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Dorian in Dragon Age

Gaming While Queer: LGBTQ Games that Shaped Me

A crucial part of being LGBTQ is finding places to see yourself, whether it’s in your community or in…

The Sims 4 Loosens Gender Constraints, But Could Do More

Electronic Arts just announced that The Sims 4 is making a major step forward in terms of character creation:…
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iconThe Sims 4 “Dine Out” Review

Deligracy looks at the Create a Sim and Build/Buy mode of the new Sims 4 expansion pack “Dine Out.”

Romance Done Right: 6 Beautiful Moments in Gaming

Gaming is slowly, oh so slowly, evolving into being able to tell some pretty emotional stories. It’s early days…
Torchlight 2

7 Video Game Genres Perfect for Noobs

Most often when the question of accessibility is discussed in relation to video games, it’s in the context of…
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The Sims

11 Life Lessons We Learned from Playing The Sims

Being an adult can be super boring When you first start the Sims, the only thing your Sim does…
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Matt Rhodes Dragon Age

How Dragon Age Helped Me Come Out

The Sims was the first game I played where I encountered—really the first time I even encountered—the idea that…

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