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Top 10 Best Free Racing Games on Steam [Updated June 2024]

Check out the top 10 best free racing games on Steam, updated for June 2024. From realistic simulations to thrilling arcade fun, these games have something for everyone.

Racing games have evolved greatly from the first arcade car games. You can expect great things from modern games, from realistic car mechanics to adrenaline-pumping stunts, there is at least one game for everyone. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far and wide as you can find some of the best racing games on Steam. The only problem is that most of the big titles cost hefty sums, and not everyone can afford them. Similarly, you can find quite a few free racing games on Steam, but most of them won’t satisfy your hunger for speed.

Worry not, as we are about to uncover the top 10 best free Steam racing games that you can play on both PC and Steam Deck, let’s jump in:

Top 10 Best Free Racing Games on Steam:

1. RaceRoom Racing Experience

When you think about realistic racing games on Steam Deck and PC, titles like Forza and Need for Speed are the first to come to mind. However, both of these titles are paid and cost as much as any AAA title. In this regard, RaceRoom Racing Experience is the closest game to the Forza Horizon series in terms of graphics, mechanics, and gameplay experience. 

You can enjoy RRE to drive some of the hottest cars in the world, race with competent AI opponents, and even challenge the best racers in the online multiplayer mode. The biggest standout of this game is its level of customization. You can change almost everything in your own cars and even personalize your character. Even though this free Steam racing game has some in-game purchases, you can still get the most out of it without paying a single penny.

2. TrackMania Nations Forever

TrackMania Nations Forever is a next-gen title in the list of best arcade racing games on Steam that combines all the fun elements of Mario Kart and Hot Wheels with modern graphics. The game offers tons of free activities in the singleplayer mode and maintains a top spot in free multiplayer racing games on Steam. It is among the few fast-paced best racing games on steam with unlimited replayability. 

Another ground-breaking feature of TrackMania is its robust level editor that you can use to create custom race tracks to challenge your friends. Lastly, it is purely a racing game without any RPG or car-building elements, making it a fun activity to enjoy after a long day’s work. So, if you are looking for good racing games on Steam to chill with your buddies, you should definitely check out TrackMania.

3. KartRider: Drift

Are you a fan of Mario Kart and drifting? What if we tell you that this game will hit both spots at the same time without costing a single penny? That’s right! KartRider: Drift is a cross-platform MMORG (massively multiplayer online racing game) that aims to replace Nintendo’s best-ever arcade racer. This interesting game made its debut back in 2023 and received several positive reviews. 

Being a fast-paced Arcadian racer, KartRider provides the best mindless racing experience on all major gaming platforms (PC, mobile, Xbox, PS, and even Steam Deck). Moreover, this game was developed on Unreal Engine 4, so you should expect some great graphics and beautiful race tracks. In short, if you want to play with your diverse group of friends, KartRider certainly tops the list of best racing games for Steam, Console, and Smartphones.

4. Asphalt 9: Legends

From a custom-built buggy shaped to tackle terrain to a rear-wheel drive rally car, Asphalt 9: Legends really has it all. This game was initially released on Android and IOS before finding its way to the PC platform Steam. This game was designed on Unreal Engine 4 and captured real-life environments using photogrammetry. So, you will experience a combination of realism and fast-paced arcade racing. However, this game was actually developed for mobile devices, so some elements like car fuel (energy) and in-game tokens might annoy you too much.

If you are searching for the best racing games for Steam Deck, look no further, as this game will keep you entertained for countless hours. The great thing about Asphalt 9 is that you can enjoy it in both single-player and multiplayer settings. Unfortunately, it isn’t a cross-platformer, so you can only play with your PC or Steam Deck buddies for now. Still, if you search for the best Steam racing games, Asphalt 9: Legends will definitely pop up in the top 5 results.

5. Motorbike Evolution 2024

Not a fan of cars? Don’t worry; Motorbike Evolution 2024 has got you covered. This Indie bike racer was recently released in March 2024 and received hundreds of positive reviews. It was ranked third in the Steam games racing motorbike category and really deserves this place.

