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All Phoenix Cave Collection Chests In Hogwarts Legacy- [Easy Guide]

If you have been playing Hogwarts Legacy lately, you will have noticed that there are some quests in the game that lead you to various Collection Chests for you to loot. One such quest is the Phoenix Rising quest, which will yield you plenty of useful items that can be used throughout your adventures. Read on as we explore the location of all Phoenix Caves in Hogwarts legacy.

The Location Of Pheonix Mountain Cave In Hogwarts Legacy

To open these Pheonix Cave Collection Chests, you will first have to head towards the Pheonix Mountain Cave, which is situated on the northeastern side of the Poidsear Coast Region. You can check out the location of the cave on the map shown above for a better idea. This cave will have two Collection Chests and a lot of poacher enemies, so make sure you go well-prepared to clear them out.

The Locations Of Each Phoenix Cave Collection Chest

You will find both the Pheonix Collection Chests in this very cave. The first one is relatively easy to find the second one, on the other hand, requires you to go deeper into the cave. Here’s how you can find them.

The First Pheonix Cave Collection Chest In Hogwarts Legacy

The first chest is not that deep into the cave, as it’s near the entrance. It is mostly a linear path till you see a broken wooden door, cross it, and to your right, you will see a blocked path. Break open this blocked path and move through it till you see giant spider webs. You will have to burn these webs with Incendio or Confringo and beat a Venomous Spider to find the chest behind it, also covered in a web.

The Second Pheonix Cave Collection Chest In Hogwarts Legacy

After getting the first chest, come back out the same way you went in, and start moving upwards. You will have to climb a lot and run in the general up direction. When you climb and run up to the room where you have to beat the final set of Poachers for the quest, that is the room where the second chest is. 

This is also inside a cave towards the right side of that room and will be blocked by spider webs. Burn the webs with Incendio or Confringo and get the second chest too.

Final Thoughts

So now you know where you can find all the Pheonix Cave Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy. You can actually benefit from the quest because of these. Make sure you visit our Guides Tab for more guides on Hogwarts Legacy.

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