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Can A 3090 Run 4k 144Hz? – [Answered]

The RTX 3090 is a powerhouse GPU featuring 24GB of GDDR6X memory and advanced ray tracing capabilities. It can smoothly run 4K at 144Hz, so you can enjoy ultra-smooth gaming with higher FPS and stunning visuals.

The GeForce RTX 3090 is one of the most powerful graphics cards that you can buy. NVIDIA claims that the RTX 3090 can run games and videos at resolutions up to 8K. So, the question is: can an RTX 3090 run games at 4K 144Hz? That is the question that we are going to answer in detail in this article.

3090 graphics cards offer TITAN-class performance as they are built for high-end extreme gaming. This hardware, developed by the well-known NVIDIA, belongs to the GeForce RTX family. 3090 and 3090Ti are powered by Ampere which have 2nd gen RT cores and 3rd gen Tensor cores.

Powerful streaming multiprocessors make these graphics cards great, even for games like Warzone. The secret behind their high performance is the 24GB of G6X memory. G6X is also known as GDDR6X which is specially created for gaming, studios, and AI workloads: such as Unity3D and Blender, etc.

It allows RTX 3090 graphics cards to give more or less 40 teraflops of GPU performance, which is equivalent to one trillion floating-point operations per second. We all know that the latest game developers and studios use floating-point values when creating a game of 3D mesh in games.

RT cores are used for ray tracing which makes the game or animation look as natural as in the real world by perfectly reflecting and refracting the light along with creating shadows. On the other hand, tensor cores work side by side with the RT cores for calculating values on matrices for rendering meshes.

The clock speed of this graphics card reaches up to 1395 MHz which is almost 1400 Megahertz. The memory clock of more or less 1200 MHz creates an outstanding sync between the GPU and its memory that collectively gives a very high performance not only to the gamers but also to the studio artists.

Can RTX 3090 Run Games At 4K 144 Hz?

Yes, the GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card can easily run a 4K 144Hz display monitor as it is more advanced than the RTX 3080 which has nearly similar capabilities in terms of running a 4K 144Hz display screen. You need to install a robust cooling system before pushing this graphics card and your monitor to its limits. 

Only installing RTX 3090 will run your 4K 144Hz display monitor, but it may not run your game at 144 FPS. Put simply, your game must be able to run at more or less 144 FPS to take advantage of this extraordinary graphics card. Hence, you should check the settings of your game first to achieve this.

Secondly, your internet connection’s speed plays a very important role when it comes to online gaming whether it is competitive or some other open-world game. It is impossible to achieve 144 FPS on a 144Hz display screen if your internet speed is limiting the frames because of its low speed.

If your graphics card is fine, and the games’ framerate settings are also good, then you should check your internet speed. You might have to buy a faster package or change your ISP to one that can provide high-speed internet for activities like extreme online gaming and streaming movies and videos.

Just because NVIDIA claims that the RTX 3090 can do up to 8K resolution does not mean that is the case for all games. You need to take such claims with a grain of salt. The maximum framerate of games depends on the other factors mentioned above.

Maximum FPS also depends on the game. Some games are better optimized than others. Online competitive games like CS GO are much lighter to run as compared to single-player narrative-driven games. There are all kinds of factors in play including the temperature of your graphics card.

This powerful graphics card ranges between 350 watts to 550 watts depending on its workload such as extreme gaming, animation rendering, mining, etc. In this case, this hardware definitely needs a powerful cooling system. Otherwise, it might burn out literally while installed on your personal compute. RTX 3090 4k gaming edition is one of the best cards to have for gaming.

To protect this expensive hardware, you will not only have to maintain your room temperature but also install a powerful cooling kit to keep it as cool as possible. Another purpose of suggesting this is to allow your 3090 GPU to deliver its best performance. 

Sweet Spot Of Resolution And Framerate For The RTX 3090

The RTX 3090 cannot run all games at 4K 144 Hz as it depends on multiple factors such as the game’s optimization and settings, your internet speed, your graphics card’s condition and temperature, etc.

