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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Farm Razorclaw Crabs In Zelda: TOTK – Easy Guide

Where To Find Razorclaw Crabs In Zelda TOTK

In the grand adventure that is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, diverse fauna and creatures await you at every corner. Among these various species, the Razorclaw Crabs are of particular interest.

Known for their bright blue shells and sharp pincers, they serve as a valuable ingredient for dishes in the game. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find and farm these elusive creatures.

Razorclaw Crabs: An Overview

Razorclaw Crabs stand out with their bright blue shells and contrasting orange claws. They are notorious for their sharp pincers but don’t be deterred, as these critters play a significant role in the game. Once captured, they can be used in various cooking recipes, giving an ‘Attack Up’ effect that strengthens your character’s offensive power. This, in turn, proves invaluable as you traverse through the diverse landscapes and face varied challenges in the game.

Where to Find Razorclaw Crabs

The natural habitat of Razorclaw Crabs is near saltwater bodies, specifically oceans. Their populations are abundant in certain regions of Hyrule, with a particular hot spot being the southern beaches.

Martha’s Landing

Your journey for these blue critters can begin at Martha’s Landing. To reach there, fast travel to the Joju-u-u Shrine situated near Lakeside Stable in the Faron region. From the shrine, take a southwest direction until you reach an expansive sandy beach.

Marthas Landing

Once at the beach, start your trek westward, keeping an eye out for the unique blue shelled crabs. You will also encounter the Ironshell Crabs, identified by their red shells, but your target is the distinctively blue Razorclaw Crabs.

Necluda Sea

In addition to Martha’s Landing, the shores of Necluda Sea also serve as an excellent place to find these crabs. Similar to the first location, the Razorclaw Crabs share their habitat with Ironshell Crabs, creating a vibrant mix of blue and red on the shores.

Tips for Catching Razorclaw Crabs

While farming these creatures is straightforward, there are a few tips that could make your task easier. The crabs, while slow-moving, will try to scuttle away when you approach. No need to worry though, you can easily catch up to them without any Speed bonuses.

Simply run up to them and press the interaction button to gather them. Remember, the crabs will try to make a quick getaway if they sense your presence. Creeping up on them can work, but their slow speed generally makes a direct approach feasible.

Further West? Proceed with Caution

While continuing your quest westward along the beach might seem tempting, be wary as you near Puffer Beach. The frequency of crabs begins to dwindle as you approach this area, filled with Lizalfos enemies known for their electric attacks. The risks here may not warrant the lower crab turnout, so it could be a good place to halt your crab farming endeavor.

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to finding and farming Razorclaw Crabs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Armed with this information, you can venture into the lands of Hyrule, catch these crustaceans, and boost your in-game cooking potential. Happy hunting!

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