Women on Video Games: Oct. 14, 2016

Women on Video Games is a weekly round-up of interesting gaming commentary by women across the web.

This week: commentary on sex in video games, the Tomb Raider franchise, and the role of imagination, plus reviews of Gears of War 4, Thumper, and more.


Cecilia D’Anastasio interviews several MMO players about their conflicted feelings towards in-game “sugar daddies.” [Kotaku]

Heather Alexandra suggests an important part of gameplay is what happens off-screen, in our imaginations. [Kotaku]

In honor of Tomb Raider‘s twentieth anniversary, Ellie Gibson conducts a humorous interview with the fictional Lara Croft to explore the game franchise’s pivotal role in the history of games. [The Guardian]

Rachel W. explains how ABZU has achieved “a unique and deep connection between the player, the avatar, and the virtual world exclusively through the joy of movement.” [Fem Hype]

Jillian delves deep into the lore surrounding a female NPC in Skyrim’s Thieves Guild quest to suggest the game missed an important storytelling opportunity there. [FemHype]

Alayna Cole explains why she’s still obsessed with Stardew Valley. [PlayWrite]

Allegra Frank discusses Virginia‘s ambiguous and controversial ending with its lead designer. [Polygon]

Kat Bailey takes an in-depth look at the rise of indies (especially Western indies) in Japan. [US Gamer]

Alisa Karabinus explains “how I learned to stop playing inverted and love default controls.” [Not Your Mama’s Gamer]

Katherine Cross examines sex as a storytelling tool through the lens of new indie game Ladykiller in a Bind (made by Christine Love), and finds it to be “the sex game we need in 2016.” [Gamasutra]

Jessica analyzes the “mind-blowing” new Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer about a mother and daughter. [The Mary Sue]

Hannah Nicklin continues her in-depth series profiling French games collective Klondike [Rock Paper Shotgun]

YouTube gamer MD discusses virtual reality as it relates to games, and her concerns about motion sickness. [Video on remeshed via YouTube]

Caylie Sadin provides an overview of nine intriguing tabletop games debuting this week at Essen Spiel 2016, one of the largest game and toy conferences in the world. [remeshed]

Sophie Weeks explores the rise of “endless DLC” which signifies a shift in the games industry “towards games trying to function a little less like discrete products and a little more like ongoing services or subscriptions that players expect to pay for in an ongoing way.” [remeshed]


Chloi Rad praises the soundtrack and “brutal, breakneck speed and precision-based musical action” of Thumper, “an abstract horror game couched in the intensity of rhythm action.” [IGN] Keza MacDonald finds Thumper to be a “profoundly unsettling” game that “will beat you up, but you’ll enjoy it” [PC Gamer], while Laura Michet calls it “a tremendous accomplishment” but physically and mentally exhausting to play [ZAM].

Patricia Hernandez finds Gears of War 4 to be more of the same, but in a mostly good way [Kotaku], Erica Alatorre calls it a “solid addition” [SheAttack], and Brittney Brombacher goes into (spoiler-free) detail about why it’s awesome. [YouTube] Carolyn Petit calls it a “solid, competent shooter…that could have been much better.” [remeshed via Feminist Frequency on YouTube]

Melanie Emile praises new VR game Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for managing “to recapture the feel of Until Dawn while pulling off a first-person, on-rails shooter, centered around a masked psycho and whatever craziness haunts their mind.” [CGMagazine]

Amanda Jean compares the latest Attack on Titan game with previous versions, and finds it “far surpasses the scope of other games based on the series.” [remeshed]

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