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Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Buried Halls Location – [Easy Guide]

Let’s explore the Buried Halls, a hidden adventure in the Jakha Basin subregion of Dry Steppes. It is located in the south of Ked Bardu and also contains a hidden passage.

Buried Halls Location Diablo 4

If you enjoy the latest Blizzard icon series, Diablo, you will find the latest Diablo 4 entertaining, filled with new and thrilling challenges and rewarding loot. One of the most favourite and iconic places in Diablo 4 is the Buried Halls, and its location can be confusing for new players and veterans.

I am here to show you a wonderful guide with complete instructions on how to locate and navigate the Buried Halls of Diablo 4, but you have to be well-equipped for this adventure. If you have difficulties locating the buried halls, we’re here to help. You’ll need to prepare for a mystical journey in the depths of Diablo 4.

In this specific article, we are going to learn the location of Buried Halls in Diablo 4, we will also teach you how you can easily navigate the Buried Halls without facing any type of difficult situation. So, without wasting any more time let’s dive into the article.

Where are the Buried Halls Located?

If you are looking for a vast dungeon for an adventure to collect some materials for your progression of the game, the Diablo 4 buried halls location is perfect for exploring. Many new or old players of Diablo 4 will find it difficult to locate the buried halls, but we are here to provide you with authentic information.

First of all, you will need a location before you start your journey for the Buried Halls in Diablo 4. You will just have to go to the Jakha Basin subregion, and you will locate the Buried Halls Dry Steppes Diablo 4. It is basically in the southeast region of Ked Bardu and is also a very common home to the Hidden Outlook waypoint.

To find the entrance of the Buried Halls, you will need to go to the northern end of the Jakha Basin area, on the west side of Kyovashad. You can easily identify the entrance of the Buried Halls because it will be marked with fallen bodies. After going to the edge of the map, you will see a luminous at the westward.

Imposing entrance signifying the beginning of the Buried Halls adventure. Buried Halls are filled with tons of enemies and minions that you can easily fight, and do not worry about any traps because there aren’t any. Your minimap is your friend, it will make things easy as you explore the Diablo 4 Buried Halls Dungeon location.

Your main task here is to free the prisoners from these Diablo 4 buried halls dungeon locations, and if you feel lost, you can easily navigate the location from the mini-map. You’ll still have to fight various enemies, but do not worry, as the Halls are large enough to easily escape, re-plan, and fight the enemies back if you ever feel down.

Navigating the Buried Halls

After going inside you will notice that the Buried Halls are a dungeon with a huge size that will provide all the exploration adventure and various fights. There are however no traps or puzzles, the pathway is pretty simple and easy to navigate. You will also be going to find many open spaces with significant enemies and minions.

After going inside, your main mission is to free the locked prisoners from their captivity in the Buried Halls. Your mini-map can help you a lot because it will highlight the locations of captive prisoners when you get close to them, that is why always remember to keep an eye on your mini-map so you don’t miss any of the prisoners.

After all prisoners are freed, a seal on a door will be lifted, revealing the ominous boss room. You can use this door for the escape, but keep yourself sharp because the enemies will still not rest, and they will keep spawning again and again, making the escape more challenging. However, it will just take time as it’s not very difficult.

The Buried Halls Boss: Resurrected Malice

Like every mission or dungeon, the Buried Halls also have their boss named Resurrected Malice because it summons very powerful projectiles that can damage you and your defences greatly. The types of attacks will be directed towards you and you have to carefully dodge and fight the boss to defeat him.

Direct attacks can be difficult to dodge, but projectiles sent in five different locations can give you an advantage to attack the boss when he is low. A very helpful strategy for new players is to use as much potion as they can make, keeping the boss close to walls and running towards open spaces for retreat can also help you a lot.

You can use different types of potions to easily defeat this boss by reducing its attacks or increasing your health. Resurrected Malice is a green, angry boss that has mystical powers of dead souls that you have to eventually fight and defeat, your fighting experience will be tested as you have to attack and defend.

Rewards and Benefits

After defeating the Resurrected Malice, you will earn a very helpful skill named Rapid Aspect. This is a prize that will boost your Basic Skills by almost 15% in terms of Attack Speed. It will also increase your fighting speed, proficiency, and skills. You will have to work on your fast attacks to fully utilise this ability.

Rapid Aspect can be used against many enemies and will be one of your favourite achievements so far. As the Buried Halls are filled with Cultists and Ghosts, you will get large amounts of Staff, Bow, Helm, and Wand Equipment. The whole experience is going to be worth it as you step out of the dungeon alive and thankful.


If you were searching for “Where is Buried Halls Diablo 4,” then you must read this guide. Of course, it is a favourite place for many Diablo 4 players, and you will have to visit it once to progress your game and level. The Buried Halls perfectly showcases the adventure genre of the Diablo game series.  You will still have to be armed and ready to face the dangers before knowing the exact location of the Buried Halls.

But you will have to defeat the boss, and using the potions can massively increase your chances of defeating multiple enemies and the final boss without dying. The Buried Halls is one of the most popular locations in Diablo 4, and you receive many rewarding items and ability boosters which makes it worth the place to visit.

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