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Top 5 Hardest Boss Fights In Hogwarts Legacy – How To Beat Them

5 hardest Boss Fights In Hogwarts Legacy

At the heart of RPGs is the idea to challenge the player in multiple ways, and Hogwarts Legacy is no exception. This can manifest in the form of having to grind for powerful upgrades, exploring and solving interesting puzzles, or simply engaging in well-choreographed boss battles. 

As far as boss battles go, Hogwarts Legacy delivers intense experiences, given its intricate combat system and fantastical setting. In this guide, we will be breaking down the five most difficult bosses in Hogwarts Legacy and providing useful tips for taking them down. So, let’s get started!

5. Pensieve Guardian

Although the Pensieve Guardian is first encountered during the game’s prologue sequence, players do not engage with him and instead flee with Professor Fig in a cutscene. However, this behemoth’s appearance is significant as it showcases the first of many bosses players will fight later in the game.

After completing the Map Chamber main story quest, players can participate in the Percieval Rackham Trial, a quest that takes them into an ancient magical arena to investigate the rumored presence of goblins. Consequently, perhaps spurred by the ancient magic, it is here that the Pensieve Guardian spawns alongside his similarly metal-clad minions.

How To Beat Pensieve Guardian

Defeating the Pensieve Guardian is all about timing and precision. It is crucial to dodge his powerful but slow attacks and stack as many auto attacks as you can in between. However, as easy enough as that may sound, don’t forget that one untimely dodge will cost you almost your entire health pool. So keep your wits about and stay quick on your feet!

In addition, do not forget to use your Ancient Magic as soon as its meter fills up. Doing so will allow you to stun the Pensieve Guardian, giving you a window to either heal back up or get in some extra damage.

4. Fastido’s Monster

The Fastido’s Monster is one of the most exciting bosses in Hogwarts Legacy. Even though fighting the monster isn’t compulsory since it’s encountered during the optional quest, “Minding Your Own Business,” do not miss out on this battle! Conjured up of a bunch of furniture lying around, the Fastido’s Monster will play tricks on your mind and hinder your ability to move and cast spells properly.

While the Fastido’s Monster might seem like quite a normal boss during the first two phases, wait till its health bar falls halfway. As soon as its health drops to 50%, it enters into its third phase, flipping the player’s camera, which makes the player’s controls inverted. Hence, maneuvering around and aiming your spells will become insanely tricky at this point.

How To Beat The Fastido’s Monster

The battle with the Fastido’s Monster is split into three phases. The first phase will have you fighting the monster on its own, while the second phase will spawn mannequin minions to fight alongside the monster. However, the real difficulty lies in the third phase, where it will cast a spell that flips your screen and inverts your control. 

The secret to beating the Fastido’s Monster lies in its short range and limited move set consisting of mostly melee attacks. So the idea is to keep your distance and spam your attacks mixed with damaging spell casts. Moreover, save your Ancient Magic to use in the third phase since, with the compromised controls, you might find it hard to land normal attacks and spells.

3. Victor Rookwood

Victor Rookwood is a secondary antagonist that you will face in Hogwarts Legacy. He is an enigmatic Dark Wizard who sides with Ranrok. Unlike our previous entry, fighting him is not optional. In fact, after completing the main quest Wand Mastery, you will be kidnapped by Victor and consequently forced into fighting him and his large group of Ashfinders.

How To Beat Victor Rookwood

Before confronting Victor, you will first have to deal with his cronies, the Ashfinders, who are also Dark Wizards themselves (but of a lower caliber). After beating a certain number of them, Victor will show himself to take you on. Although he is relatively easy to beat in a one-on-one, things will get dicey once he retreats to his army of Ashfinders, where you will have to attack him from within the crowd.

Being overnumbered, you might find yourself on spell cooldowns often. In such a case, remember to use Ancient Magic Throw to hurl objects at the Ashfinders. In addition, try saving your Ancient Magic meter till when Viktor joins his men so that you can use it to damage him alongside them for easy direct damage.

2. Graphorn

One of the many fantastical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, Graphorns are large mountain-dwelling beasts that roam in the outskirts surrounding Hogwarts. Fans of the Fantastical Beasts franchise might recognize this beast as Newt Scamander’s last breeding pair in the movies.

While the prospect of dueling a free-roaming Graphorn is in your hands, this one is certainly not. You have to fight this Graphorn as a boss battle in the course of completing the main quest San Bakar’s Trial. On top of being a boss battle, the fact that this is a male Graphorn makes it even more intimidating.

How To Beat The Graphorn

Being a fantastic beast, all of Graphorn’s attacks and abilities are unblockable, so be alert and prepared to dodge as soon as the prompt appears. Do bear in mind that Graphorns have a very predictable attack pattern, and after the first few moves, you can easily tell when and what sort of attack they will use.

With that in mind, spam your magical spells and cast your abilities between dodges. As soon as your Ancient Magic meter fills up, use it right away to compound the damage. Doing all this will allow you to defeat this fantastic beast with relative ease!

1. Ranrok Dragon

It should be no surprise that the Ranrok Dragon is the toughest boss in Hogwarts Legacy – after all, it is the game’s final boss. Ever since the introductory cutscene, players have been looking forward to beating this monstrosity, and you finally have the chance to do just that at the story’s conclusion.

Akin to the previous boss, the Graphorn, the Ranrok Dragon is also a fantastical beast. With that classification, it earns some extra perks, such as projectile attacks that cannot be blocked, extremely long range, and the ability to keep flying during the main battle, making it a more difficult target.

How To Defeat Ranrok Dragon

First, being the final boss, Ranrok the Dragon is going to be very powerful, so stack up on potions, especially the healing Wiggenweld Potion to heal mid-battle. Moreover, one important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot deal damage to the dragon when its body is shrouded in black. So, what you will have to do is first destroy the accompanying floating orb beside it by using a spell similar to the color of the orb.

After destroying the orb, you can start damaging Ranrok Dragon. Be sure to blast away as many spell casts as you can during this time, as you will be regenerating mana afterwards when he becomes immune. Also, after every instance of this happening, the battle will shift occasions, and you can use the downtime to use the Wiggenweld Potions we advised you to stock up on beforehand.

Final Thoughts

That completes our roundup of the toughest bosses there are in Hogwarts Legacy. We did a complete sweep, from one of the first bosses that appears to the final boss, the majestic dragon, and everything in between. For more interesting articles and guides such as this, explore our website for regularly updated content.

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A gaming writer by day and a Valorant flamer by night, Arham spends his days meticulously crafting articles to help out the gaming community. Whether it's analyzing the latest trends or diving deep into a game's mechanics, Arham's committed to delivering high-quality guides to anyone who's searching.
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A gaming writer by day and a Valorant flamer by night, Arham spends his days meticulously crafting articles to help out the gaming community. Whether it's analyzing the latest trends or diving deep into a game's mechanics, Arham's committed to delivering high-quality guides to anyone who's searching.


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