Women on Video Games: Oct. 7, 2016

One of our goals at remeshed is to bring more attention to women’s opinions about video games, regardless of whether they’re posted here on elsewhere on the web. So every week, I spend a lot of time trawling Twitter and gaming sites of all kinds to find written and video commentary by women that we can retweet or post on the site (if it’s a video), which can be a chore because the vast majority of game reviews and commentary articles and videos are authored by men (for proof, just take a quick look at the names on the reviews of just about any game on Open Critic, or read my article on how women aren’t making gaming commentary videos on YouTube).

But since I’m doing all this work every week anyway, and I’m a big fan of roundups like Critical Distance’s This Week in Video Game Blogging and Fem Hype’s Sunday Loot, I decided to write a weekly roundup column highlighting some of the most interesting commentary I find and call it Women on Video Games because, well, I lack imagination.

This isn’t going to be comprehensive, and not everything listed here is necessarily going to win writing or video editing awards, but they’re all thoughtful, interesting opinions, and they’re all provided by women. (And if you haven’t heard, it’s important to give more visibility to women’s voices in gaming-both those making the games, and those playing them!)


Patricia Hernandez examines why some players are complaining that Pokemon GO character Brionne is “too feminine.” [Kotaku] Because of course that’s a thing people complain about.

Alisha Karibnus ponders the humanity of monsters and how that’s depicted (or not depicted) in zombie games. [Not Your Mama’s Gamer]

Lilian Min explains how playing cute characters helps her cope with aggression []

Dakota considers why she finds immense power in Final Fantasy IX, despite it being “a tale about little blue boys in hats battling dragon-riding thong dudes” [FemHype]

Chloi Rad opines on why Mafia 3’s setting is so exciting [IGN].

Heather Alexandra muses on how a life change prompted her to play Dragon Age differently [Kotaku]. More controversially, she mentions Dragon Age 2 is her favorite in the franchise.

Game designer Liz England reviews Greg Costikyan’s new book Uncertainty in Games, about how uncertainty affects players. []

Kate Gray and Holly Nielsen have a very funny (written) conversation about the best and worst sex scenes in video game history [The Guardian]. They get bonus points for using the phrase “naked unicorn rodeo”.

Kaitlin Tremblay uses Ezio and Tali, Moon Hunters and Oxenfree to illustrate how a good story starts with good characters. [Paste]

Here on remeshed, Anna Tarkov explains how to tell if a mobile game is just trying to take your money, and Sophie Weeks looks at games that teach you some science along the way.


Whenever we can find a game that’s reviewed by at least 4 or 5 women, we aggregate them in a Reviews Roundup. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often (at the time I’m writing this, for example, I could find a sum total of one review of Gears of War 4 written by a woman, out of the several dozen published so far). Here are some of this week’s other reviews by women that are worth your attention.

Rebecca Smith finds Gears of War 4 to be a solid game that “plays it safe” [True Achievements]

Chloi Rad rates Until Dawn: Rush of Blood a “horror-flavored rail shooter lacking in any serious scares” [IGN], while Louise Blain believes it’s “an essential day-one purchase for VR.” [GamesRadar+]

Louise Blain also finds Batman Arkham VR “a brilliant slice of bat action” that’s “worth every penny.” [GamesRadar+]

The staff at review the co-op game Overcooked [SheAttack]

Becky Cunningham finds Destiny: Rise of Iron to be more of an evolution than a revolution [CheatCodeCentral]

Emma Shaefer calls Yo Kai Watch 2 a “solid sequel” [EGM Now], Janine Hawkins says “it keeps you busy without becoming tedious” [Polygon], while Alexa Ray Corriea finds it “monotonous” [GameSpot].

Tweets to Ponder

That’s if for this week! Moving forward, if you’d like to point me towards something I should include (which I’d really appreciate!), you can suggest an article or video here, or tweet it to us at @remeshedCom with hashtag #WoVG.

Written by staff
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Written by staff

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