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Where Is Madam Kogawa In Hogwarts Legacy? Assignment 2 – [Easy Fix]

Struggling with Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy? Our quick guide helps you complete the quest and fix the common Madam Kogawa location bug, so you can learn the Arresto Momentum charm with ease.

It has been a whole year since we got Hogwarts Legacy, and the gaming community still can’t get over it. The game is like every Potter-fan’s dream come true, especially when it shows you the admission letter with your name written on it. While most of the gameplay is pretty straightforward and is supported by active game hints, players still can’t figure out simple quests like Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa assignment 2.

If this quest is standing between you learning the Arresto Momentum charm, don’t worry, we have got you covered. This article provides a complete walkthrough to the side quests and even helps you solve the common Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa location bug, let’s start:

Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa Assignment 2:

Your quidditch/flying teacher thinks that you are ready to learn the Arresto Momentum charm. However, she asks you to complete a simple assignment to show your dedication and prove yourself. Fortunately, this second assignment is pretty much the same as Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa assignment 1.

All you need to do is fly on your broom to the highlighted location, find 5 balloons, and pop them. There is no time limit to this quest, and you can easily find all these balloons using the Revelio charm. Here’s a step-by-step guide to complete Hogwarts Legacy Kogawa assignment 2:

Practice Flying near the Spires:

After you complete the first assignment and learn the Glacius charm, you will unlock this second side quest. Next, you must travel to two different locations and find and pop all 5 balloons there. So, first, head to the Spires, located just south of the Hogwarts Castle. Next, get on your broom and use the Revelio spell to locate the first balloon. Fly directly into the balloon to pop it and keep flying to pop the remaining 4 balloons. The quest marker will update after you have popped all 5 balloons, and don’t worry they are in a straight trail.

Practice flying near Keenbridge Tower:

Once you have completed your objective in the Spires, fast-travel to the Keenbridge Floo Flame. If you haven’t unlocked this point, simply go south on your broom to find this small settlement. Next, get on your broom and go southwest from the Floo Flame until you find a weathered castle. Here, cast the Revelio spell to locate the first balloon, pop it, and continue flying in a straight line to pop all 5 balloons near the Keenbridge Tower.

Hogwarts Legacy speak to Madam Kogawa:

After completing both objectives, your quest marker will update to Hogwarts Legacy return to Madam Kogawa. So, where is Madam Kogawa in Hogwarts Legacy? You can always find her inside her office near the Flying Lawn Floo Flame. However, you must visit her either during the daytime or evening as she is unavailable after dinner. 

Once you find the teacher, speak to her and complete the simple minigame to learn the Arresto Momentum charm. Unfortunately, this is the last of her class assignments and you will only interact with her again during Hogwarts Legacy speak to Madam Kogawa about scope main quest objective.

How To Fix Madam Kogawa Not Showing Up Glitch?

If you followed the walkthrough and are still wondering, Hogwarts Legacy where to find Madam Kogawa? You have probably hit the common game glitch.

She is somehow getting stuck talking to a nearby student. Follow the steps below to get her back in her office so you can continue the quest.

  1. Find Madam Kogawa talking to a student nearby at the fountain. She will always be here day and night
  2. Once you see her, you have to run up to her while spamming the “initiate dialogue” button on your controller. This may take a few tries to get it to register. Ensure you are running, as it will not work while walking
  3. You will then be teleported into her office, where you will talk to her through a wall about her backstory (the cutscene is glitched). 
  4. Once you finish talking, it will clip you into a wall in her office, but she is still missing
  5. Now, run back to the fountain and double-check if the student has disappeared
  6. If they have, save and reload the game
  7. She should now be back in her office, where you can complete the assignment and learn the spell

Hopefully, this guide has helped you resolve the Hogwarts Legacy where is Madam Kogawa glitch. If the issue persists, try restarting the quest and make sure to pop all the balloons in Spires before heading towards the Keenbridge Tower.

Other Ways To Get Her Unstuck

Some users have reported flying around and into her at the fountain on their brooms. Eventually, she will get unstuck and head back to her office, where you can continue the quest.

Wrapping Up

We know this glitch is super frustrating, so hopefully, this guide has helped you get back to enjoying your playthrough. Instead of stirring in a rage for 2 hours trying to uncover where to find Madam Kogawa in Hogwarts Legacy.

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EXPERTISE. Isfar Rafiq is a versatile content writer and copywriter known for his expertise in crafting engaging game guides, walkthroughs, how-to's, and tech guides. With a background in Civil Engineering from COMSATS University Islamabad, Isfar brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and creative writing skills to his work. PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY. Isfar has been writing for his readers and guiding them to overcome challenges for the past 5 years. He started his professional journey as a junior content writer at a local SEO agency before embarking on his adventures to shape the world with the power of his words. He has always had a keen interest in the gaming field and loves to play and write about games like Assassin’s Creed, Hogwarts Legacy, and Elden Ring.  COMMITMENT TO PROFESSIONAL GROWTH. He holds certifications in Google Project Management and Google Tech Support, demonstrating his commitment to staying updated with industry trends and best practices. Isfar's writing can be found on popular platforms like Nerd Lodge  and here, at Remeshed, where he shares his insights and expertise with a wide audience.


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