Should I Play Subnautica Before Below Zero? — [Answered]

Subnautica is a game where you are stranded on an alien planet that is mostly water. The main goal of the game is to swim in the infinite oceans and collect resources so you can survive and complete the story. There are many mechanics that you need to manage like thirst, hunger, oxygen saturation, and more.

Since its release back in 2018, it has amassed a massive fanbase of dedicated players that love to play it daily. Another installment — Below Zero was released in 2021, as a direct sequel to the first one.

Below Zero takes place two years after the original, where you play as the sister of one of the characters in the first game. The key difference between the two games is that the planet you are on is frigid and incredibly difficult to survive on. You have to try extra hard to collect everything you need and face the horrors of the deep waters. We’re going to take a look at both of the games and tell you if you should play Subnautica before Below Zero.

Should I Play Subnautica Before Below Zero?

No. While both of the games have a continuous shared story, you don’t have to play the original before the sequel. They have the same gameplay mechanics so it is the same whether you start with one or the other. For players that value the story above all else, it is recommended that you start from the first game because of the story continuity.

Should I Play Subnautica?

Any fan of open-world adventure games should give Subnautica a chance. The game is fresh and takes a unique approach to the entirety of the gameplay. It capitalizes on the attraction people feel for the open sea, as well as the need to explore everything in it. The more you delve into it, the more you will discover.

There are some notable survival mechanics that you have to pay attention to, but that just adds to the immersion, making the game all the more enjoyable. When it comes to the story and deep-sea exploration, the story is quite interesting the more you look into it and can get quite gripping at times. Exploring the unknowns of the deep will give you the opportunity to examine the many species of fish, as well as other, more sinister things…

Should I Play Subnautica: Below Zero?

Now we get to the newest game in the Subnautica universe — Below Zero. This one takes place two years after the original, on the same planet with different weather conditions. This time, the planet is covered in ice and snow, completely changing the feel of the game from the tropical atmosphere it had before.

Regardless of the different setting, the core elements of gameplay have remained the same and you still have the same gameplay objectives. Finding food and water, and building shelter and bases are the keys to surviving and seeing the story through.

There is a noticeable presence of land in this game, something the previous one had very little of. This broadens the scope of the game and gives you many opportunities to explore inland. Like Subnautica, Below Zero has a few game modes you can play: Survival, Freedom, Harcore, and Creative. New players who want to explore the capabilities of the game will find the selection of difficulty modes quite enjoyable.

How Are Subnautica And Below Zero Connected?

The two games are connected through the world they are set in. The protagonist of Below Zero smuggles herself onto a ship bound for 4546B in hopes of finding her sister who was proclaimed dead after visiting the planet herself.

The story of the second game picks up two years after the point where the original story left off, so completing Below Zero gives you a nice conclusion to the epic story.

Wrapping Up

While the games do put a considerable strain on anyone who has thalassophobia, it is still a fantastic series that everyone should try out at some point. The story is excellent, with many moving pieces to it, giving you immense satisfaction when you complete a portion of it. We hope that this has cleared up any doubts or questions you might have had about the games!

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