Grey color is considered ubiquitous, while the green color is common. The blue color is rare, purple is epic, and the gold color weapon is the most powerful in terms of accuracy and strength in the Fortnite game. 

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