Women on Video Games: Nov 4, 2016

This week from women across the web: hard-coded gender roles in RimWorld, creating a historical atmosphere in Red Dead, marrying a wereolf in Skyrim and the crowning achievement of Civ VI.

Note: there won’t be a WoVG column next week, so look for the next installment on Nov. 18.


Claudia Lo examines the code in RimWorld to understand why according to the game, there are no straight women and no bisexual men. [RockPaperShotgun]

Kat Bailey examines what makes Skyrim so special, concluding “Dark Souls has better combat, and Witcher 3 has a better story, but Skyrim’s world is the one I want to live in” [USgamer], while Heather Alexander laments her tragic Skyrim marriage to a werewolf. [Kotaku]

Gita Jackson explores the weird things The Sims players do to get the perfect baby. [Kotaku]

Stephanie Chan explores what makes a texting game successful. [Kill Screen]

Alisha Karabinus ponders how players impact a game. [not your mama’s gamer]

Holly Green pokes fun at at how you often do things in Civ VI you’d never do in real life. [Paste]

Kate Gray describes the terror and joy of making her first game. [Waypoint]

Holly Nielsen explains why Red Dead Redemption is a masterclass in creating historical atmosphere. [The Telegraph]

Alex Meehan asks what’s wrong with feminine Pokemon? [remeshed]

Amanda Jean wonders why male characters outnumber female characters in Overwatch except in the support category. [remeshed]


Titanfall 2 is “impressive” and “the pinnacle of first-person shooters,” according to Heather Alexander. [Kotaku]

Nadia Oxford recommends Skyrim Special Edition for console owners, not so much for PC players. [USgamer]

Civilization VI brings “an unbelievable level of polish and streamlined complexity” to the franchise, according to Lydia Tang [COG], while Sophie Halliday calls it “as good as it gets” [ZTGD] and Kat Bailey takes a closer look at diplomacy in the game. [USgamer]

Mark McMorris Infinite Air doesn’t bring much new to snowboard simulators, according to Judi Azmand. [COG]

Multiple women reviewed the new indie adventure game Owlboy, so we aggregated all those reviews here.

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