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How To Fix DayZ Authentication Error On PC & Console – [Easy Fixes]

Learn how to fix DayZ authentication error on PC & Console with this quick and easy guide.

How To Fix Authentication Error On DayZ

Stay alive! That is the sole rule of the DayZ universe and if you have played the game, then you would agree with me that it is not as easy as people may think. That is what makes the game exciting and certainly a fan favorite. That adrenaline rush that comes with the game is mind-blowing.

The unexpected authentication error though, can have quite the opposite effect. It is quite more common than you might think and we are going to help you solve it fast and easily in this article.

The DayZ Authentication Error

If you are not familiar with DayZ, it is one of the biggest open-world action games available on both PC and consoles right now. It is amazing, to say the least. From the graphics, the gameplay and the post-apocalyptic setup, the game is just set up to be perfect. One thing though that is not amazing in the game has to be the authentication error. If you go around forums, this is one of the biggest pain points that comes with the game.

What Is the DayZ Unexpected Authentication Error?

The Unexpected Authentication error or the more technical term Error 0x000400e1 is often a result of server problems on the game developers’ end or internet problems on the players’ end. The error will prevent you from accessing and playing the game. It is that serious!

How to Fix DayZ Unexpected Authentication Error On PC?

Although the error happens both on PC and consoles, it seems to be more prevalent on PC. If your DayZ experience on PC is being bugged by the unexpected authentication error, here is how you can fix it.

Check That The Server Is Not Down

One of the main causes of Error 0x000400e1 is a laggy server. This has to be your first port of call if you are experiencing the error. There are several ways that you can check the server status of the game. If you are not following DayZ on Twitter, you can use Downdetector to check the status of the servers. This has to be the first thing that you check because if the server is down there is nothing that you can do on your end that will fix the error.

Restart Your Internet

DayZ is internet-based which means that you need to be online to be able to play the game. If your internet is throttling or is offline then you will get the unexpected authentication error. Turn off your router and give it a few minutes and switch it on. Try to reconnect the game, and you should be good to go.

 If the problem resists, check with your ISP to ensure that there is no problem with the internet from the provider’s end.

Run DayZ as An Administrator

Online games require an exchange of data between your computer and the servers of the game. If you are playing using a guest account there might be limitations to the information exchange and as a result, you will get an unexpected authentication error.

If you have administrator privileges, do run the game as an administrator which means you have to run steams as an administrator. Go to the DayZ icon, right-click and select the run as administrator option. The error should subside if you run DayZ as an administrator.

Check If Steam Is Down

Steam servers rarely have problems but in some instances, they can be down or laggy. If you are consistently having problems with the unexpected authentication error and you have tried all the steps listed above, Steam might be the problem. Check with the Steam Twitter page and if you can join Reddit Steam communities to get regular updates from people that use both Steam and DayZ servers.  

Verify Game Files on Steam

File integrity can also result in DayZ having the authentication error. To check the game files, go to the game icon in the Steam Library and select the game library tab. Once the tab is open, click the check integrity of files option. If your game files fail to pass the integrity test, the next best thing would be to re-download the game. Once that is done, you should be set to enjoy DayZ.

Restart Your PC

If all the listed fixes fail to fix the error, the next best thing will be to restart your PC. Some cache files or redundant software might be resulting in the error consistently happening.  Just exit the game and restart your PC. Relaunch DayZ and you should not receive the error again.

How to Fix DayZ Authentication Error on Xbox & PS?

Although the unexpected authentication error is more common on PC, you may encounter the error on both PlayStation and Xbox. If you come across the error, here is what you should do

Check if Xbox Live & PS Network Are Online

Since DayZ is a web-based game, your console needs to be online via Xbox Live or The PS Network. If our console is offline then you just have to wait and their systems are back up. You can check the status of the PS Network and The Xbox Live by following the links.

Perform a Power Cycle on Your Console

The power cycle is the perfect way to solve the DayZ unexpected Authentication error.  Here are the steps that you can follow to perform an effective power cycle on your console and get your DayZ career up and running:

  1. Press and hold the console power button for 15 to 20 seconds
  2. Once the light goes off, unplug the console from the power socket
  3. Wait for a period of up to a minute
  4. Plug the power cable back in and power on your console

Once the power cycle is done, you can relaunch the game and enjoy the world of DayZ.

Wrapping Up

Errors can make the entire gaming experience quite cumbersome, especially with adrenaline pumping games like DayZ. The good news is that these tips will help ensure that you enjoy the seamless DayZ experience.

Enjoy DayZ like you have never before and do not forget to stream to ensure that you share the amazing experience.

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Daniel Myles
Daniel is Head of SEO at Remeshed by day and gamer by night. He loves to craft the perfect guides to make gaming a more fun experience for players around the world.
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Daniel is Head of SEO at Remeshed by day and gamer by night. He loves to craft the perfect guides to make gaming a more fun experience for players around the world.


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