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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Bosses – [Easy Guide]

Master the 35 unique bosses in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” with our comprehensive guide. Discover strategies for overcoming both main story bosses and mini-bosses, from Master Kohga to the formidable Demon Dragon.

The Legend of Zelda series is notorious for its challenging yet exciting boss fights, and the Tears of Kingdom is no different in this regard. There are over 13 main story bosses in the game and an additional 22 mini-bosses waiting for you around every corner, making it a total of 35 unique bosses in the game. So, you are bound to get stuck in fighting at least one of these powerful deities. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about most of these beasts early on in the game as your first encounter is after you have cleared the Water Temple. Below, you will find a list of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom all bosses and some tips to defeat them with ease, let’s get started:

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Bosses:

As you probably know, bosses in TOTK are divided into two main categories, i.e., main bosses and mini-bosses. While you will only encounter the main story bosses during quests, The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom mini bosses can be found in various locations and dungeons. Here are all the main bosses that you will face during your gameplay and some tips to help you out:

Master Kohga:

Beating Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan is no walk in the park. You must face and defeat this main story boss in four different battles, and he will summon a different weapon each time. However, the best strategy to beat Kohga in the first three battles is to take out your handy bow and keep firing arrows until he is stunned. Next, use any melee weapon (a fused Master Sword is recommended) to attack the stunned Master Kohga until he gives up and retreats while leaving behind a crystal charge.

Finally, during your fourth and final encounter in the Abandoned Hebra Mine, you must change your strategy. This time, you must use Mineru’s construct to punch Kohga into the nearby wires and then take him down using your melee weapon.

Colgera: Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Rito Boss

Colgera is the main culprit behind the blazing storm in Hebra. He uses powerful gusts of wind, tornadoes, and shoots icy spikes during the battle. You will face this boss during the Turin of the Rito Village quest. Fortunately, this encounter isn’t as long as the Master Kohga and doesn’t require multiple strategies.

The best way to beat Colgera of the Wind Temple is to dodge the icy spikes until he shows his weak spots. Next, either use your glider to get closer and attack the weak spots with a melee weapon or use fire arrows to precisely hit the weak spots. In any case, the fight will proceed to phase 2 after you have damaged all three weak spots. During this second phase, use the same strategy combined with Tulin’s Gust of Wind to again hit Colgera’s weak spots.

Moragia: Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Death Mountain Boss

You will encounter Moragai after catching up with Zelda on the Death Mountain. When you reach the summit, Phantom Ganon enters into the crater and you and Yunobo are left to face the rock giant, Moragai.

Fortunately, this fight doesn’t require you to take up arms and start firing arrows. Instead, you must get on the nearby Zonai Wing and drop Yunobo to charge and destroy the boss’s heads. The best strategy is to launch Yunobo as close to the heads as possible and keep your distance after dropping him. The boss will eventually shatter into pieces after you destroy all three heads.

Marbled Gohma: Fire Temple Boss

Marbled Gohma is a fire-based spider that you encounter in the depths of the Fire Temple. Unlike previous bosses, Gohma is pretty intelligent and will quickly learn your move sets. Moreover, he will throw rocks and other objects that explode on impact. So, the best way to dodge these volleys is to keep moving and use the Recall ability to buy some time. 

Similarly, you can easily defeat Gohma by rolling Yunobo between his legs. Keep repeating this process until you break at least two of his legs, and he will collapse to the ground. Next, climb on top of the beast and keep hitting his eyes with your best melee weapons to start phase 2. During this phase, roll out Yunobo on the curved walls to drop Gohma from the ceiling and again aim for his eyes to defeat him.

Sludge Like: Sidon of the Zora Boss

As the name suggests, Sludge-Like is a TOTK boss covered in, you guessed it, sludge. You will encounter this powerful being during the Sidon of the Zora quest inside the Mipha Court. He spews sludge at long range to slow down its prey and gradually drain its HP (5-6 hearts per attack). So, you should try your best to avoid getting caught in his spewed sludge.

The best way to tackle Sludge Like is to use any Water attacks like Splash Fruit to washaway its sludge and reveal its weak spots. Otherwise, all your attacks won’t have any effect on his HP. Next, use any melee weapon to hit the central weak spot and defeat this boss once and for all.

Mucktorok: The Water Temple Boss

Mucktorok is found inside the Water Temple during the Sidon of the Zora main story quest. This boss is similar to Sludge-Like but at a very huge scale. During the battle, he will spawn a sludgy creature and ride it around the arena, creating a trail of sludge. So, you must avoid getting caught in the spew at all costs.

