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Diablo 4

How To Get More Skeletons/Skeletal Warriors In Diablo 4 – Easy Guide

Skeletal Priests In Diablo 4

Venturing into the world of Diablo 4 as a Necromancer is an exhilarating experience. The class offers unparalleled control over the forces of the undead, allowing you to raise and command various types of minions to do your bidding. One of the most formidable of these minions are the Skeletal Warriors. They are an essential part of your arsenal, providing a front-line force that can be optimized to fit your preferred playstyle. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can bolster your ranks and get more Skeletal Warriors in Diablo 4.

Understanding the Necromancer Class

Understanding The Necromancer Class

The Necromancer is a unique class in Diablo 4, offering a distinctive style of gameplay centered around commanding the undead. You start your journey as a level 1 Necromancer, with initial access to the Summon Skeleton Skill to conjure your Skeletal Warriors. As you ascend in levels, you’ll gain access to additional types of undead summons and, at level 5, you’ll unlock the Book of the Dead UI, a unique feature that allows you to specialize and enhance your minions.

The Book of the Dead: A Necromancer’s Secret Weapon

The Book of the Dead is an exclusive Necromancer Summons enhancement system. This intuitive feature lets you specialize your Skeletal Warriors, Mages, and Golem, tailoring them to the needs of your build. You’re also able to make the choice to sacrifice your summons, halting your ability to summon them but in turn, acquiring potent bonuses based on the options you select.

Summoning and Enhancing Your Skeletal Warriors

Skeletal Warriors serve as your front-line swarming minions in the battlefield. There are high DPS, Tank, and slow heavy Damage focused variants that you can choose to summon based on your strategy. Sacrificing these Skeletal Warriors can award bonuses similar to their primary focus.

To summon your Skeletal Warriors, the Raise Skeleton Skill must be on your skill bar. The basic Skeletal Warrior: Skirmishers become available at level 1 when you unlock the Raise Skeleton Skill.

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How to Increase Your Skeletal Warrior Count

By default, you get four Skeletons once you use the summoning skill. However, there are several methods to increase the number of Skeletal Warriors you can command:

1. Upgrade through the Book of the Dead: Utilizing the Book of the Dead, you can enhance your Skeletons, consequently increasing their numbers.

2. Use Special Equipment: Some gears support the summoning skill, so equipping these items can further augment the number of Skeletal Warriors you can summon.

3. Raise Skeletons from Dead Bodies: In Diablo 4, you can raise skeletons from the bodies of fallen enemies. While this feature does not work on bosses or high-tier opponents, it is effective on low-tier demons. Dead enemies leave bodies on the ground, and this serves as a sign that you can raise them to get more Skeletal Warriors.

Managing Your Skeletal Warriors

While commanding an army of undead might be a fantasy come true for some, it can also be overwhelming for others. If you feel the need to thin the ranks of your undead forces, you can choose to Sacrifice your summons. Although this temporarily removes the summon skill, you can reactivate it later.

To get your Skeletons back after a Sacrifice, you have to manually retrieve the ability. Open your Skill Tree and look for the Skill Assignment button at the bottom right. Here, you’ll find the Raise Skeleton ability. You simply need to drag it back to one of the empty skill slots to regain control over your undead minions.

With this guide, you’re now equipped to raise a formidable army of Skeletal Warriors and dominate the world of Diablo 4. Remember, mastering the use of the Book of the Dead and being strategic about your summoning and sacrifices can go a long way in enhancing your gameplay as a Necromancer. Good luck and happy gaming!

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