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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Gleeok Guts Not Dropping In Zelda TOTK – [Solution]

Gleeok Guts Not Dropping TOTK

When traversing the expansive world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK), players are faced with myriad challenges. One of the most pressing is farming for specific in-game materials like Gleeok Guts, which is essential for completing certain side quests and upgrading your armor.

Yet, obtaining Gleeok Guts can be a bit of a grind, especially when the drops seem to be entirely random. We’ve compiled this guide to help you maximize your chances of farming Gleeok Guts more efficiently.

Understanding Gleeok Guts

King Gleeok TOTK

Gleeok Guts is a material you can acquire in Zelda TOTK. You obtain this valuable item by defeating Gleeoks, formidable enemies that pose a significant challenge to even seasoned players. These guts serve a dual purpose, enabling you to complete the “Gleeok Guts” side quest and upgrade your Royal Guard armor set.

Why Aren’t Gleeok Guts Dropping?

One frequent question among players is why Gleeok Guts sometimes don’t drop. It’s important to know that the drop rates of Gleeok Guts are random. There’s no fixed ratio or guaranteed outcome after each Gleeok defeat. But don’t lose heart! There are ways to increase your chances of getting this precious loot.

Target King Gleeoks for Higher Drop Rates

If you’ve been having bad luck farming Gleeok Guts from regular Gleeoks, try shifting your focus to King Gleeoks instead. King Gleeoks have a higher chance of dropping Gleeok Guts, although it’s still not a guaranteed drop. By focusing your efforts on King Gleeoks, you’re effectively maximizing your chances of acquiring the Gleeok Guts.

Where to Find King Gleeoks

Now that you’re aiming for King Gleeoks, let’s delve into their locations. You can find King Gleeoks in the following places within the realm of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

  1. West Hebra Sky Archipelago (-4470, 2175, 1252)
  2. Sky Island above Eventide Isle (4652, -3827, 1065)
  3. Sky Island in the Gerudo Sky (-4447, -2730, 1419)
  4. Gleeok Den in the Great Hyrule Forest Depths (0141, 3127, -0622)

Each King Gleeok is a formidable foe, combining the elemental powers of fire, ice, and thunder. Ensure you are well-prepared before challenging them.

How to Reach King Gleeoks

Reaching King Gleeoks, especially those on Sky Islands, can be quite a challenge in itself. To reach the Sky Island above Eventide Isle, for instance, head to the Kumamayn Shrine located east of the Rabella Wetlands Tower.

The journey to this shrine will require you to defeat a Flux Construct 3, a formidable enemy that you need to prepare for. Once you’ve completed the shrine and unlocked the Zonaite Bow, you can then head to the south-east tip of the Sky Island. From there, you can spot your destination in the distance.

Getting to the distant King Gleeok location requires some ingenuity. Using two Carts, one Flame Emitter, one Balloon, two Fans, and a Steering Stick, you can build a device to traverse the distance. Do bear in mind that unless you have maxed out your battery storage, you may want to use some Large Zonai Charges.

In Summary

While Gleeok Guts might not always drop, with persistence, strategy, and a focus on King Gleeoks, you can significantly increase your chances of obtaining them. The journey to reach these King Gleeoks might be demanding, but with the right preparation and equipment, it’s definitely manageable.

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