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Top 9 Best Free Steam Multiplayer Games – [Play With Friends]

Discover the top 9 best free Steam multiplayer games to play with friends! Find your perfect free Steam co-op game!

Best Multiplayer Games On Steam Deck

If you’re a fan of multiplayer games, you can now enjoy an array of multiplayer If you’re a fan of multiplayer games on Steam or play free Steam multiplayer games with friends all the time, Now, with your new Steam Deck, you won’t have to miss such games on the go. There is quite a large number of games, genres, categories, and platforms to pick from. It becomes very confusing, and one needs a hell of a lot of time to be able to decide the perfect genre for your choice and requirements.

So, come with us on this gaming adventure as we share with you our list of the top 9 best free Steam multiplayer games that will not only provide you with the games of your liking but will also aid you with the ultimate gaming experience.

Top 9 Best Free Steam Multiplayer Games

Below, we have enlisted Multiplayer Steam Games that contain both local co-op games on Steam and Steam Deck multiplayer games to enhance your gaming journey.

1. Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator - Multiplayer
Image Via SCS Software

Our first pick on this list of free Steam multiplayer games is Euro Truck Simulator 2 which has been on the gaming market for over a decade and has grown significantly since its first launch. Developed by the Czech Video Game Studio  SCS Software, this driving simulator game allows players and gamers to build their trucking empire, starting from low and humble beginnings to becoming successful business owners. 

This second version of the Truck Simulator game is marked with a satisfying and rewarding progression system, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with growing a successful company marks the Euro Truck Simulator 2 amongst the best free Steam multiplayer games.

While the game is considered to be best enjoyed with a gaming wheel and a large monitor, the Steam Deck also provides a viable option for players who want to take their trucking adventures and experiences to the next level.

2. Phasmophobia

Image Via Kinetic Games

The second on the list of best Steam multiplayer games is Phasmophobia, which is a modern VR terror game that is geared towards veterans and those who loathe ghosts and enjoy horror gameplay.  The game is easy, where you’re tasked with working together with like-minded individuals (Friends and other gamers) to enter a haunted site and do a spectral search for a particular ghost that is the cause of the unexplained supernatural activities.

Even though the early levels of the game occur very simply, with enhancements and achievements, the tension and the scares in the gameplay gradually grow and become easier thus making Phasmophobia one of the best free multiplayer Steam games in the horror genre. 

As time goes on in the game, every unexplained noise or movement marks panic among the gamers as they indulge themselves in confronting the entity lurking within the eerie walls. Equipped with these fascinating mechanics and realistic graphics combined with stunning gameplay, confronts the game into a new era of gaming.

3. Apex Legends

Image Via Respawn Entertainment

Next up on our list of best free multiplayer games on Steam Deck is Apex Legends, which in our opinion needs no introduction. With the rise in 4 player multiplayer games, this game is marked as a quite popular Battle Royale Shooter where you’re thrown on a massive map against loads of enemy teams who are out for your head. 

The core gameplay and user interface of this game render its multiplayer game status on Steam as basic and suitable for those who are new to gaming leaving the final success to the team that survives till the end of this battle royale journey. Indeed, so community with players and friends is the most essential point where you talk about which map you want to land, which tactics you want to use during the game and how you want to play more aggressively or defensively right until it becomes one of the unique team-based game like Apex Legends which is available on Steam for free.

 There are a plethora and different categories of characters that you can unlock in this 4 player multiplayer game, each equipped with its own unmatched abilities and traits. So, if you’re marked tired or feeling too lazy to get up and go sit on your PC desk, but you still want to enjoy a Battle Royale like Apex Legends, you can adhere to these in the Steam Deck.

4. F1 2022

Image Via EA Sports

If you’re a fan of car games and consider yourself a racing enthusiast, you’re going to love this next pick of one of the best free multiplayer Steam games. F1 2022 is marked as a top-tier racing multiplayer game where you’ll be on the circuit competing against other racers or players, with a variety of features and mods such as team creation, career mode, and head-to-head races on offer. 

Apart from different playing modes, F1 2022 is also equipped with stunning visuals and better gameplay mechanics where You can join the racetrack as your favorite drivers, such as the accomplished Lewis Hamilton or the famous Max Verstappen.

The insights of the game consist of and feature real circuits from around the globe as well as modern F1 car mechanics, including braking, and traction control, to name a few, aiding the racers and game veterans with an immersive racing experience for anyone who want to enjoy a good steam multiplayer game on their Steam Deck. 

