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10 Best Games Like Adventure Quest! [Play In 2022]

Check out the best games like Adventure Quest to play in 2022. If you enjoyed it you will love these amazing games.

Best Games Like Adventure Quest

When it comes to simplicity, you can’t go wrong with Flash games. These games have been the foundations for casual online gamers to develop a love for more mainstream titles over the years. One of these games is AdventureQuest, a classic take on the RPG genre where you control a hero and go on an epic quest, defeating enemies and bosses alike. 

The fights you can partake in are random, so you never know what’s waiting around the corner. But what happens when you complete the game and want a similar experience? Well, we’re going to give you a list of the best games like Adventure Quest, each with its own style and unique approach!

Best Games Like AdventureQuest


When looking for a fantastic experience, you can’t go wrong with a titan of the RPG genre — RuneScape. In this game, you can experience all of the classic MMORPG elements such as trading, quests, leveling up, gripping combat, and much more. The defining factor of RuneScape is how complete it is, containing everything you could want from a good RPG.

 As you progress through the game, fighting enemies and interacting with other players, you will level up. Leveling up will improve your character’s stats for the better, so whichever skill branch you pick, it will become more potent. Speaking of which, the skill mechanics in RuneScape are quite intuitive and noob-friendly, so anyone can pick it up and have a blast! The community is quite active even today, so you can jump in whenever you want.

What makes RuneScape fun:

  • Phenomenal skill tree and progression system
  • Friendly community
  • Satisfying gameplay
  • Well-made mechanics

Therian Saga

Therian Saga offers a very immersive experience told through a gripping story and a world built upon a set of rules that everyone has to follow. It has elements of classic RPGs, just like AdventureQuest, but it spices everything up by adding complex mechanics similar to Dungeons and Dragons. Something that casual players with not much time on their hands can appreciate is the jump-in/jump-out mechanic of Therian Saga. 

This means that you can quit the game at any time and it will continue from the exact same place the next time you log in. No need to start from a save file that can set you back some ways. Aside from this, you will find that the combat is quite satisfying, and the general story is well-written, ideal for players who want a little bit of everything in their playthroughs.

What makes Therian Saga fun:

  • An extremely well-written story
  • Convenient for players short on time
  • Interesting mechanics
  • Many different skills to learn

Dark Gnome

A retro game, Dark Gnome is described as a charming game with elements of strategy and roleplaying. In this game, you control a band of dwarves on their way to conquer the neighboring tribes. Most of the gameplay is carried out in the form of missions, some of which can be mundane, like collecting resources and other things, while others will test your skill in combat. 

The combat is turn-based, present through a classic top-down view. During combat sequences, you will be able to utilize all of the dwarves’ abilities to dispatch the various enemies assailing you. Once you get into the game a bit, you will notice that each dwarf in your group has different abilities, from healing to defense to full-on assault capabilities. The pixelated style of the game gives you a nostalgic feeling and delivers everything in a neat package.

What makes Dark Gnome fun: 

  • Very satisfying style
  • Interesting story
  • Rich characters
  • Wide variety of missions

Spiral Knights

Fans of AdventureQuest and The Legend of Zelda will find much to love about this game. Spiral Knights places you in the shoes of a knight designated to the Spiral Order, stranded on a strange planet. From here, you have to navigate the unknown land to fight monsters. The entirety of the game is placed in the subterranean tunnels of the world, where you can either play alone or cooperate with other players to traverse the unforgiving levels. There is also a progression system where you can rest in-between levels and buy gear. This will help you get stronger to fight the progressively more powerful enemies waiting for you deeper in the dungeon.

 If you don’t want to fight the monsters down there, you can also fight members of your party in some PvP action. This is a great way to step away from the dungeon grinding and relax with some combat and some friendly banter. If you found any enjoyment in AdventureQuest, you will surely love Spiral Knights!

What makes Spiral Knights fun:

  • Interesting dungeon crawling
  • Unique monsters
  • Intense combat
  • PvP action


Taking a step away from noble subterranean knights, we now have wizards! Wizard101 is one of the most popular wizard games you can play straight in your browser. When you first get into the game, you will be prompted to create your character. First, you have to choose your gender, then your wizarding school. Each of the seven schools has its own unique abilities and play styles that set it apart from other schools, so you can get creative with your approach to combat. 

Combat is carried out in a turn-based fashion, where two parties of wizards go head to head to see who can inflict the most damage and win the game. Every round, each wizard is given a “pip” this is something similar to mana in Hearthstone, which allows you to cast your spells. From here, all you have to do is take a tactical approach to defeat your enemies. As you play through the game, you will unlock different worlds, each with more diverse enemies and new things to discover. Wizard101 is a wonderful adventure that every fan of AdventureQuest should try out!

