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Hogwarts Legacy

How To Block, Dodge and Roll In Hogwarts Legacy – Easy Guide

How To Block In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is here and people are loving this game. The combat in the game is fluid and easy to master once you understand the basics. In this guide, we are going to show you how to Block, Dodge and Roll during combat so you can easily defeat your enemies.

How To Block In Hogwarts Legacy

Blocking allows you to stop incoming enemy attacks using the Protego spell. You will have to time the spell correctly to ensure you don’t take damage during combat.

When you are in combat, you should trigger the Protego spell when you see a yellow circle appear around your character’s head. If you use it before the yellow circle appears there is less chance of the spell being successful.

When you are playing on very easy or easy mode, you will also get a button prompt appearing on the screen making it much easier to execute the spell correctly. If you are struggling to get the timing correct when playing on a harder difficulty switch to one of these easier difficulties to master the timing before switching back to a harder difficulty.

When you hold the Protego button down you also have the ability to use the Stupefy Charm which staggers your enemy. This means they will take increased damage.

Block/Protego Buttons

Playstation – Triangle
Xbox – Y

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How To Dodge Roll In Hogwarts Legacy

Some attacks in Hogwarts Legacy are unable to be blocked using Protego. For these opponents, it is best to dodge roll to avoid taking damage.

You can dodge roll in the game by using the Circle button on Playstation or the equivalent button on your console (listed below).

You will be taught how to use the dodge roll effect early in the game, within the first few storyline quests.

Similarly to the Protego spell, you should time your roll when the yellow circle appears around your head. This will time the roll perfectly allowing you to avoid taking damage.

If you play on very easy or easy mode, you will be prompted on when to push the button for the perfect roll. If you are finding it difficult to time, I would recommend practicing on easy difficulty until you master it. When playing on Normal or Hard, the time you have to execute the dodge roll is much shorter than when playing on the easier difficulties.

While the dodge roll does not provide the stun buff that Protego does it can be used against enemies where Protego can’t, making it an important move to learn for the best experience in Hogwarts Legacy.

Dodge Roll Buttons

Playstation – Circle
Xbox – B
PC – Ctrl

Wrapping Up

These will be the two most used defensive moves in combat while playing Hogwarts Legacy. It’s safe to say you should master them as soon as possible. Hopefully, this guide made it a little easier.

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