To give you an example regarding different games with different performances on this very graphics card, you can run Forza Horizon 4 at 4K 144+ FPS, and the same goes for Strange Brigade at Ultra settings. Death Stranding and Doom Eternal are well-optimized games that can do the same on the RTX 3090.

Moreover, if you are thinking, “can rtx 3090 run 4k 120fps?” then here are some facts. If you run Final Fantasy XIV, you will get around 120 FPS at 4K using the Ultra settings. You can turn down the settings and tweak them to get better performance. 

Metro Exodus runs at around 75 FPS at 4K Ultra settings, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have Flight Simulator, which runs at around 45 FPS at 4K Ultra settings.

But the RTX 3090 can easily hit 1440p 144 Hz in some games such as The Division 2, Far Cry 5, Final Fantasy XIV, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider to name a few. So if you are thinking to have rtx 3090 4k gaming edition, keep these points in mind.

Leveraging DLSS For Better Performance

The RTX 3090 has DLSS support, so you can turn on the feature to get a boost in FPS. You can use this to hit the 144 Hz mark if that is what you are interested in but with DLSS on, you should note that games do not run at native 4K.

This feature uses a deep neural network to render scenes intelligently. This allows the graphics card to use half the samples for rendering. AI fills in the gaps as this technology uses AI algorithms. Simply put, you could say that the graphics card needs to do half the work, and you get an image that is very close to the native resolution, but if you are an enthusiast or the implementation of the feature is not ideal, then you will notice the difference.

It is also worth mentioning that while RTX graphics cards come with DLSS baked in, it is up to the developer to implement this feature into their games. Right now, there are a couple of games that support this feature but not all of them do. Cyberpunk, Hitman 3, Dakar Desert Rally, and FIST to name a few.

Enabling overclocking for high FPS in games should not be an issue if you have an advanced cooling system installed on your graphics card.

Too Soon For 4K?

1080p 60Hz remains the most common resolution for most gamers around the world because of its affordability. When it comes to upgrading a display monitor, gamers prefer to go with a higher refresh rate rather than a higher resolution, like 144Hz, 240Hz, etc. It is because you enjoy a game because of its smoothness during the gameplay. Usually, the display screens with high resolution have higher refresh rates.

1440p at 120Hz or even 144 Hz remains the sweet spot for gaming, and when upgrading to 4K, you pay a big premium, and for many, the return is not worth it. 4K displays are expensive, especially the larger ones. Graphics cards that can run games at 4K are expensive, too. The price alone is enough of a factor to scare away gamers.

4K gaming, especially at higher refresh rates just isn’t mainstream right now and it is going to take a while before we see the move to the higher resolution. Once we have better hardware and the prices of 4K displays come down we might see a significant shift.

Additionally, you can connect a maximum of 4 display monitors with your RTX 3090 graphics card but make sure to follow the instructions we have provided you in the paragraphs above. If a device is capable of doing something it doesn’t mean that it cannot get overloaded. Be careful if all of your monitors are 144Hz.

Summing Things Up

The Nvidia RTX 3090 can run a few games at 4K 144 Hz with all the aspects handled and settings turned up. These include Forza Horizon 4 and Strange Brigade. In the majority of games, it will not be able to hit that mark without turning down the graphics quality settings. You can hit 1440p 144 Hz in a wide variety of games.

The RTX 3090 is one of the graphics cards that can display realistic graphics along with its high performance and reliability. Such graphics quality makes your gaming experience more realistic. It also shows you how your animated movie’s rendered result is going to look on a high-end display device with similar capabilities.

For competitive gamers, it has comparatively lower system latency than older graphics cards. Thanks to NVIDIA DLSS for enabling AI-accelerated performance. The voice and video quality of this GPU is also AI-enhanced, as it is mainly built for streaming. You will notice a positive change in your productivity.

This is what you need to know about whether or not the RTX 3090 can do 4K 144 Hz when gaming.

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