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Psychic Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistance – Explained

Psychic Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Psychic-type Pokemon have always been a force to be reckoned with in the Pokemon universe. With their powerful movesets and often impressive stats, they can be a formidable challenge for any trainer.

However, knowing the Psychic Type Pokemon Weaknesses can be the key to victory. In this guide, we will explore the strengths, weaknesses, and resistances of Psychic-type Pokemon, including how these factors can be influenced by dual typing.

Psychic-Type Pokemon: An Overview

Abra Psychic Pokemon

What Are Psychic-Type Pokemon?

Psychic-type Pokemon are creatures that specialize in moves that use psychic themes to either deal damage or inflict status effects on opponents. These moves often involve scrambling an enemy Pokemon’s mind, causing them to attack themselves or their allies.

Psychic-type Pokemon can also have a second ‘type,’ which means they can be a Psychic/Grass, Psychic/Water, or Psychic/Ghost, among others. Many Legendary Pokemon are Psychic-types, often descending from the powerful Pokemon God Arceus.

Psychic-Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Pure Psychic-Type Weaknesses

Pure Psychic-type Pokemon are weak against three types of attacks:

  1. Dark-type attacks
  2. Bug-type attacks
  3. Ghost-type attacks

However, it’s important to remember that dual-typing can alter these weaknesses. For example, a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon like Gardevoir isn’t weak to Bug-type moves but is weak to Poison and Steel-type moves due to its Fairy typing.

Notable Exceptions

Some Psychic-type Pokemon have unique typing combinations that change their weaknesses. For example, Gallade and Meditite are both Fighting/Psychic-type Pokemon and lack the usual Bug and Dark-type weaknesses.

Instead, they are weak to Flying, Ghost, and Fairy attacks. Similarly, Psychic/Water Pokemon like Slowpoke and Veluza add weaknesses to Electric and Grass moves, while Normal/Psychic Girafarig is immune to Ghost attacks.

Dark-Type Pokemon as a Counter

Dark-type Pokemon are particularly powerful counters to Psychic-types, as they are immune to Psychic-type moves. Following Dark-types, Ghost and Bug-type Pokemon can also be effective against Psychic-types.

Steel-types resist Psychic moves but don’t deal extra damage, making them a good choice if they’re already on your team. Avoid using Fighting or Poison-type Pokemon against Psychic-types, as they will take double damage from Psychic attacks.

Psychic-Type Pokemon Resistances

Psychic-Type Resistance to Fighting and Psychic Moves

Psychic-type Pokemon can resist all Fighting and Psychic-type moves, so it’s best to avoid using these types when battling against them. In terms of strengths, Psychic-type moves are particularly effective against Fighting and Poison-type opponents.

Dual Typing Considerations

As with weaknesses, it’s crucial to consider the dual-typing of a Psychic-type Pokemon when planning your battle strategy. Their resistances can change based on their secondary type, so always keep that in mind when selecting your team.

Wrapping Up

Psychic-type Pokemon can be a challenging opponent for any trainer, but knowing their weaknesses and resistances can give you the upper hand in battle. By understanding the impact of dual typing and selecting the right Pokemon types to counter Psychic-types, you’ll be well-equipped to face these powerful creatures in any Pokemon game.

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Daniel is Head of SEO at Remeshed by day and gamer by night. He loves to craft the perfect guides to make gaming a more fun experience for players around the world.

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