The best strategy to take down Mucktorok in both his phases is to use Sidon’s Water Shield to wash away the sludge and destroy the summoned beast. Next, chase down the boss using Eyeballs and attack with the most powerful melee weapon in your inventory.

Queen Gibdo: Lightning Temple Boss

You will face Queen Gibdo after opening the Lightning Temple during the Riju of Gerudo Town’s main quest. Unlike your previous boss encounters, this one requires speed and proper strategy. Fortunately, you can easily damage the Queen’s HP with any elemental attack, electricity being the most effective. 

The best strategy to defeat Queen Gibdo is to use Riju’s Lightning and strike with any melee weapon when she turns white. During the second phase of the battle, she will spawn 5 Gibdo Hives. You can destroy these hives with Riju’s Lightning and then use a Zonai Mirror to reflect the light back at the Queen.

Seized Construct: Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Construct Boss

The Seized Construct is the Spirit Temple Boss that you will encounter in the Depths of Hyrule during the Guidance of Ages Past quest. This fight is fairly simple if you come equipped with the right set of tools. For instance, you can block away the canon volleys using any powerful shield and attack to push the robot to the electric fence.

The best strategy is to either use a Zonai Canon or Mineru’s fists to push him back to the electrical fence. During the second phase, use your Canon to knock the robot out of the air and repeatedly fire canon balls to push him to the fence.

Demon King Ganondorf: The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Final Boss

You will finally face Ganondorf during The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom last boss fight. He is a fast, cunning, and powerful being, unlike any other that you encountered in your gameplay. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a list of his move sets as he keeps changing his strategies. 

The best way to cheese around The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom final boss fight is to cook loads of Sunny Dishes. You can use them to remove the Gloom Status and stop Ganondorf from slowly sucking your HP. With the defenses in place, the next step is to dodge his attacks and use Flurry Rush at the last moment as your main attack. You can repeat this strategy during the Demon King’s second phase while leaving your teammates to deal with the Phantoms.

Demon Dragon: The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Boss Final Form

After completing the two phases of the Demon King Ganondorf, he swallows his secret Stone of Darkness and undergoes Draconification to become the Demon Dragon. Unlike his original form, the Demon Dragon is resistant to all forms of damage except for the Master Sword. 

This final boss fight is relatively easier as you don’t need to perform any parrying or counterattacks. Instead, you must guide the Light Dragon, aka Princess Zelda, directly above the Demon Dragon and jump on its back. Next, use your Master Sword to damage all of its weak spots (the eyes) and finally kill him by destroying the Secret Stone of Darkness.

The best strategy to survive this fight is to stick to the narrow path on the dragon’s scales to avoid Gloom damage. Also, make sure to heal yourself whenever you get back on the Light Dragon. 

Yunobo: The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Mini Boss

Yunobo is a TOTK mini boss that you encounter in the Eldin Mountains during the Yunobo of Goron City’s main quest. This boss has simple move sets that you can easily dodge by rolling sideways at the last moment.

The only way to defeat this boss is to keep dodging until he gets stunned by hitting the walls a few times. Next, take out any melee weapon and attack a few times to defeat him and receive Yunobo’s Power of Fire.

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Silver Boss Bokoblin:

Silver Boss Bokobllins are rare creatures that dwell in the Hyrule Field and Central Hyrule Depths. Unlike the common Bokoblins, they are pretty buffed and can deal some serious damage with their stomp attacks. However, you don’t start seeing these mighty creatures until the late-game sequence.

The best way to defeat these micro bosses is to use all your explosives in the fight. Also, keep an eye out for any explosive materials in your surroundings and use them to deal damage. Finally, whenever the beast throws something at you, use the Recall ability to throw it back instead of dodging with your side rolls.

Flux Construct: Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Cube Boss

Flux Construct is an overworld boss in TOTK that you will likely face on the Floating Islands. This boss is made up of Zonai Blocks assembled together with Zonai Magic. There are three different variants of this boss in the game, each more powerful and versatile than the previous one.

The only way to defeat a Flux Construct is to expose its core (the shiny cube) and attach it to disassemble the beast. Next, attack the collapsed cube before it gets a chance to reassemble into another form. The best way to grab these cubes is to use your Ultrahand ability combined with any powerful melee weapon. 

Wrapping Up:

There are over 35 unique bosses in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, and you are bound to get stuck fighting at least one of them. Hopefully, this article has equipped you with the best tips to fight all bosses in the game and save Princess Zelda. If you have any suggestions or would like us to cover any specific boss, let us know in the comments below.

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