What makes Wizard101 fun: 

  • A wide variety of schools to choose from
  • Tactical combat
  • The large, rich world
  • Generally fun for everyone involved

Elsword Online

Elsword Online is packed with mechanics that make it a fulfilling experience for any fan of RPG gameplay. When you start the game, you will be able to create your character and select your class. Classes also have jobs associated with them, so you can earn money, as well as improve your combat prowess.

 When it comes to the general gameplay and combat, it is a 2.5D game where you can encounter various enemies on your path. Your characters’ abilities are similar to some you might see in the most popular fighting games. Most of your abilities are going to relate to brawling and beating your opponents into the dirt, which is quite satisfying for players who like that sort of thing. 

Now, you might get intimidated by the combat mechanics since there are a lot of things to keep track of, but the learning curve is not that steep and you can figure everything out fairly quickly. All you have to do is click play and the journey begins.

What makes Elsword fun:

  • The fairly complex combat system
  • Rich world
  • Fun gameplay
  • Interesting characters

Drakensang Online

This game has a much darker theme compared to some other games on this list, but that is not a bad thing. We can’t always have whimsical games filled with positivity, that would just be boring, wouldn’t it. Drakensang Online is quite similar to the Diablo games when it comes to the playstyle and progression system, as well as the starting classes. Players choose from four different classes, each with their own abilities and methods of tackling challenges. 

Since the game is in a top-down perspective, you can easily assess the situation and make decisions accordingly. Successfully progressing through the game will give you experience and currency to upgrade your skills and weapons, making you more powerful. If you’re ever in need of a dark, gritty fantasy adventure, Drakensang Online is perfect for you!

What makes Drakensang Online fun:

  • Darker theme
  • Excellent classes
  • Immersive combat
  • Satisfying fights

Puzzle Pirates

Pirates usually find themselves in any type of game, and that’s great because they’re awesome! Much like the name implies, this game is all about pirates, sailing the seas, and puzzles. Most of the gameplay is driven by puzzles so if you want to sail your ship effectively, you’re going to have to solve some sailing puzzles. This is great for players who want to take the old cogs for a spin and have fun at the same time. 

As you sail, you will come across different pirates whose crews you can join, fortifying your own survival capabilities, as well as increasing your overall skills in piracy. The puzzles in the game range from simple ones you can do on the fly to more complex ones you need to work together with your crew to solve. Any fan of AdventureQuest will appreciate the unique usage of puzzles and the sense of adventure that Puzzle Pirates brings!

What makes Puzzle Pirates fun:

  • Creative and intuitive puzzles
  • A grand sense of adventure
  • Many seas and locations to discover
  • Has a friendly community aspect

Crystal Saga

The main idea of Crystal Saga is cooperating with other players as you all embark on an unforgettable fantasy adventure. Each corner of the massive map is filled with a ton of interesting content, from unique quests to dangerous enemies to friendly NPCs that broaden the story considerably. When creating a character, you can choose one of the classes that form the classic RPG archetypes, such as the Paladin, Mage, Knight, etc. 

When it comes to the combat, it is mainly focused on the grand scale of fantasy battles, so you can truly feel like a hero as you smash your way through your enemies. Similar to World of Warcraft, there is also a large number of pets and mounts that you can collect to aid you in combat, deepening your immersion.

What makes Crystal Saga fun: 

  • Tons of customization options
  • Grand battles
  • Exciting combat
  • Deep, complex characters
  • Lots of things to discover


Dofus is set in a dark fantasy world where the world contains some fairly powerful dragon eggs. Players in this world need to journey across the land to look for these eggs to harness their power. Something that you will immediately notice is the ridiculous amount of classes you can choose from. With over 18 available classes, you can be sure that you will never find yourself lacking when it comes to build variety. 

Dofus has a standard progression system, where you traverse the world, defeating monsters and collecting experience points. These points can be used to upgrade various aspects of your character, depending on what you need. When it comes to combat, it is more akin to turn-based strategy than the real-time strategy we see in other games in the genre. Nonetheless, the combat sequences are quite immersive and fun once you get the hang of them!

What makes Dofus fun:

  • Very large class pool to choose from
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Exciting combat
  • Well-rounded characters

Wrapping Up

That would be everything when it comes to games that are similar to AdventureQuest. Each of these games contains the same core elements of the main game, but they put their own spin on it to make it a unique experience. Hopefully, you have found what you were looking for, and now you can relive the AdventureQuest experience in a brand new light!

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