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Elden Ring: Gate Town Bridge Hyetta’s Shabriri Grape Location

Players aiming to conclude Elden Ring with the Frenzied Flame must hunt down the Shabriri Grapes needed to progress in Hyetta’s questline. However, most players are scratching their heads, pinpointing the location of the final Shabriri Grape for Hyetta near Gate Town Bridge.

To be frank, it’s understandable since the final Shabriri Grape’s location depends upon the past choices that you’ve taken in a certain quest. That said, if you’d like to see everything engulfed by the Frenzied Flame while you take up the mantle of the Lord of Frenzied Flame, here’s where to find the final Shabriri Grape for Hyetta.

Where To Find Hyetta In Gate Town Bridge

Lightseeker Hyetta can be found for the third time near the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace. The Site of Grace is located just north of the Highway Lookout Tower in eastern Liurnia. You can spot it on your map by the ruined bridge linking Raya Lucaria Academy with the eastern region.

The location can be scaled on horseback using Torrent if you take the Spiritspring Jump exactly east of where you meet Rya in Liurnia. Afterward, go to the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace, where you’ll meet Hyetta in a small clearing. Talk to her, and she’ll ask you for the final Shabriri Grape.

Where To Find The Third Shabriri Grape

The third Shabriri Grape is held by Edgar, whom you’ll have to kill to obtain it. His location depends on how you play out Irina’s quest which is mandatory to get the third Shabriri Grape.

How you deal with Edgar during Irina’s quest will determine which of his two forms you will come across: either as a non-hostile NPC, which you can aggro, and the other as invader Edgar the Revenger. We’ll go over both these forms and where you can find him.

Shabriri Grape If Edgar Is Alive

Assuming you’ve gone through the entirety of Irina’s questline without aggroing her father, Edgar, you’ll find him where you first met Irina, weeping over her dead body. Find him there and exhaust his dialogue options.

After that, he disappears and makes another appearance as a hostile invader, Edgar the Revenger, near the Revenger’s Shack Site of Grace. The shack is located slightly north of the Minor Erdtree in western Liurnia, and you’ll have to interact with the Grace to trigger the invasion.

Unfortunately, Edgar succumbs to Frenzy, and it also tells why he drops a Shabriri Grape. That said, the invader wields a Banished Knight’s Halberd, and players shouldn’t take the reach of his weapon lightly. Just keep rolling and wait for an opening before attacking. Once down, he’ll drop some loot, including his Halberd and the Shabriri Grape.

Shabriri Grape If You Kill Edgar

While it’s recommended to see through Edgar’s and Irina’s quests to uncover an interesting storyline, players can opt out of these quests and kill Edgar on sight. You’ll find him for the first time in Castle Morne in a tower sitting on a bench after you make your way through the ramparts swarming with the Misbegottens.

The second instance where you’ll find him is near Irina’s dead body; however, you’ll have to beat the Leonine Misbegotten boss fight to move him there. The fight is similar, with him equipped with the same Halberd and moveset.

Kill him in either spot and claim the Shabriri Grape, which players can speculate that it belonged to Irina, who also gave in to the Frenzy, and her father had to gouge her eye’s out. Players can make out Irina’s blindness as her eyes are covered by a ribbon. Nonetheless, hand over the Shabriri Grape to Hyetta after that to conclude this section of her quest.

Final Thoughts

Elden Ring features a massive map where players must make out everything themselves. Apart from the minimal guidance offered by Grace and the NPC interactions, there’s little that hints towards your next goal, and the final Shabriri Grape’s location, which players must find, is evidence of that.

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