5. Left 4 Dead 2

Image Via Valve Corporation

One of the best co-op games on Steam, Left 4 Dead 2 is marked as a widely famous first-person shooter multiplayer Steam game.The game haunts players in an apocalyptic situation, giving intense and thrilling experiences. So, it keeps the gamers at bay, struggling to make their way and fight through a horde of zombies.

Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay is marked by a fast pace, realistic graphics, high replayability, as the scenarios and enemies are placed differently every time you play.As a free Steam co-op game, it also delivers a wide range of gaming mods and levels to keep the audience intact.

This addictive co-op game on Steam also consists of an active modding community, which has helped Left 4 Dead 2 to reach heights of fame and introduce features consisting of new campaigns, different gaming mods, weapons, and skins, ensuring that players can continue to experience different changes and innovations of the game and enjoy its features for years to come.

6. Dota 2

Image Via Valve Corporation

The other game that was shortlisted is Dota 2, which has been the other highly popular game alongside LoL. This game is often described as one of the most competitive and complicated battle arena (MOBA) games in the world; players can almost level it up to the best free games on Steam. 

The game hosts a varied variety of heroes with their own abilities, giving the player quite a set to try out varied strategies and styles. The fact that esports of Dota 2 is well recognized as one of the largest in the world, considering huge tournaments and prize pools, it goes without saying that this becomes a thrilling and spectacular spectator sport, an entry to the top Steam multiplayer games.

With the increase in the community and the requirement for future innovations, Valve has continued to update and improve the game, introducing new heroes, delivering exciting features, and innovating the in-game modes, keeping the game active, fresh, and exciting for both new gamers and veteran players alike.

7. Dying Light 2

Image Via Techland

Another of the best free multiplayer games on Steam is Dying Light 2. The game contains an open world infected by the most dangerous zombies, which bring death to human beings. Here is where the player is bound to save mankind, in an unending fight for survival against many mighty enemies, and it is only his every decision that ripples through the story to change the world.

Once you start playing it, you will get to know that this multiplayer survival game on Steam is collecting all favorite stuff for fun and adventure, extending all such things to be improved and diversified to make the game, entertaining when the new sequel releases. Parkour-styled movement, craft weapons, and fight your way through.

On the flip side, Dying Light 2 is poised to deliver its most engaging and exciting playing experience yet. It will offer a branching narrative structure with far-reaching player choices that will fundamentally impact the story and game world.

8. Path of Exile

This has to be one of the deepest, most engaging free Steam co-op games out there. Path of Exile follows a similar action RPG style to that of Diablo but takes it much deeper with a character system and customization. It offers various types of unique abilities and powers which give the feeling of freshness in each type of character. Add that to generous character slots and a dynamite league system in place, and it only draws the point that every RPG fan has to give it a shot.

Apart from that, the enormous skill tree of Path of Exile is pretty flexible for character development, and a player can mould abilities to suit the playing style. But their respec system in the game is kind of too rigid and encourages meticulous planning and some experimentation, albeit within limits.

This, along with the game’s focus on exploration and looting rather than combat, makes it one of the top best Steam multiplayer games, offering its players rich and challenge-based experiences.


PROJECT PLAYTIME is a suite that came about as a result of the success of Poppy Playtime. It is so tempting in the category of multiplayer horror gameplay. The game thrusts up to six players into an electrifying challenge to escape, with survivors pitted against truly horrifying monsters.

Players work together to build a toy while avoiding the clutches of one of three uniquely terrifying creatures, each bringing strategy and dread to this strategically tense, family-friendly board game. With fun puzzles and great replay value, especially with friends, PROJECT PLAYTIME is one of those great Steam multiplayer games.

Boxy the Boo shines not only in the premise but in execution, giving an array of puzzles to enhance the gaming experience. Despite some hitches along the way, and an absolute need to have its poor solo play support, PROJECT PLAYTIME does, however, offer a much refreshingly fun experience that has been a departure from what was felt on the PlayStation consoles.

Plunge into the endlessness of fun with these Multiplayer Steam Games

For all the different kinds of genres, intense game types, and the best free Steam multiplayer games mentioned, that is the end of our article about the Top 9 Best  Free Steam Multiplayer Games. However, there is a wide range of other options and different Multiples games as well; however, the ones that I have picked are given below. Try all of these multiplayer Steam deck games that are full of action and graphics and make sure that your friends are also invited to the party. If you want to experience the most thrilling moments then it is better if you try them out.

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