Women on Video Games: Oct. 28, 2016

This week from women across the web: thoughts on Skyrim, Titanfall 2, Watch Dogs 2, World of Final Fantasy and more.


Skyrim is so relatable because it’s a fantasy that isn’t really a fantasy, according to Alice Bell; although most of the game’s inhabitants are aware of magic and dragons, “almost everyone is just trying to get through the goddamn day and eat their cabbages.” [Videogamer]

Bell also highlights nine cool things you can do in Watch Dogs 2, including “not capture any towers” [Videogamer], and Lucy O’Brien explore why Watch Dogs 2 wants you to get angry about our lack of privacy. [IGN]

Kimberley Wallace lists 5 great RPGs you may have missed this year [GameInformer]

Charlotte Hyde on how she uses Legos as a teaching tool. [not your mama’s gamer]

New to Battlefield 1? Heather Alexander created a beginner’s guide to the game’s multiplayer. [Kotaku]

Jay Castello explains why No Man’s Sky‘s controversial ending makes the game more compelling for her. [remeshed]

Brenda Romero gives a great talk about her 30 years of experience as a woman in the game industry [remeshed via GDC on YouTube]

There were so many articles and videos by women about the announcement of Nintendo Switch, we aggregated them in a dedicated post.


Layers of detail and nuance make Titanfall 2 “a spectacular example of an entertaining video game,” according to Nicola Ardron [God is a Geek], while Cassidee Moser finds the campaign to be innovative, but the multiplayer just a slightly more mature version of Titanfall 1. [ShackNews]

Danielle Riendeau explains why she liked Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze when no one else did. [WayPoint]

World of Final Fantasy includes “shimmers of something greater,” writes Allegra Frank, as well as “hours of annoyances that pay lip service to nostalgia.” [Polygon]

Marion Constante is having a blast in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer. []

Point-and-click puzzle game Pan-Pan is “just the right amount of challenge and serenity” according to Kelsey Hlavaty. [GirlsOnGames]

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