iconTropes vs Women in Video Games: Sinister Seductress

This episode of Feminist Frequency explores how female villains in games very often function to demonize femaleness itself, drawing on patterns of female representation that have roots in creatures from myth and folklore which reinforced misogynistic attitudes about women in their own time.

Anita Sarkeesian looks at Grotesquely Female characters: those who communicate that femaleness is abhorrent and disgusting, and at Sinister Seductresses: those who suggest that female sexuality is inherently threatening and misleading. She then explores characters who blend these two notions, initially appearing attractive and alluring, only to have their true form revealed as monstrous and deadly.

Finally, she demonstrates that it’s entirely possible to have great female villains who don’t serve to reinforce false, misogynistic ideas about women as a whole.

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