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Is Nintendo Banned In Mexico? – [Answered]

Is Nintendo Actually banned in Mexico? Here’s what you need to know…

Is Nintendo Banned In Mexico

It may seem ridiculous that a company would ban a country from selling their products. If you are on this article, you have probably heard that Nintendo banned Mexico from selling their products. In this article we are going to dive in and see if there is any truth to this.

Let’s jump in and find out if Nintendo banned Mexico from selling their games.

Is Nintendo Banned In Mexico?

Nintendo is not banned in Mexico. The Mexican government has not passed any laws stating that citizens of Mexico cannot own Nintendo Products.

The rumour started when some Mexican retailers released Super Smash Bros early in their country. It was stated that Nintendo then stopped all Nintendo products from being sold in the company.

This doesn’t seem like a very business savvy move from Nintendo so we decided to dig a little deeper.

From our research we cannot find any credible sources that state that Nintendo has stopped selling products in Mexico. There are plenty of articles covering the Super Smash Bros leaks but it goes no further than that.

The rumour seems to have started from the video below which states that Nintendo has banned Mexico from selling its products.

Nintendo Bans Mexico From Selling New Releases

While this video seems to have gone pretty viral there is not much truth behind the title. You can still get new Nintendo releases in Mexico to this day.

There may have been a warning sent out to Mexican retailers about releasing the game early however there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Nintendo products aren’t sold in Mexico anymore.

In fact there are many comments on the video stating they have got new releases in Mexico recently.

Why Did Nintendo Ban Mexico?

Rumours suggest that Nintendo banned Mexico from selling their products as the 2018 release of Super Smash Bros was leaked. This however isn’t true at all. While the physical copy that was used to rip the game was suspected to come from Mexico no sales were stopped. That is the only tie to Mexico in this story.

What Happened During The Super Smash Bros Leak?

Nintendo takes serious action against leaks and copyright. They struck down a lot of Youtube channels who were sharing early gameplay footage. This resulted in their channels being completely terminated. They took no direct action against Mexico.

Is It Illegal To Own Nintendo Products In Mexico?

No, it is not illegal to own Nintendo products in Mexico. Nintendo products are sold at mainstream retailers in Mexico. You can absolutely play and own Nintendo products in Mexico.

What Game Caused Nintendo To Ban Mexico?

There is rumours online stating that an early leak of Super Smash Bros caused Nintendo to ban Mexico from selling their products. This however is not true at all.

Will Nintendo Ever Sell In Mexico Again?

Nintendo never stopped selling in Mexico. You can currently purchase Nintendo products in Mexico right now.

Is Nintendo Banned In China?

No, currently Nintendo is not banned in China. However from 2000-2015 China had a ban on all video game consoles. This law however was loosely enforced and there was a grey market for video games.

Due to this console ban China became a PC gaming dominant country.

In 2020 China banned the sale of Animal crossing in China. This was due to some players using the game to create politically sensitive images and message and then share them on social media. You can see some of the images that were shared in the tweet below.

Can Nintendo Ban My Console?

Yes, Nintendo have banned many Nintendo Switch consoles. Nintendo can easily detect custom software on their devices and clamp down hard on it. If you install any third party software on your switch expect your console to become “Bricked”.

When you Switch gets banned you will no longer be able to play games online. You can still play offline games but access to the Nintendo eShop will no longer exist and you won’t have access to online servers.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. The whole story about Nintendo being banned in Mexico is a complete rumour. The people of Mexico can still happily enjoy playing the latest Nintendo releases on their consoles.

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