Motorbike Evolution has an interesting take on the bike racing genre and takes its concepts from the World of Tanks. You can play with up to 7 players in the multiplayer mode, where you will earn in-game gold to evolve your motorbike from early 1900s models. Moreover, the game also maintains a strict check on real-life physics, so you shouldn’t expect a Mario Kart-like experience. Overall, if you are looking for the best free racing games on Steam and are interested in bikes, you should definitely check this one out.

6. Top Speed 2: Racing Legends

Do you remember the time when NFS Hot Pursuit was still hot? Unfortunately, that game didn’t age well and we don’t have any modern game to live a cop’s life anymore. The good news is that Top Speed 2: Racing Legends aims to capture the same vibes but in a different setting. You start this game as an undercover cop, earning his fame to catch the racers in the border area. The only problem is that no one knows of your identity, making you a target for both the cops and outlaws.

You can choose your ride from over 70+ fastest cars in the world. Moreover, everything in the game has a strong smell of nitrous oxide, so get ready to feel the adrenaline rush in every race. This interesting arcade racer is still in early access but is worth checking if you are looking to play Steam racing games free. Oh, and don’t worry. You can also enjoy it on your handheld device as it is among the top Steam Deck racing games.

7. Death Rally (Classic)

There is a shortage of good free racing games on Steam as almost every notable title has a price tag these days. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun playing older games, even if they aren’t as realistic as Forza. In this regard, Death Rally (Classic) remains an outstanding choice for most veteran gamers looking for free racing games PC Steam.

Fortunately for us, Death Rally has aged really well in terms of modern standards. It offers unique yet challenging race tracks to take head-on in both single-player campaigns and multiplayer mode with your friends. So, whether you are looking for some nostalgic fun or a really challenging game, Death Rally (Classic) is a must-play experience for everyone.

8. Racing Classics: Drag Race Simulator

Unlike the previous games in the list, Racing Classics: Drag Race Simulator abandons the old-school concept of drag racing in its entirety. This game combines the creativity of modifying your ’70s and ’80s muscle cars with breathtaking head-to-head drag races to test your products in real time. Racing Classics was released back in 2019 and still maintains a top spot among the best free-to-play racing games on Steam.

The best part about this game is that it is equally challenging in both single-player and multiplayer experiences. Furthermore, it gives you complete freedom to modify and customize everything in your cars, from engines to minor details. Once you are finished with the modifications, you get to test your cars with real racers from across the globe. Overall, if you are looking for the best free racing games on Steam for low-end PC, you should definitely give it a shot.

9. Late City Riders

We accidentally stumbled on Late City Riders while searching for the best racing games on Steam Deck. This game has a creative take on the racing scene where winning a race isn’t your only goal. Instead, you are in a race against time to drive through busy highways and streets to make it to work on time. The graphics aren’t as polished as even some modern mobile games, but the gameplay is what really caught our eyes.

You must drift through the busy roads, dodge obstacles, and perfectly time your jumps in the 20 uniquely designed levels. Furthermore, Late City Riders has tons of interesting content to keep you busy for several hours. So, if you are looking for strategy-based free racing games on Steam, add this one to your list.

10. Project Torque

Project Torque built the grounds on which some of the best racing games in Steam, like Forza, stand today. This game was released back in 2008 but still maintains its high standards. From realistic car physics to fascinating race tracks from around the globe, Project Torque is really a work of art. You can choose your ride from tens of detailed fast cars to race on tracks and off-road terrains. Furthermore, you won’t get bored so easily as the game has several activities and upgrades to keep you busy for a while.

The best part about Project Torque is that you can play it on pretty much any PC and get the same level of optimization. Overall, this is a top steam racing game that you can enjoy on PC, Steam Deck, Consoles, and even smartphones.

Wrapping Up

What is the best racing game on steam free? We have covered all the must-play games that will keep you busy for countless hours. From the photo-realistic graphics of RaceRoom Racing Experience to the crazy ideas of Motorbike Evolution 2024, this list contains something for everyone. Hopefully, we have satisfied your thirst for free car racing games on Steam in this top 10 list. Let us know if we missed any notable title to help your fellow gamers, Vroom!

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